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An Historic Day

Yesterday was an historic (historically important) day in the United States. No matter if you are liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, it was hard not to notice the significance of what happened in Denver, Colorado, last night. There, one … Continue reading

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Begin To Do and Begin Doing

We received an interesting question from Maggie and Savor in Beijing: We have a question from Cafe 150: What is the difference between “begin doing” and “begin to do”?  In Cafe 150, it says “Josephine began to act in movies” and … Continue reading

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I Want My Food…Now!

One thing that Americans are known for is their love of fast service. We want things now, and the faster the better. This is true for our food, too. Americans already eat a lot of fast food. We order our … Continue reading

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Majority Minority

There was an interesting article in the newspaper this week about changes that are taking place in the U.S. population. According to a new report published by the Census Bureau (the part of the federal or national government that counts … Continue reading

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I Need to Go to the Restroom…Now!

QUESTION: One of our listeners, Natalia, recently asked what the common and polite way is to say that you have to go to the bathroom. ANSWER: In the U.S., the most common terms are bathroom and restroom for the room … Continue reading

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Your Questions for the ESL Podcast Third Anniversary Video Podcast

We have celebrated our past two anniversaries by producing a video podcast. We want to do that again this year, but we need your help. This year, Jeff will be answering listener questions. Do you have a burning question (something … Continue reading

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Writing a Blog as Medicine

There are many types of blogs. The ESL Podcast Blog is one for learning. Other kinds of blogs are confessional, where people tell others about something they’ve done, often things that was a secret and/or wrong in some way. Many … Continue reading

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