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Free English Lesson: Daily English 867 – Talking About Attractive Men and Women

Are you thinking about joining our Select English Membership but aren’t quite sure what you’ll get? Watch this episode of Daily English which shows you exactly what is included in our PDF Learning Guide! Note: The lessons themselves are not … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Westerns

It’s summertime! Lots of students on summer vacation are flocking to (going to in large numbers) movie theaters. Students today may be surprised to learn how popular Westerns were before the 1970s. They may be more surprised to learn that some … Continue reading

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Are You a Pig, Owl, Beaver, or Clam?

Animals and people have a lot in common, if language is any indicator (something that shows the current state or level of something). We compare people to animals all the time, whether it’s because of their appearance (how they look), … Continue reading

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Anasazi Cliff Dwellings

A few weeks ago (in late May), I got a chance to visit a place I’ve wanted to go to for a long time: the Anasazi cliff dwellings. The Anasazi were a Native American tribe (group; people) that lived in the … Continue reading

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Let’s Chat

Another video experiment for today’s blog’s post! Here I explain the meaning and usage (the way we use) the verb to chat. ~Jeff

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