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ESL Podcast on Your iPhone

As most of you know, you do not need an iPod or an iPhone to listen to ESL Podcast or any other podcast. But if you do have an iPhone or the new iPod Touch, you may be interested in … Continue reading

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ESL Podcast 376 – Asking About Business Hours

Yesterday’s ESL Podcast 376 was about business hours. The store in ESL Podcast 376 has funny (strange) hours, but it’s nothing like this one: This is actually a novelty (inexpensive toy) sign that you can buy for your business, but … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Today is a federal (national) holiday. Memorial day is celebrated the last Monday of May each year and commemorates (remembers and shows respect for) Americans who have died while serving in the military (being soldiers). This holiday began after the … Continue reading

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21 Accents

This is a video with a woman who imitates 21 different English accents, including British, Irish, Scottish, Australian, and American accents, as well as several European ESL accents. I think her performance is quite impressive. Notice how she changes her … Continue reading

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English Cafe 138 – Monster Trucks

In English Cafe 138, Jeff talked about monster trucks. If you’ve never seen a monster truck and are having trouble picturing (getting an image in your mind) of what a monster truck looks like, here is a montage (collection of … Continue reading

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The Wear Sunscreen Speech

Yesterday’s Podcast, ESL Podcast 374, was about a graduation ceremony. In 1997, an article by a writer, Mary Schmich, was published in the Chicago Tribune newspaper. It was called, “Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young.” In the … Continue reading

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Note from a Listener in China’s Earthquake Area

I received the following email from Huang, one of our listeners who lives in the area affected by the terrible earthquake in China recently. I thought it would be good to share this note with all of you: —————————————————————— Dear … Continue reading

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You Want It, You’ve Got It – A Song by the Beatles

A few of you have asked for a Beatles song, but how do you pick one song out of so many great ones? I looked at the lyrics (words) of some popular hits. “Hey Jude” and “I Saw Her Standing … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between…

I’m sure that we could all use (would all benefit from) a little joke. A standard (common) form of a joke begins with the question, “What’s the difference between…” Here’s a joke I found on the Internet that uses this … Continue reading

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More Good Resources for Improving Your English

As many of you know, California has many immigrants who speak English as a second language. The State of California has developed a special website to help adults learn English online. It is full of short, interesting news stories with … Continue reading

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