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Where to Meet Singles in United States

If you want to come to the United States and meet a handsome (attractive, good looking) single (unmarried) man or beautiful single woman, where should you go? Recently someone looked at the number of single men versus single women who … Continue reading

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“Desperado” by the Eagles

It’s difficult to think of classic American rock without thinking of the Eagles. The Eagles formed in the early 1970s in Los Angeles and broke up (stop working together) in 1980. They were one of the most successful rock groups … Continue reading

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NEW: “Simple English Stories” for Children (and Adults)!

Over the past several years, many of our listeners have asked us about English courses for children, especially at a low English level. We have finally completed three courses called “Simple English Stories” just for children — and for adults … Continue reading

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Bracelets for Every Cause

In the past few years, several organization have decided to promote (to let people know about, to advertise) their cause (some issue or problem they want to solve) by using bracelets, a thin piece of plastic, metal, or other material … Continue reading

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Correction to English Cafe 150

In English Cafe 150, I talked about a group of Americans called the Amish. They are a group of Christians who have very traditional values and don’t have a lot of modern technology in the places where they live. They … Continue reading

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The Flavor is in the Nose

Earlier this year, I had a pretty bad sinus infection. The sinus is the passageway (long, narrow way) in your nose; an infection is when something that causes disease in the body makes that part of your body red and … Continue reading

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Plunges and Dives

I don’t know enough about the financial crisis here in the U.S. to explain why our economy is having so many problems, but I can explain some of the headlines (titles) that have appeared recently in U.S. newspapers for those … Continue reading

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