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Thank you!

Just a short note of thanks to all of you who emailed and posted comments on our third anniversary video and on Lucy’s post about my birthday. All of us here at ESL Podcast thank you for your kind comments … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Today is Dr. Jeff McQuillan’s birthday! If you’ve been a longtime listener, you know how old he is (but I won’t tell). Here at ESL Podcast, we wish him the very best for this special day. It’s hard to know … Continue reading

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Third Anniversary Video

It’s finally here – our Third Anniversary Video! Thanks to all of you who posted questions for us to answer on the video. We’re sorry we didn’t have time to answer them all. We had some technical difficulties so it … Continue reading

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Facebook, MySpace, and Your Next Job

Many people have pages on websites such as Facebook and MySpace.  Even I have a page on Facebook (just search for “Jeff McQuillan” and then you can add me as your “friend”)!  These sites allow you to share information and … Continue reading

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A Candidate’s Personal Life

We are now less than two months away from the U.S. presidential election and the media (newspapers, television and radio news, Internet news sites) is full of stories about each of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. In addition to media … Continue reading

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Hockey Moms

If you read an American newspaper today, you’ll see the phrase hockey mom. What is a hockey mom, and why are all the newspapers talking about it? In the narrowest (most restricted) sense, a hockey mom is a mother who … Continue reading

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ESL Cafe 153 – Kicking Our Butts

In today’s ESL Cafe 153, Jeff is too polite and gentlemanly to say the phrase “to kick (someone’s) ass.” We’ll let someone else do it for him. Although “ass” is one of the bad words that parents don’t want their … Continue reading

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