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100% Organic English Lessons Now Available!

We at are always looking to improve our lessons. So we thought we try to make them even better by making all lessons 100% organic, gluten-free, fair trade, non-GMO, with 0 trans fat – all natural with no preservatives! … Continue reading

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Free English Lesson: Daily English 867 – Talking About Attractive Men and Women

Are you thinking about joining our Select English Membership but aren’t quite sure what you’ll get? Watch this episode of Daily English which shows you exactly what is included in our PDF Learning Guide! Note: The lessons themselves are not … Continue reading

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Let’s Chat

Another video experiment for today’s blog’s post! Here I explain the meaning and usage (the way we use) the verb to chat. ~Jeff

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Thank You Always Fits*

Several years ago, saying “thank you” got Chantel Jennings a job. Jennings, a student at an American university, was studying in Spain when she received an award that included $500 to use any way she wanted. She used it to … Continue reading

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Around The World In 7 Years

Paul Salopek is walking around the world. He started, in 2013, in central Africa where scientists believe they have found the earliest evidence of humans (people) on Earth. He will finish, most likely (probably) sometime after 2020, at the tip … Continue reading

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5 Items of Potpourri

Potpourri is originally a French term that, in English, is now used to refer to a variety of things that are not related to each other. Today’s post is a potpourri of items that are unrelated, but still, I hope, … Continue reading

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