Free English Lesson: Daily English 190 – Taking a Phone Message

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18 Responses to Free English Lesson: Daily English 190 – Taking a Phone Message

  1. emiliano says:

    Well, again I am listening to the lessons and what could I say?
    What may I think listening to my dear professor?

    Just only a thought:

    Jeff you are the one, the best teacher I have ever had.
    Thanks a lot dear friend.


  2. Tania says:


    I have read on Seth’s blog, recommended by Warren, this question that I want to share with you all.
    “What did you do when you had a chance to connect and to care?”
    I think it’s a good and interesting question for all of us.

  3. Tania says:


    I had the chance to find this friendly blog and …
    I try to stay connect as I care about my teachers and my blog friends, and
    I like to receive news from them.

    Best wishes to all our blog friends,


  4. emiliano says:

    A good subject to think about Tania:
    What do you do when at first time in the morning you get up?.
    Or what do you do when being at home without having any idea of going out because there is nothing attractive as to leave your warm place?
    Also, what do you do when you have to remain home caring the best person
    in your life and have lot of hours ahead along the day?

    I could ask myself a dozen of question and I will reply with only one, What do I do?
    Just open the window that ever is in my computer and looking for something new in ESL blog, some news of my friends, a new lesson, a new comment of Tania, Peter or Mari Carmen, just in these moments, and typing the first idea I have in mind.
    Which is the first idea I have now?
    It is easy, this morning about eleven I am going to see My Cuca and say to her
    I love you so much my dear, miss you at home immensely but I am happy too because you are better cared here and your face it is even more radiant that it was before.

    Sharing this idea with my friends here it is also a way of
    “trying to stay connect as I care about my teachers, my blog friends, and
    also I like to receive news from them” just what you said above dear Tania.

    Have a nice day Tania and all of you who read just what I am typing now, at eight
    in the morning.


  5. emiliano says:

    I could tell you even more things:
    Possible next month I will have a million visits in my own blog what is really
    incredible and so nice.
    Never along my life could I imagine such a thing.
    Why are so many people who connect and search along emiliano´s blog and
    Just a mystery for me, but it gives me the strong to write even more having new
    ideas, new comments and of course new critics about the world round me, here in Spain, Europe or other sites.
    Lately I could see lot of people from Canada what is very very nice for my mind, why?.
    I don´t really know but it is happening.

    My deep sorrows for all the Texas persons who have to leave their home and have
    lost nearly everything, it is really very very sand and looking Houston city under
    the water it is terrible, just incredible and tragic.
    The are not words that could describe what all this means in their life.


  6. emiliano says:

    I know this is an English blog but I want to say something in Spanish to
    nearly the seven millions of Spanish speakers, latinos, who are living
    and are born in Texas.

    Un gran dolor se extiende aquí en España por vosotros y por lo que está
    sucediendo en vuestras vidas como consecuencia del devastador huracan
    No hay palabras para consolar tanto dolor, la pérdida de vuestras casas,
    de vuestros seres queridos en primer lugar, perdida de vuestros trabajos,
    en fin un inmenso desastre que asola vuestra tierra y vuestras vidas.
    Por mi parte lo siento inmensamente y solo puedo deciros “resistir” vendran
    tiempos mejores en los que podreis olvidar este terrorifico mes de Agosto.

    Just the same words to all the people who are suffering this horrible natural

  7. Tania says:

    A million of people who like to read your blog… It’s about your talent in writing,
    the way to tell the truth without fear, news, and much effort.
    I am glad for you, dear Emiliano.

  8. Tania says:


    The Positive Psychology…
    We all know money can’t buy happiness.
    So, how do we get it? The scientists say that the positive psychology
    will help us identify our unique strong points.
    We’ll gain an important understanding of the role of gratitude.
    The Positive Psychology will give us practical strategies for maximizing
    concentration and eliminating distractions, the ability to
    “live in the moment” fully and without judgment , savoring life’s pleasures,
    large and small, with equal enthusiasm and enjoyment.

    Take a mindful approach to your personal happiness…
    “live in the moment” fully and without judgment.

    It’s just The Positive Psychology.
    I have read about it and I wanted to share with you the new trend.

    Best wishes,


  9. emiliano says:

    Tania, I have not words in English to give you my absolute gratitude, it is so beautiful what you said me that it is like giving me a breath of fresh air at first hour in the morning.
    Getting up at eight o´clock, going to the bath and first thing I have done, as ever, it is turning on the computer. First words I have read it is your words, so thank you very much this moment it is great for me.
    Yes, since a long time Cuca and emiliaro are living just the the minute, the second, the hour, not more.
    Cuca use to say now, tomorrow is far away, and I think this is the way of living practicing the Positive Psychology.
    More or less it is what Buddhists do and the way they live.
    Zen meditation is a good way to live also just the moment,
    Neither the past nor the future exist and it is a good meditation also a way of living
    having peace inside our minds.
    My Cuca do that since long time but now even more.
    emiliano do the same or at last try to imitate her as much as possible.

    Well now I am going to have breakfast and living the morning without thinking anything about future.

    Again a big thank you Tania.

  10. Tania says:


    “Listening your breath I know your presence
    that bright me every moment of my life.”

    Very nice poems, dear Emiliano.

  11. Tania says:


    Too sad for many of us, but catchy “Fidelity and Suffering”.
    Thank you, dear Emiliano.

    Best wishes,


  12. emiliano says:

    A good living without any problem does not inspire artist or poets.
    When we read something about these persons, artists in general, we could see that nearly all of them have lot of problems.
    Lot of them died very young, classics composers, pop musicians, painters, writers, poets, nearly all of them have a torture life that gives them their inspiration.

    I am not an artist of course that is very clear for me, I have lived a nice quite life along several years.
    Without health, that is true, so being not very healthy gives me the inside force to observe, to be alone, to increase a strong character, and to be without any lover till I was 25 years old.
    Once I started to work I wanted to get out home as soon as possible, just to be alone in my own site, but I met Cuca and everything change.
    My health never was good, she cared me along years and years and that could be a reason to write, to think, to read, not to drink, not to smoke, not to go out with other pals and so forth.
    Year after year my character was stronger to make decisions to preserve my heath so it was easy for me nearly to do which ever thing I wanted to do.
    Learn English when no body studied it.
    Be loyal to my few friends
    Be absolutely faithful to the only person I love
    Read as much as I wanted
    Listen to music along hours and hours
    Watching movies as much as possible
    Caring three children it is a hard task if you have not too much money
    and not one who looks after them so Cuca and me scarcely went out home the weekends having lot of time for them and for us.
    Is it that the life of an artist?
    No, it is not, but have so much time to live my life the way I, we, wanted gives me
    the opportunity of increasing my Curiosity.
    “Curiosity” that is the word and the science who said always Leonardo De Vinci, it was the subject who moves His life.
    Mine too, so yes, I have touched too many aspects of life giving all of them a nice entertainment till the point of not being ever bored.
    Not smoking, not drinking, not going to the bars, not going with other pals, even not having any kind of dependences, except my wife, that´s me, emiliano.

    Now I am living alone, with Gatufo, and there is not any problem except Cuca is
    living other site.
    I get up at 7,30 in the morning, more or less, and went to bed 1,30 a.m., so I use to sleep 6 hors.
    Some days I have a little nap.
    Despite so many hours at home or outside, I never need anything to be amused because nearly every moment I am doing something.

    Writing, reading, listening to music, watching a movie of Netflix or Amazon Prime or something I have dvd blue ray recorded or similar, never I watched the tv. that is awful.
    Once or twice a week I use to go the theater and of course to be with my dear lover.

    Greetins and thank you so much. emiliano

  13. Tania says:


    Doing work that matters with people we care about…this is secret.

  14. Tania says:


    What about Peter?
    No news from you.

  15. Tania says:


    Love comes softly… it’s the title of a movie that I have seen recently.
    With an English subtitle… I was able to understand it.

    Love comes softly… is it true?

  16. Tania says:


    The first days of autumn…
    I am cold… cover my heart with something.

  17. Tania says:


    An Autumn Greeting

    “Come”, said the Wind to the Leaves one day.
    “Come over the meadow and we will play.
    Put on your dresses of red and gold.
    For summer is gone and the days grow cold.

    Autumn poems for kindergarten

  18. Tania says:


    A warm autumnal greeting to our dear teachers
    and to our dear blog friends.

    Best wishes,


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