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Hanky Panky

QUESTION: Hyun in Korea wants to know what “hanky panky” means. ANSWER: Hanky panky is used in two major ways. First,  “hanky panky” is used to describe a secret sexual relationship that is against the rules or that is not … Continue reading

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Hiring Americans to Head Universities in Other Countries

I recently read something surprising: In the past few years, many universities in other countries have hired Americans for top-level jobs. For example, in 2009, a provost (senior administrator) at one of the top universities in the U.S.–Yale–will become the … Continue reading

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It Has Nothing To Do With Me!

QUESTION: A listener, Ali, wants to know what it means when someone says, “It has nothing to do with me.” ANSWER: The expression “to have nothing to do with (someone/something)” is used in three main ways. First, we use it … Continue reading

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A Unique Shopping Mall Experience

Guido in Rome, a listener and friend of the podcast, sent us this amusing (funny) video.  This is a musical performance by a group called “Improv Everywhere.”  Improv is short for improvisation, which means to create a performance without preparation.  … Continue reading

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Could I Be Related to Ben Franklin?

One of the United States’ most important cities in its early history was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, located in the northeast part of the US.  Philadelphia was the site (location) of the first meetings of the Revolutionary War leaders in the late … Continue reading

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