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Finally, the End of the Whatchamacallit Decade

I was born in what we sometimes refer to in English as the sixties, that is, the 1960s. I went to grade (elementary) school and high school in the seventies, went to college in the eighties, and worked and went … Continue reading

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A Stowaway Cat

Here is a story that appeared in the Los Angeles Times recently that caught my eye (got my attention).  The headline is: “Cat stows away (hides and rides without paying) on cross-country (across the country) flight” This is what happened: … Continue reading

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Jeff’s Favorite Christmas Carol

Lucy shared with you her favorite Christmas carol (song) on Tuesday, so I thought I would talk about my favorite one today, on Christmas Eve (eve is short for evening, but here means really the day before Christmas, December 24th).  … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Christmas Carols

Although Christmas is considered a Christian holiday, in the U.S., many people who are not Christian celebrate it as a secular (non-religious) holiday.  One thing people love about Christmas, even if they are not religious, is the Christmas carols, songs … Continue reading

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Your Typical American: Grocery Shopping

I recently found a book called What Americans Really Want…Really: The Truth About Our Hopes, Dreams and Fears. It’s a review of polls (surveys, questions asked to some group) and focus groups (small groups of people who come together to … Continue reading

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An Easier Way for Internet Reading

I hate reading things online. I don’t mind (am not bothered by) reading short articles and emails, or a paragraph here and there from a blog post, but if the article is more than one or two pages long, I … Continue reading

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