Twinkies are Back!

Hostess_twinkies_tweakedThere are few American foods more beloved (loved very much) than the Twinkie. This modest (not fancy) snack cake with a white filling (a type of food that is found inside other foods) is over 80 years old and is part of the childhoods of many Americans, at least the unhealthy ones like mine.

Since their invention (creation) in 1930, they had been made by the large snack food company Hostess. However, in May of 2012, Hostess filed for bankruptcy (officially stated that they had no money to continue) because sales were down, since many people had switched to (changed to; were selecting other) healthier snack foods. The costs of labor (worker salaries) and production (making the product) were now just too high.

The news that Hostess would stop production of Twinkies was shocking (very surprising) for many Americans. People who grew up with Twinkies had a hard time imagining the demise (death; end) of such an iconic (representing some idea, period, or experience) American food. In fact, there was a run on (selling very quickly until all are sold) the remaining Twinkies in stores.

But for those who can’t imagine life without Twinkies, there is good news. Another company purchased part of the Hostess company that makes Twinkies earlier this year. Twinkies returned to American stores this week.

To be honest, I have not had a Twinkie in over 25 years. The list of ingredients (things combined to make a food) is a parent’s or doctor’s nightmare (bad dream). However, I can’t deny (say it isn’t true) that Twinkies hold a special place in my heart and I’m glad they’re back. To mark the occasion (celebrate an event), I might go out and buy a package of Twinkies, open it, and take one bite. Eating any more might kill me.

Is there a snack food where you live that is beloved, but that is also very bad for you?

~ Lucy

 Photo Credit:  Hostess Twinkies from Wikipedia

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13 Responses to Twinkies are Back!

  1. Dan says:

    Hey, Hi Lucy and everyone.

    I heard about that in the news, that piece was covered by the Media.

    I am not sure we have it sold in Italy. There probably is something similar to that.

    That Twinkies are quite popular over there, and I see on the wrapping that Mr Twinky is wearing a cowboy hat! Lol

    I remember eating something like that growing up. It is a sweet called “Moretto” their original name is ” Mohrenköpfe” and is a sweet made in Switzerland.

    I live on the border with Switzerland, and here many Italians every day cross the border and work over there.
    My father was one of them back in the past, and on his way back home he would buy those for us. My three brothers and I.

    The Moretto, has a bell or dome like shape. On the outside is made out of chocolate with a filler like the one inside the Twinckies.

    Around here there are a few factories of chocolate. You can go there and buy tons of it.


  2. Dan says:

    Me again,

    I found out that the Moretto in the US is sold as Mallomars and in Canada as Whippet.


  3. Luiz Alberto Del Antonio says:

    Here in Brazil, There is a snack food that almost all people loves but, if you eat (and drink) a lot, certainly it’ll be not good for you… I talking about… peanuts with cold beer… without speak our known “churrasco” that in USA call it BBQ… but it’s so much different…

  4. hanmi says:

    It looks yummy. I am sorry I’ve never had this twinkies but I can imagine how soft and sweety it is.
    Congratulations an old buddy come back.

  5. Val says:

    Not eating this kind of food doesn’t guarantee you the happy and healthy life. So I see no reason not to eat your favorite food. Really, there is no natural and healthy food in the world. Nowadays every product has nitrates, carcinogens, different additives and so on in it. So, different fats, sugars and cholesterol which normally consider as bad for your health much less hazardous to health than all these nitrates and GMOs in “healthy” vegetables and grains.

  6. Lassana says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I never ate twinkies but it’s looks delicious.
    I imagine the taste, in France when we’re eating some food that we like so much, we say ” Miam”

    It’s a great news for all Americans who know and love that.

    See you soon Lucy and everyone 🙂


  7. Ben says:

    It must be pretty aromatic seeing this image,I guess.It is a pity that I have never eaten this kind of food in China and really want to check out this tasty food.It seems to me that it doesn’t look so unhealthy as Lucy says.What ingredients are there in this snack food?I am so curious about this.

  8. Peter says:

    Ya know , my understand is the blog interaction we have going on here is trying to convey the standard understanding of the written language.
    But,the purpose never stops here. It continues to show how some cultural intelligence can change the perception of a country.
    The truth is , I haven’t had Twinkie for years .ya know what I liked the best about them ? It was the soft spongy feeling when I feel rather touch them. I would eat the filling first. Back then , it was all happy. You would eat them to your heart content without all the fattening and cavity thoughts ruining the whole fun experience for u:)))
    Ya know ,today’s blog post by Lucy was a kind of reminiscing over a sweet past.
    Thanks Lucy for reminding me of a better time: “The time of innocence.” ( you know what I mean )

    However ,no worries, there are still a vast range of memorabilia that makes us smile thinking about them.

    I , like you , have a soft spot for it
    But , nothing can beat the chime of the ice truck in a hazy lazy summer afternoon
    Do you still have them running around your neighborhood with the music that makes you the world fastest sprinter there is.
    I think , that sweet memory is a thing of past too.


  9. parviz says:

    HI every body,
    Thank you Lucy,
    Actually I experienced a similar story, long ago. When I was growing Up I used to buy a biscuit called Tina.
    By the time it was an I conic, the healthiest snack we could find around. There were few crackers sold together in one package.
    Since it was old and well-known the factory didn’t try to mix adulterants in it, so it tasted very good.
    The ingredients were powdered wheat, sugar, … some others, I don’t remember well, that together gave it a very nice flavor.
    When I was 10, they suddenly stopped producing it, I didn’t know why. It just vanished. I am not sure the became bankrupt or something like that.
    I am more thinking the factory closed because the owner was old and had no one to take over the company, so they sold it out.
    But I do know that many years later, an imitation came to the market called Dina. And it was successful, and people would buy it, as did when Tina was around.
    I myself am not much of an snack eater. I try to watch my figure, care about my health.
    If Tina were around, I’d still buy it. I am not afraid of the nightmare :-).

  10. Andre Avilla says:

    Hi, everybody!

    Here in Brazil, there is a similar well-known snack food whose name is “Ana Maria”.


  11. emiliano says:

    Years ago, beig Young, there was something like DONUTS but I think you have them too.
    What Donuts are made of, I have not idea but they were very sweet, with sugar or without
    and have the hole in the midle of the sweet so you could hold them in your fingers easily.
    If you have one with your cofee with milk it was enough for all the morning.
    Ye, I liked DONUTS from time to time with my cofee but there was not so significative as
    you said it were the twinkies for you dear Lucy.

    What I have now for breakfast?
    Well, I said it for you all. First a kiwi, a glass of orange juice, and finally coffe with milk
    with some crakes.

    Now, after getting up at eight in the morning, Cuca is still in the bed, we are awaiting till
    nine to have breakfast. But Gatufo had something already. First thing he do at morning
    it is just chew some food when he gets up wih me also.

    Nice breakfast Lucy and all of you.


  12. emiliano says:

    Love that precios gift

    I love your smile When you are happy
    the gesture That Takes your face When you are satisfied
    or the pout of your mouth when you’re angry half joking.

    I love your eyes When the object of your love
    just shower You With kisses and tender
    look in love, happy, without pretense towards your happiness

    I miss your laugh, your voice, when you’re not next to me
    Grabbed the phone and call you, your voice comforts me and tell me
    you love me, never hang up first as hard to say goodbye.


    Where did you love, so fragile, so crazy, so tender That candor.
    Which Following 32 years Already less crazy woman were not more fragile mother, wife, friend, time passes for both.

    And my home, where is it? I tell you my love.
    youth where we went? Perhaps together gone now but one
    day but still.

    One next to the other, new house, new longing and hope
    my girl before, ever, sad maybe?
    do not think I’am still your sweetheart.


    I love you just a phrase That you feel it would not fit in a book
    day book written by two hands showing how I love you
    and endless story

    I Hope That the book never finish and at my side you write
    and congratulate you one more day, today is your holy and tomorrow
    it is not

    Another day, another month, another year
    and how many?, or what was, always will be just as happy hours
    go fast, and the gray point without Realizing almost already.



    (Clinging climb throughout Life, not away and never
    fall out of place)


  13. thanassis says:

    Hi everyone,its a long time that i haven`t written but i still read what you write.

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