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Guest Blogger: Introducing Abbe Skones

Today, I’m very happy to welcome a guest blogger: Abbe Skones. Abbe is a former (in the past) ESL teacher in Los Angeles and has worked as a Spanish-language translator. Unlike Jeff, Warren, and me, Abbe is a native of … Continue reading

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Podcasts This Week (July 29, 2013)

Is your limited English standing in your way? Do you want to improve your English now? Learn English even faster with the help of the Learning Guide. In it, you’ll get more vocabulary, language explanations, sample sentences, comprehension questions, cultural … Continue reading

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Can’t Eat It, Can’t Sell It, What Do You Do?

When I went to the refrigerator this morning to pour myself a glass of orange juice, I noticed a label near the top of the container that read “Sell by Sep 10.” I looked around and found a similar label … Continue reading

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Eighth Anniversary Video

It’s hard to believe that ESL Podcast started this day eight years ago. You would think that after eight years, we would be older, if not wiser (smarter). But amazingly, we have enjoyed these eight years so much that it … Continue reading

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Podcasts This Week (July 22, 2013)

We are grateful to our members and donors, because we are only able to produce this podcast with the generous help of our listeners. If you enjoy our podcasts, please consider supporting ESL Podcast by becoming a Basic or Premium Member today! … Continue reading

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Twinkies are Back!

There are few American foods more beloved (loved very much) than the Twinkie. This modest (not fancy) snack cake with a white filling (a type of food that is found inside other foods) is over 80 years old and is … Continue reading

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Uptown Girl Looking for Her Dr. Bennett

Where do rich people live in Los Angeles? If you ask that question to an Angelino (a resident of Los Angeles), you will get many different answers, but one answer you will not get is “South Los Angeles.” Everyone who … Continue reading

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Podcasts This Week (July 15, 2013)

Don’t let the summer go by without improving your English. Get the full benefits of ESL Podcast by getting the Learning Guide. We designed the Learning Guide to help you learn English better and faster. Get more vocabulary, language explanations, … Continue reading

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Where’s the Exit*?

The Voyager I spacecraft was launched (to send a spacecraft into the sky) into space almost 36 years ago, in September, 1977. That was the year Jimmy Carter became the 39th president of the U.S. The year the Apple II, … Continue reading

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Dodging the Dodgeball

I remember playing dodgeball when I was in elementary school. All of the players are divided into two teams. Each team stands in a straight line facing (standing opposite and looking at) each other with a large space between the … Continue reading

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