Where to Meet Singles in United States

US SinglesIf you want to come to the United States and meet a handsome (attractive, good looking) single (unmarried) man or beautiful single woman, where should you go?

Recently someone looked at the number of single men versus single women who live in large cities in the United States.  In some cities, there are many more single women than single men, meaning these would be better places for a man to meet a single woman.  In other cities, there are far more single men than there are women, meaning that these would be  good places if you want to meet a man (and a bad place if you want to meet a woman!).

According to the Boston Globe newspaper, here are some of the best places to meet single women (or at least, the cities that have a lot more single women than single men):

  • New York City
  • Philadelphia
  • Detroit
  • Chicago

In general, large cities in East and Midwest tend to have more women than men.  The exception to this rule seems to be the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, where I grew up.  Perhaps it is a good thing that I left there!

The following cities would be the best ones for a woman to meet a man (or the worst places for a man to meet a woman):

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Phoenix
  • Seattle
  • San Francisco
  • Las Vegas

Large cities in the West and Southwest have more single men than single women.  So although many men come to Los Angeles to become famous in the movies or on television, it’s not the best place to meet your future girlfriend.

What explains this difference in the number of single men and women in different cities?  One theory is that men are more likely to leave their hometown (the place where they were born or grew up) and move to another city that has more job opportunities.  In the last 30 years, many of the new jobs have been created in places such as Los Angeles, Phoenix, and other large cities in the Southwest and Pacific Northwest (in states such as Washington and Oregon).   States in the East and Midwest have lost many jobs, and since women are less likely than men to move to find a new job, you find more single women in eastern cities than in western cities.

What city can you go to where there is an almost equal number of single men and single women?  The answer is Boston, Massachusetts, although no one understands why that is.


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17 Responses to Where to Meet Singles in United States

  1. emiliano says:

    Jeff, may be you do the best to find a girl when you left Saint Paul but if you went to Los Angeles I think you were in the same situation than before. Despite that, you were a lucky man and find just what you wanted, a beautiful and nice girl to spend the life together.
    We know that because as a happy man you have told us about your nice wife several times along your podcast.

    Knowing about this matter it may be useful for man or woman going to some place where it should be easier to look for a couple and not living alone, if sharing live, flat, and experience is just what he/her wanted.
    I have been happy sharing life together with my girl, my best friend, my wife, but I was also very lucky, same as you looks Jeff, but in general I am not so sure that this should be the best to live in armony and peace as some times is better to be alone that sharing life with an inappropiate company.
    Congratulations to all our friends who have found their good couple, and our hope that all of them who is still awaiting her/his sweet heart (half orange we say here in Spain) will have such a good chance.

  2. pedro says:

    Well guys, I really don’t know what to say about this matter.If I were living in Los Angeles and I couldn’t find a woman, I wouldn’t move to New York to find one.That (in my opinion) would be ridiculous,because Los Angeles is a really big city with many single women , and although there are more single men than women in LA,that doesn’t mean that it’s more difficult for a man to find a woman in Los Angeles than in New York.The real problem would be with people(men and women)living in small towns.Don’t you think?

  3. Grzegorz says:

    Single means not married or with no partner, because maybe it has also something to do with gay community.

  4. elcomandant says:

    Hi Jeff,
    It is a very interesting, or at least curious information. I think there will be some people that they dare to leave your place where they live and moving to another place for having a chance to finding your future girlfriend or, why not, your big love in your life.

    This comment remind me an event that it takes place many years ago here in Spain called “Caravana de mujeres” (The caravan of women). (This event was born due to the film “West Ward The Women” (1951) of William Wellman, starring Robert Taylor).

    This meeting it carries out in a rural city located either at field or at the mountains, (anyway far away of the big cities) where usualy are very few inhabitants but nowadays has gone down more. So, the mayor of city allows this ‘caravan’ of around 50 or 60 singles women.

    Those women (they don’t travel in a caravan, but in a bus) must be legal age, besides they don’t mind to live there, get married with a single man and bring new children to the town. This will be possible if love appears and it develops, of course.

    Although I think, this event it carries out in other countries. Do they?


  5. I’ve never heard about this topic, so it’s very funny and interesting story.

  6. Peter says:

    Dear lucy & Jeff,

    In my soulsearching to find a reliable English source , Your podcast ws the one who met the efficacy.

    I dont mind saying it. Toronto is not the place where you can find a partner or a soulmate of any sort. If you are really into find a girl of your dream or basicaly any girl ,you should look somewhere else.

    There is no frigging way. here in toronto you need a reputable match maker to set you up ,other than that tough luck my friend. No conections no girls.

    I am single and I have been running a solitary life for long. Dear lucy, Literally, I have failed In my every single approach to girls for last 7 years simply because They dont know me

  7. Peter says:

    Into Finding,

    Sorry Jeff ,dont get me wrong . I thought the article is made by Lucy, so I put down Dear Lucy . Sorry about that

  8. That´s would be a gold information if I wasnt married. LOL

  9. emiliano says:

    Sorry Peter, I don’t understand very well what the meaning of what you say in your note.
    May I ask you what is “there is no frigging way” or “a reputable match maker to set you up”.
    If you are kind enough to explain it more easy I should be grateful, as when I was young I was thinking of going to Canada as an option to live and to work as I did not
    like living here in Spain.
    So I am very interesting how life is over there in Canada, Toronto or other big city of that country. It seems to me for the last you said that is quite difficult just to
    be in touch with friends or people and it looks to me quite sad.
    Thanks in advance Peter, and my best wishes for you, emiliano

  10. metin says:

    Hi Jeff,
    According to me, these rates about single men and women in the US or other places is not very important. I think that it can be explained just as “destiny”.
    Anyway this topic is interesting and amazing for me. It is necessary that you never forget, destiny finds you everytime and everywhere.
    Best wishes,

  11. pedro says:

    Well,I’d like to say something to Emiliano about the comment of Peter(just help him with his English).
    Dear Emiliano,here’s the answer to your questions:”there is no frigging way”,frigging is an informal adjective (I think very informal), used to give more force to an expression of annoyance or anger.For example “there’s no frigging way I can pass that exam,it’s too difficult!”(you think it’s almost impossible)
    Next question:”a reputable matchmaker to set someone up”,a matchmaker is a person who tries to arrange marriages or romantic relationships between people,so what Peter is saying here is that he needs the help of a matchmaker and he can’t find anyone competent enough to do this,although he doesn’t say why.

  12. Peter says:

    Hi my Dear comrad Emiliano,

    Thanks for your kind responds to my Comment. Please dont get me Wrong , Toronto is a grate place to live. People are kind,and sociable. But when it comes to intimacy relationship for both sex, you may face some serious problems . on the other hand , you should take what you can get that sometimes is none.

    Just for the recoed , believe you me, I am not very hedious looking, just a little . Basically, an ordinary guy searching for an ordinary gal.

    Let us both ask of our dearest mentors Lucy And Jeff to shet the ligt on the terms we don’t know. I am not in the place to explain anything to you my friend since as old saying : a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  13. Peter says:

    kind respons , sorry again. My keyboarding lacks the falir.

  14. José says:

    When I read these comments I only may think how happy I am.
    If we have already found the soulmate( the woman who shares the life with her man or, we could also say, the man who shares the life with her woman) everything is quite well and we don’t need to run desesperatedly after the companion.
    But , in any case, I wish good luck to all that are yet on the road trying to find the ideal person.
    Today my challenge is to maintain the ideal relationship with my wife.Concquering her heart day after day, even in the middles of the many troubles of the life, here is the big challenge.
    Good luck to all and to me too! After all, we all deserve to be happy!

  15. kayally says:

    yes ~Jeff I agree with you but for me I am looking for nice woman , she can understand me and give me more lovely over my life and knows how to be my life to be her life ,,
    so I will Pray to find that woman son before my life gone for nothing ,,,,

  16. Peter says:

    Again My Bad, Intimacy in a relationship / as an old saying , sorry

    My friends,

    No Incendiary comment ,but honestly I think that High job potential in big cities pulls men more than women into sprawling cities like LA and Toronto. In part because men are more predisposed to venture out a new start in a totally new land.What do you think of it?

  17. emiliano says:

    Thank you very much Pedro, now I understand it perfectly well. What a big and nice group we are now, helping one to another under the directors of the group, Lucy and Jeff, it is very nice to have the help of friends like you and others members of our e.s.l blog.
    Jose, it’s really beatifull what you say, love exist that’s true when someone like you write about his feelings. Congratulations and conquer her heart day by day, just
    knowing it and doing your best. It’s sure you have the better a man may have in life.

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