David who?

BeckhamAmericans are not the world’s biggest soccer fans, as everyone knows. Soccer is very popular as a sport in school, but the best athletes in the US usually become (American) football, basketball, or baseball players (with a few hockey players as well). So when England’s superstar soccer player David Beckham signed a contract for $250 million dollars with the Los Angeles Galaxy professional soccer team, most Americans asked, “David who?”

Beckham has been in the news here in Los Angeles, not just because of the large contract he received, but because his wife, Victoria, was part of the famous “girl band” the Spice Girls, popular in the 1990s. Soon after Beckham arrived, however, he injured (hurt) himself, and only yesterday returned to the team to play.

Some people (like me) had heard of David Beckham before he came to Los Angeles, mostly from a well-liked movie, Bend it Like Beckham, about a girl from an Indian immigrant family in London who loved to play girl’s soccer. If you haven’t seen this movie, I think you will really like it. This was also the first big movie for the British actress Keira Knightly, although she wasn’t the star of the movie.

~ Jeff

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  1. Miguel says:

    David Beckham was a great soccer player in Europe. He was also very famous and popular. Everybody knows that, but I think it is a little late for David to continue playing soccer as a star or crack. Beckham is an icon, an idol and that is good for marketing. No more. Well, it is only my opinion. If I am wrong, will be better for the sponsors, for the LA fans, for the team, and this beautiful game.

  2. Farhod says:

    I must tell that David Beckham was very lucky man because he played a role with a beautiful girl like Kiera Knightley. 🙂 Actually I don’t like soccer too. Recently our government declared a new law, which requires to devolop soccer. I still don’t understand why our government is spending a lot of money on soccer. It never brought and brings any profit to my country. Because we don’t have good soccer players.

  3. Elvirisima says:

    Well i was wondering if david Beckham thing in other thing that is no the soccer, maybe now that he is injured could be stard to think in make some bussiness like other star are doing.

  4. emiliano says:

    Well, I saw the film and it was very funny. I liked it very much, but Beckham (and his wife) appeared once only in an airport taking a plane (I think so..). So, his name in the tittle was something added to the film as the actress a Pakistanian’s origin girl living in England wants to play football and she wants to be famous as Beckham……(when he was playing in Great Britain, as afterward he went to Real Madrid in Spain) but the parents of the girl doesn’t want such a thing for her daughter. That was against all the roules of Pakistanian families even being english citizens who are living their for generations. The girl has an english girl friend that is Keira Knightly who is so pretty….also has an english boy friend that like bouth girls…….the girls quarrell for him as usual……..and so on.
    The movie has an Happy End.., if you want to see it.
    That’s all guys

  5. emiliano says:

    I am very sorry as yesterday I had a big mistake about the film. When I was talking with my wife about it she told me that the girl who likes play football isn’t Pakistanian origin, but Hindu, from India, like the director of the movie Gurinder Chadha. Please forgive me that big mistake.
    The rest is more or less as I said.
    Greetings every body

  6. Andrea says:

    David Beckham has been a great player, I liked him. The best part of his career was when playing with Manchester United, his problems began when he married the Posh Spice and then went to Real Madrid. Now he’s a kind of movie star, more than a football player. American soccer champ is not very competitive, I don’t know why, maybe there isn’t enough room for another big sport in the US.

  7. Anton says:

    The Americans simply can’t watch a game in wich two or three goals are scored at an average. They are unable to percieve 1-0 or 2-1. Give them 65-70 in bascketball or 5-3 in hockey, quick dynamic transitions from defence to attack and more brawls on the field plus peanuts and beer at the stands. It’s a matter of phsycology. 🙂

  8. apple says:

    American people more likely watch those games as an opportunity of hanging out and relaxing. Those games are too commercial to me. I can’t stand those ads coming up
    in every 5 mins. I like watching Soccer games instead. To me, why soccer game is so fantastic is that it includes all exciting factors of sports: power, skill, speed, team work

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