How to Cross the Street (in English)

Yes, you already know how to cross the street. You don’t need an English lesson for that. But what about understanding the language on a crosswalk sign?

Watch the short video explanation below. It could save your life someday!


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10 Responses to How to Cross the Street (in English)

  1. emiliano says:

    Never I use to cross the street right when I was a young boy.
    Traffic did not exist along the streets so it was easy, you cross
    to short the way you have to walk or for going some place as
    fast as possible.

    The bad habits is inside our mind, people of my age, so even
    now I look to the left and watch if some cars are coming, then
    being in the middle I have seen also if there are cars coming
    in the other side.
    No cars? i cross the street if is one of the surroundings and
    I am in a hurry.

    Very bad, bad bad, but nearly everybody do the same when no cars
    are coming despite the light is red.

    Sorry, but I am sincere and it is my fault of course.

    I did not do that if it is a traffic´s street where thousand of cars goes from
    one side and the other.
    Waiting for the green light and crossing fast because the green is too short
    to some people who could have any difficulty, it is a shame but is true too.

    Thank you Jeff, tomorrow I am listening to the lesson as now it is one past ten
    a.m, and I have to go to bed.
    It is sure that I could learn something. emiliano

  2. Tania says:


    Difficult to cross the street with so, so many cars and noise.
    We have only traffic lights without explanations how to cross the street.
    So, thank you for your useful explanations.

    All the best for you,


  3. Tania says:


    Thank you for the explanation of the phrase “Ditto”.
    I have heard using it on TV.

  4. Tania says:

    Yes, autumn-time is coming…

    Autumn-time is coming

    “Orange leaves falling
    Orange leaves falling
    On the ground
    On the ground
    Autumn-time is coming
    Autumn-time is coming
    All around
    All around.”

  5. Tania says:


    I have just read about the earthquake that hit Mexico with a magnitude
    of 8 yesterday. What is frightened is that all recently quakes have a very high
    magnitude. I do not want to think about what can happen with my country
    with such a high magnitude.

  6. Tania says:


    I’d like a BITCOIN topic.

  7. Tania says:


    “When autumn wind goes running
    It does some magic things.
    It gives the shadows dancing shoes,
    It gives the bright leaves wings –
    When autumn wind goes running.”

    Autumn Wind

  8. Tania says:


    It seems to be something childish these nursery rhymes…
    but we can learn a lot from them.
    For instance , “the bright leaves wings”…

    Wing means and flying.

  9. emiliano says:

    Good morning, today is sunday and summer is finishing. I am very concern about what is happening in the Caribbean countries and Florida.
    The same with the earth wake in Mexico.

    It seems there are only bad news, what is happening with this world?.
    It has been always the same? or seems to me it is even worst than usual.

    Here in Spain every body is talking about the same question, Cataluña, it is so
    boring for the rest of the Spanish people, me too of course.

    Loving poems Tania, I missed them when you were out

    Autumn-time is coming
    “Orange leaves falling
    Orange leaves falling
    On the ground
    On the ground
    Autumn-time is coming
    Autumn-time is coming
    All around
    All around.”

    And the others too.

    At least you give us some fresh air to let our problems
    falls like leaves that Autumn takes far away from our
    sad souls.

    Thank you Tania and best wishes to you my dear friend.


  10. Tania says:


    Listening to the English Cafe 593 again …
    To me, one of the most beautiful songs Unchained Melody of
    The Righteous Brothers. I know this melody from Elvis Presley’s

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