More Good Resources for Improving Your English

As many of you know, California has many immigrants who speak English as a second language. The State of California has developed a special website to help adults learn English online. It is full of short, interesting news stories with additional materials to help you improve your English. These stories are good for both intermediate and advanced students. The site is called the California Distance Learning Project (CDLP).

How to use this site: Warren Ediger, one of the best ESL classroom teachers and online tutors I know, has detailed suggestions on how you can use this site to help improve your English. Warren gives you specific steps on how to make the best use of the articles and stories you will find on the CDLP website.

Warren’s website,, also has other good ideas on learning English through reading, on preparing for the TOEFL, and on some common questions related to English learning and teaching.

Take a look at both the CDLP and today for some good resources.


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9 Responses to More Good Resources for Improving Your English

  1. Kobe.Su says:

    it’s so appreciated
    it is once again thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart!!!

  2. Renny Arcia says:


    Excellent, goog information. This is a good way to practice whit other voice to have diferent teacher voice. But the first is the firts: This site

    Best regards!

  3. Anne Radowick says:

    Dear Jeff,

    Thanks for mentioning this site. Classroom teachers are always on the lookout for new ideas, (or old ideas they just haven’t heard of yet!) and this is a welcome addition to my list of bookmarks.

    I don’t know how you and Lucy keep coming up with new material week in and week out. What imaginations you have!

    Best regards,

    A. Radowick
    Incheon, Korea

  4. emiliano says:

    I have just seen it and it’s really a very interesting site, as you say Jeff this teacher Warren Ediger has nice and clear voice, speaks faster than the way we are accustomed to
    but it’s also possible to see and hear new vocabulary. We can improve listening to faster reading.
    Thanks a million Jeff, it may be another step to improve our English to hear other voices despite I like always to hear yours and Lucy ever.

    By the way it’s so generous from you part to recomend us, your pupils, to listen to another colleague that make you even greater to my eyes. This is not usual in the
    world we live. That makes you as good person as good teacher you are, and of course this fair conduct (fair play) is not a surprise for me, neither for all your
    listener I think.
    Sorry to express my feelings so clear and so public but that is what I think.

  5. Wow.. I´m very happy to see this post Jeff and Lucy!!!

    I would like to express my big thanks to Mr. Warren.
    He help us (ESL Learners from ESLPodcast Google Group) moving us toward the right path in order to Acquire English Language.
    He show us ways to do that, did good suggestions, wrote us excellent Articles like
    “Learning English Vs Acquiring English #1 – It´s the verb!” –
    [I know that I won´t past link here. Anyway I can´t forgive to show us. Sorry]
    and hist articles help us to understand better what is Language Acquisition.

    This study line are doing of ESLPodcast Google Group a good place for Acquire Language having good discussion about interesting
    topics (some topic idea come from podcasts and english café).

    In the other hand my thanks also go to Lucy and Jeff who teach me that “Learn” (acquire) english can be funny!

    Thank you a lot Jeff, Lucy and Warren.

    Best wishes from ESLPocast Google Group members.

  6. Lesley says:

    Hi Jeff,

    We are always on the lookout for good online content to promote for our students. CDLP is a winner!

    Thanks for the update.


  7. jose says:

    It is a good idea but just it has to work. I could heard a story the first time however now i couldn’t acess the stories anymore. I am writing this message because I couldn’t reach the support site neither. So if somebody in charge read this post please give me a clue.

    Thank you

    (no way) Jose.

  8. Daniel says:

    Thank you for the information.

  9. Arnoldo says:

    I reviewed these web pages and there are interesting information that help to learn english, I started to visit these web pages and listen and reading.

    That would help me to improve my english.

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