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Boo! Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween, which most American children celebrate each year. If you aren’t sure about Halloween and how it is celebrated in the U.S., listen to ESL Podcast 73, where I talk about how kids celebrate Halloween. Halloween isn’t an … Continue reading

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That Trash May be Worth $1 Million

I read a fascinating (very interesting) story in the New York Times last week. A woman who lives in New York City was walking down the street one day when she saw a painting among some garbage bags on the … Continue reading

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Finding Your Spot (315 – Going to the Park)

In today’s podcast, we talk about going to the park and finding a nice spot, or small place, to enjoy the scenery and nature. We mention in the “What Else Does it Mean?” section of the Learning Guide that “spot” … Continue reading

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ESL Podcast now a Featured Provider on U.S. iTunes!

ESL Podcast is among a select group of Featured Providers on the Podcast page of the U.S. verison of iTunes! Only 46 companies are listed as being the most popular providers of podcasts, including the BBC, CNN, and now, ESLPod. … Continue reading

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Karaoke English: Get Your Kicks on Route 66!

English Cafe 108 talks about the famous Route 66, a highway that goes from Chicago to Los Angeles. In the Cafe, I mention a song called “Get Your Kicks on Route 66,” originally performed by Nat King Cole. In searching … Continue reading

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Wildfires in Southern California

It has been a dangerous few days here in Los Angeles and the larger Southern California area. The Santa Ana winds–a warm, dry wind that comes through Southern California in the the fall and early winter seasons–are causing wildfires (large, … Continue reading

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I came across a new word this week in the newsmagazine Newsweek: Googlegänger = another person with your name, whose search results are mixed with yours when you “google” yourself, or search for information about yourself on the Internet. This … Continue reading

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David who?

Americans are not the world’s biggest soccer fans, as everyone knows. Soccer is very popular as a sport in school, but the best athletes in the US usually become (American) football, basketball, or baseball players (with a few hockey players … Continue reading

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Working Hard or Hardly Working?

There is an old joke that people at work sometimes say to each other: Are you working hard or hardly working? To work hard means to work with seriousness, to work a great deal, to work a lot. To hardly … Continue reading

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ESL Podcast on MySpace

ESL Podcast listener Fabio Okipney has started a page for ESL Podcast listeners on MySpace. MySpace is a social networking site where you can becomes “friends” with other people you know or who have similar interests. If you have a … Continue reading

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