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Camping For Non-Campers

I think that the world is divided into two types of people: campers and non-campers. Campers like to sleep outdoors, cook their food over a campfire (outdoor fire), and commune (feeling in close spiritual contact) with nature. Non-campers are people … Continue reading

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Misheard Lyrics: I Get No Sprouts

I got an email from a listener the other day (recently; a few days ago) about listening to song lyrics (words) in English. His question was why, even after listening to English for many years, he was still having problems … Continue reading

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Podcasts This Week (September 24, 2012)

We are grateful to our Basic and Premium members, because we are only able to produce this podcast with the generous help of our listeners. If you enjoy our podcasts, please consider supporting ESL Podcast by becoming a Basic or Premium … Continue reading

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Where Are The Self-made Men?

What does it take to be successful? Michelle Obama commented (said something) about that recently. So did the president of Harvard University and Michael Lewis, who wrote the book Moneyball, which became a very successful movie. But let me start … Continue reading

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If the Gloves Don’t Fit, You Must Acquit!

Our Cafe for this week talks about one of the most famous murder cases in the history of my fair (beautiful; nice) city, the O.J. Simpson trial. During the trial, Simpson’s charismatic (charming; appealing; attractive) lawyer, Johnnie Cochran, used every … Continue reading

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Podcasts This Week (September 17, 2012)

Join with other listeners who have already become members to get the most out of each podcast. Join and you’ll get the Learning Guide with each new episode! We designed the Learning Guide to help you learn English better and … Continue reading

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The Strange Effects of Jeff’s Voice

In the emails we get from listeners, people often tell us when and where they listen to the podcast. Many tell us that they listen to the podcast while they commute, traveling between home and work or school.  Others tell … Continue reading

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Who Wants a Dull and Boring Relationship?

Dull and boring are synonyms (words with a similar meaning). They both mean uninteresting, not very exciting, or not entertaining. You can use them together in a sentence: “He was a dull, boring speaker who put me to sleep.” As … Continue reading

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Podcasts This Week (September 10, 2012)

Is your limited English standing in your way? Do you want to improve your English now? We designed the Learning Guide to help you learn English better and faster. Get more vocabulary, language explanations, sample sentences, comprehension questions, cultural notes, … Continue reading

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Trash or Treasure?

“I don’t know an awful lot about it,” said Ted shaking (moving back and forth) his head, “except that it was given to the foster father (a foster parent is someone who takes care of someone else’s child) of my … Continue reading

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