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DWI: Driving While Intelligent?

The intials DWI usually mean Driving While Intoxicated. To be intoxicated means to have drunk too much alcohol.  As in most places, it is illegal in the U.S. to drive when you have drunk a large quantity of beer, wine, … Continue reading

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What Will They Think of Next?

This is the time of year that newspapers and magazines compile year-end lists. One list that caught my eye (got my attention) was in the New York Times Magazine a couple of weeks ago. This is a list of patents … Continue reading

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Best Wishes for the Holidays from ESL Podcast!

We at ESL Podcast want to wish all of you a peaceful and joyful holiday season. Although you, our listeners, are in more than 80 countries and speak dozens of different languages, we are all united in our common humanity, … Continue reading

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ESL Podcast in Diario Financiero (Chile)

There was a nice article today in the Spanish-language financial newspaper, Diario Financiero, published in Santiago, Chile, about learning languages on the Internet. ESL Podcast is mentioned in the second part of the article, which talks about ways of learning … Continue reading

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Heal the Bay

For the past 25 years or so, many people living in Los Angeles have tried to protect the area of water near the city called Santa Monica Bay. One such organization is Heal the Bay. To heal is normally a … Continue reading

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Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea? Give the Gift of English!

Are you wondering what to buy that special someone you know for the holidays? How about giving them the “gift” of English with an ESL Podcast Basic or Premium Membership? It’s much better than candy or a video game; it … Continue reading

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The Clothes Off Their Backs

Right now, the U.S. dollar is very low in value, which means that visitors from other countries can buy more and spend less. Canadians know this and are coming across the border (line between two countries or areas) to shop … Continue reading

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Hollywood Presidents

The U.S. will select a new president next year, and the candidates (people trying to win the position) have been campaigning (asking people for their votes) for almost a year now. The first election to select the candidates is in … Continue reading

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Battle Royal (English Cafe 115)

In today’s English Cafe 115, Jeff talked about professional wrestling on American television. Sometimes, professional wrestlers will participate in a battle royals, where a large group of fighters enter the ring and the last person standing is the winner. Here … Continue reading

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What’s an American Last Name?

Many students of English choose an “English” name for themselves when they begin to study English. These names are often used in professional settings as well. As far as I know, no one has actually studied how people go about … Continue reading

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