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Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

*punk: a worthless person; a young and inexperienced person, who believes he or she is very skilled and knowledgeable –> “Who is that punk? He says he can beat anyone in a game of tennis.” *to have (got) nothing on … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Jeff!

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The Darwin Award

The Darwin Award is an honor (award or prize) that is given as a joke to people who have done stupid things to hurt themselves badly or even to kill themselves. It is given out each year. The “award” was … Continue reading

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The Stephen King Book You Will (Probably) Never Read

If you went to the movies this past weekend, you may have seen a movie called It. It is a remake (newer version of a film) based on a 1986 novel (book-length story) by Stephen King.  The film is already a big … Continue reading

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How to Cross the Street (in English)

Yes, you already know how to cross the street. You don’t need an English lesson for that. But what about understanding the language on a crosswalk sign? Watch the short video explanation below. It could save your life someday! Jeff … Continue reading

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