Facebook, MySpace, and Your Next Job

DrinkingMany people have pages on websites such as Facebook and MySpace.  Even I have a page on Facebook (just search for “Jeff McQuillan” and then you can add me as your “friend”)!  These sites allow you to share information and to learn about what your real and virtual (over the Internet) friends are doing.  The sites also allow you to post pictures of yourself and your friends.  That’s where the problems begin.

A recent survey by CareerBuilder.com  found that one out of every five hiring managers (people who decide who will get a job at certain company) look at the social networking (sites such as Facebook and MySpace) websites of the applicants or candidates (people applying for or requesting a job at the company).  They look to see what kind of person they are hiring, including what his or her personal habits and actions are.  Unfortunately, many college students and young people who use social networking sites post (place on the Internet) pictures of themselves drinking (often illegally) and doing other things that they probably do not want companies to know about.

According to the survey, 41% of the candidates posted pictures or other information about drinking or drug taking, 40% posted information on sexually inappropriate or questionable behavior, and 27% had information on their page that showed that they had lied about their qualifications.

But the news is not all bad.  Almost half of the candidates posted information that showed they were telling the truth about their qualifications and gave the hiring managers positive information about them.  So be careful what you post to the Internet, especially if you are going to be looking for a job.  (Note: I have not posted any pictures of me drinking or doing other things that could get me in trouble on my Facebook page…maybe later!)


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15 Responses to Facebook, MySpace, and Your Next Job

  1. Ghasem says:

    Thank you Dr. Jeff.
    I believe, as you said, it is important for hiring managers to know what kind of people they are hiring, but, I think this is not the way they can find about their applicants behavior . Eventhough, somtimes they can find important information in websites like these, but usually they dosen’t work. Many people have pages with some other names and also put false information on these sites. So they can’t make judgment based on these findings.
    I, also, don’t understand why some people put their privte, and specially, thier questionable pictures on public view.
    Have fun

  2. Extramurs says:

    Don’t lie Dr. Jeff! We all know that you are one of those young people who drinks day an night! However, we also know that you post your photos with a false name, so you won’t have any problems with your future hiring managers 😛 (I’m just kidding 😉 )

    People who usually use the web and participate in some services such as blogs, forums, facebook or MySpace… should be very careful with the things they can put there. I know some people that usually writes the name of a person who they want in Google, and they find information about him, often very private!

  3. Julian Mack says:

    that is why I do not give my personal email. lol. I give them my business email. BEWARE!!!!

  4. nguyenlam says:

    Haha, it’s so simple. You only need to turn on the private mode in the time when you must wait for the results or even you can post some your charity works to impress them. But it’s better for you if you don’t post any wrong thing. You don’t know if you will become a presidential candidate, no? It should that you can post some poems to show that what romantic you are or some stories,… The former people often said that ” Showing good things but hiding bad ones”. So, let you be caraful, appliants!

  5. elcomandant says:

    Hi Jeff,
    You are right. We should be careful with the things that we write at these sites. According the survey you say at your introduction, 27% of people lie usually.

    So, we can use these sites in benefit to ourselves . In case we are looking for a job, as you say, we would be able to post pictures that they show we have a good behavior. For example, I would be able to post a picture when I’m drinking a soft drink or a glass of water at wedding my better friend, o maybe another one when I’m walking pushing the baby carriage with my wife or a picture of my visit to the Vatican when I shook hands with the Pope.

    I think that if we have to lie, we have to lie well. Although maybe it would be an evident lie too, wouldn’t it?


    P.S. I’m going to add you as my “friend” on Facebook. Thanks.

  6. Ghasem says:

    I forgot to ask wether Lucy has pages in these websites too, and wether she has posted any picture of her !! I haven’t seen any picture of her, but I can realize from her sound that she is pretty and beatiful.

  7. Mehdi says:

    Hi Jeff!

    I agree with you, people should leave their real and good info not pictures of bad and questionable behaviors, I personally think that the people who leave unreal and bad information are so poor.

  8. Alessandro says:

    Hi Jeff!
    Thank you so much for this interesting topic of discussion. Often, in your podcasts, you make some fanny comments about your physical aspect. Unfortunately, you don’t say nothing about Dr. Lucy! This rouses our curiosity. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about her aspect… even though she hauls you over the coals?

  9. malika says:

    Hi Dr. Jeff, this is an interesting subject.
    I just want to add something to what you’ve said, I think that in general for every new technology they are people who would use it in a bad way although it wasn’t created for that bad reason. It’s a good thing to have contact with other people from the other parts of the world, but we should be a little more careful because things and thoughts could change by the time.
    Thank you again

  10. Fred says:

    wow ! Jeff, you are a lot of friends !!!!

    T h a n k y o u v e r y m u c h

  11. Joan says:

    I think it’s logical that companies check what you post in Internet, we all use the technology at our reach. Companies too.
    If you don’t want this information to be used you can use an alias known by your friends.

  12. LIL says:

    Dear, Jeff,

    yeah, it is the same as in Japan! Some managers in various companies, here in Japan, have tried to see social networking websites about their candidates for these several years!

    Anyway, then, I’ll add u as my friend 😀

  13. Marina says:


    I didn’t know that hiring managers look at the social networking. I guess that they are right, they are doing a part of their job(gathering all the information about the candidate) but my question is:
    Why people post pictures of themselves drinking or drug taking or whatever? They are still under drug’s effect? I can’t understand that.. Most of the population have drunk, at least once in his life, a beer or a glass of wine of more than that…

    Could you please, tell to me? I really can’t understant that.
    Thanks in advance,

  14. Ghasem says:

    Dear Jeff
    In the last sentence, why didn’t you say “any picture of mine…” instead of “any picture of me…”.

  15. F J Qurain says:

    Well Well Well .. !

    I’ve a page on the Facebook .. and I agree with you I’ve seen many things that ain’t pleasnt :S It’s nuts I think !
    It’s a great site for great things why should we use it for something else .. !
    I don’t think I joined it for a job , haha just to have fun and improve my English learning .. you know !
    I got afraid sometimes of knowing people who aren’t good or as you said do that bad things !
    the problem isn’t with site it’s with its users !! right ?!
    That’s all what I have to say .. !
    See you in other blog !
    Cheers – Fatima

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