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Fourth Anniversary Video Podcast

It’s hard for us to believe that it’s been four years since ESL Podcast began. In fact, as of next Monday, we will have released 500 ESL Podcast episodes and 200 ESL Cafe episodes!  It’s amazing to us that we … Continue reading

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Music from the Movie “Once”

I recently got around to seeing a small-budget (made with little money) 2007 movie called Once, and I haven’t been able to get the music from the film out of my head. The movie isn’t a musical (movie with a … Continue reading

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Pinch-Hit Grand Slam

Every once in a while, circumstances come together (occur, happen at the same time) in a sporting game that provide drama, excitement, and even a bit of poetry.  Last night was such a night here in Los Angeles, when my … Continue reading

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Don’t Miss Your Airline Flight!

We had a question this week from Jacek in Poland about how to pronounce airline flights numbers. The flight number is the number that each plane trip is given, and is usually two, three, or four digits (numbers) in the … Continue reading

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The Fourth Anniversary Video Podcast & Flat Jeffrey

ESL Podcast’s fourth anniversary is at the end of July, and we need your help with our video podcast this year. We have listeners all over the world, and as much as Jeff (and Lucy) would like to visit all … Continue reading

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