The Legendary Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip is a mile and a half stretch (length) of road located on Sunset Boulevard in the middle of Los Angeles, not too far from Beverly Hills. It is legendary (very famous) for its restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, but also for the celebrities who frequent (visit) the area.

In the early days of Hollywood, “The Strip,” as it is called, was a place for outlawed (not legal) forms of entertainment. Gambling (playing games of chance for money) was illegal in the city of Los Angeles and The Strip was located just outside of Los Angeles city limits. This meant that people who wanted to gamble simply needed to go to The Strip. (Today The Strip is part of the City of West Hollywood.)

In the 1920s, during the period of Prohibition (law which made the making and selling of alcohol), alcohol was served secretly in speakeasies (nightclubs serving alcohol when it was illegal to do so). During the 1920s, even more casinos (gambling businesses) and nightclubs (businesses that serve alcohol, with music and dancing for entertainment) started moving to The Strip, attracting people who worked in the entertainment industry (people who work in television, films, music, and other forms of entertainment).

In the 1930s and 1940s, The Strip developed a reputation (became known to other people) as a playground (place for entertainment) for the rich and famous. People who were important in the world of entertainment, such as famous actors, often visited The Strip. Even famous gangsters (people who work for organized groups of criminals) like Bugsy Siegel owned nightclubs and restaurants in the area.

In the 1960s, however, The Strip began to lose its appeal (become less attractive) to people in the movie industry, but remained popular among tourists and locals (people living in the area).

But in the 1970s, during the rise of the counterculture (a subculture whose values and norms were different from the normal, mainstream values), The Strip became popular again, especially with famous rock bands like Led Zeppelin, who played at well-known Sunset clubs.

Today, The Strip continues to be a hangout (place where someone visits often) for young celebrities and other people looking for entertainment. For instance, you can rub elbows (socialize) with celebrities staying at the famous Chateau Marmont (see “Culture Note,” Daily English 1162) or see your favorite rock groups at the legendary (famous) venues (places for events or entertainment) The Viper Room, Troubadour, or the Roxy Theater.

~ ESLPod Team

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14 Responses to The Legendary Sunset Strip

  1. emiliano says:

    Just here again, Why not?
    Outdoors it is 39 ºC degrees, so where may I go?.
    I have not any business out home so I can remain here as long as I want, now that I return to the ESL blog I like to say which ever idea cross through my mind.

    Some time ago I could see a movie that title was
    L.A. Confidential, it was really very good movie and its plot touch more or less
    what it is said above.
    I think it is one of the best movies about L.A. story and it was nominated to several Oscar´s prices.
    It was the first time I could see a very Australian actor that I like so much and even other that afterward were really very famous, we could see them:
    Kevin Spacey as Det. Sgt. Jack Vincennes
    Russell Crowe as Officer Wendell “Bud” White
    Guy Pearce as Det. Lt. Edmund “Ed” Exley
    Kim Basinger as Lynn Bracken
    Simon Baker as Matt Reynolds

    Kim Basinger was rewarded with the Oscar I think,
    Two Australian actors were very well known after this movie.
    One Russell Crowe from New Zealand
    Simon Baker also was very well known as “The Mentalist” after taking part in
    the movie.

    I have seen all The Mentalist tv serial and I like it very much.
    Russell Crowe is one of the actors I like more ant its filmography is enormous

    1997 L.A. Confidential Officer Wendell “Bud” White Curtis Hanson
    1997 Heaven’s Burning Colin O’Brien Craig Lahiff
    1997 Breaking Up Steve Robert Greenwald
    1999 Mystery, Alaska Sheriff John Biebe Jay Roach
    1999 The Insider Jeffrey Wigand Michael Mann
    2000 Gladiator Maximus Decimus Meridius Ridley Scott
    2000 Proof of Life Terry Thorne Taylor Hackford
    2001 A Beautiful Mind John Nash Ron Howard
    2003 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Captain Jack Aubrey Peter Weir
    2005 Cinderella Man Jim Braddock Ron Howard
    2006 A Good Year Max Skinner Ridley Scott
    2007 3:10 to Yuma Ben Wade James Mangold
    2007 American Gangster Det. Richie Roberts Ridley Scott
    2008 Body of Lies Ed Hoffman Ridley Scott
    2009 Tenderness Detective Cristofuoro John Polson
    2009 State of Play Cal McAffrey Kevin Macdonald
    2010 Robin Hood

    Only to mention some of the best known
    Yes I like him very much and of course I have seen the majority of
    his movies.

    That´s all for the moment. emiliano

  2. emiliano says:

    Less than two weeks ago started a short tour of three Nordic cities that I would allow myself a little idea of what these three cities represent in contrast to what the cities of southern countries such as the Italian, French or Spanish. Stockholm city dreamed by many, including me , the cradle of culture “Swedish socialist” of the fifties, sixties and seventies. I can remember that many young Americans who would be mobilized to go to war from Vietnam chose Sweden and Stockholm as a place to defect and take refuge in that bloody and senseless war in which tens of thousands of young people were killed and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese who died or were maimed for life and brainless.
    Not to mention what was the avalanche of drugs that led to the act of participating in a crazy race thousands of kilometers from their homes.
    That war meant the explosion of heroin carried home by participants ex – soldiers in the terrible struggle all young people to the left of countless countries, including, me were against this terrifying war. USA widespread antipathies of millions earned by the multitude of bombing thrown by the B -52 plains and slaughters not to mention massacres that originated in Southeast Asia, Vietnan, Laos and Cambodia.
    Coverage by the media was permanent, I being considered as the first televised conflict in history. This allowed the complaint of frequent violations and abuses of human rights committed by both sides. However, it is disputed whether such coverage was the main cause of the growing opposition from Western public opinion toward US intervention.
    This opposition and the fact of being the first military defeat of the United States, created a feeling of bad conscience in the American people before considered unjust war, the so – called Vietnam syndrome . Syndrome led to a peace movement and lasted until the 1980s, during the administrations of Ronald Reagan . 29 The Vietnam War became an icon, survived today, social groups and leftist parties in much of the world, as well as an example imitated by other subsequent fighters .
    Sweden was an emblematic country where countless young US econtraron peace and refuge could save their lives.
    I butt solidarity with them Incubate a huge eagerness to go and meet that country.
    When Olof Palme was assassinated in February 86 people for countless admirers of this minister was a real blow.
    At last a fortnight ago I was in Stockholm with emotion butt. It was time, dream city for countless reasons, spy movies, shelter deserters, antiwar, Olof Palme, Nobel laureates, famous pop groups like Abba or Roxette that I love and many other attractions that made me keenly wish to meet there.

    My first disappointment, the hotel out of town, under staffing in the bathroom, no shampoo, no shower gel, soap almost and unsympathetic receptionist, my suitcase lost at Arlanda airport, then go’m outside at least Stockholm thought.
    My suitcase appears at 11,30 with the subsequent notice of the receptionist who pretended not to know anything, I overjoyed to have my stuff by hand.
    Stockholm is a great city, very difficult of seen and what attracts tourists, the old town, is a bewildering international babel. Nice views, interesting island Gamla Stan is Stockholm’s Old Town and is also the original center of the Swedish capital.
    The center also includes Stadshomen Island and other islets. The origin dates back to the thirteenth century but most of the buildings date back to later dates, 1700 and 1800. An intricate maze of streets where I got lost several times, but it allowed me to better understand the most interesting part of this immense city it extends in 14 islands. If I liked but basically expected more, reasons ?, do not know though often happens that when expectations are housed at the end result is usually fill them all.
    If we add the lack of freedom of a tour, being at 6.30 always ready to return to a hotel in the middle of nowhere and slowly the supposedly nice group was dividing into small groups that did not get along between them, and the majority turned out to be a bunch of “corny undocumented” until you isolate or directly kick you off your whatsapp without having detailed to give an amount to the guide who accompanied us throughout the trip, my taste of Sweden turned sour.

    NowI knew enough about the city so if again I wold like to make a trip to Stockholm I would go on my own risk, alone or accompanied by one person and learn more about this city that I consider very extensive and interesting to pretend to understand it in such a short time, two and a half days subtracted absurdly long hours of stay at the hotel.
    So yes, it was a good trip but very short to know such an incredible city.

    In other moment I will tell you something about Tallinn and Helsinki.

    Well, now I am thinking in Tania that asked me something about my trip,
    What may I say?
    It has been good but not so good, sorry but it is the true.

    Enough for the moment. emiliano

  3. emiliano says:

    It is really a pity I can´t stick the photos I have taken in Stockholm and the other
    cities Tallinn and Helsinki.
    Some of them are really nice and, I could say that, also good taken.

    But it is not possible, sorry. emilliano

  4. emiliano says:

    Missing my pen or not?
    That is the question
    Pen or keyboard?
    Not to be or not to be, that is for Shakespeare.
    May be the best English writer could have this
    question too living just now and having to write
    his tragedies.

    I miss the pen used some years before but
    It seems like a contradiction but I like the keyboard either.
    The keyboard has a soft contact too for me, once I rest
    my fingers on it, every single finger to its right place I feel
    something very special, sometimes it could be as a sensual
    caress that make me feel happy.
    Other times it could be like the power of seeing the letters
    going fast on the screen thinking that in a short time later
    these words would be out from home no body knows
    on which other screen will be reproduced my own thoughts.

    Close to me there is a person that says that my place in the
    world is in front of a screen typing fast and searching by
    the web.
    Doing that hours seems minutes and I feel happy so
    may be this person has a sharp sight to see inside me
    better than me.

    Sure it could be so and now it is my chance of saying, yes I like
    the keyboard of my computer till the same level than
    my lost pen or even more if I am sincere.
    The keyboard gives me the option of sending this message
    as far as never before I could imagine.
    It is like a dream science fiction writers never thought before
    and I like to read this kind of books being a young boy.

    In fact every single person has the magical opportunity of
    being in touch with the rest of our globe.
    I could write tipping the softness of my computer thinking
    a moment later my words would be out in the cyberspace
    something I could never hoped before when I was writing on
    a paper being indoors.

    Could be that there is something in the way of typing that
    reflex my mood too?.

    Who knows?

    If I am right everything goes like silk, no mistakes, not missing
    words and the mind is clear to write fast and in a short time.
    Being just a little nerves or in bad mood I hit the keyboard
    with my fingers and the wrong writing appears for sure.

    What I don´t do write it is just reading after what I have written
    before, having such a bad rule all king of mistakes go away
    out my computer also.

    So long friends.

  5. emiliano says:

    I don´t know if these poems have been posted already, but reading them again it seems to me like impossible that my fingers have typed them on the screen.
    Who care if they were posted before or not, here they are again giving me peace
    every moment I could read them again.
    Doing that my dear it is always beside me, that´s very good in this hot, very hot
    august morning.


    Fidelity and suffering

    If you think in dying with you I die
    Together in the trip of not return
    Tired of living without hopes
    With this daily torture you feel
    Wishing the end of that suffering

    If you feel that life is your wish
    Living with you day after day is my will
    Watching the smile in your face
    or the firm fight of your character
    that strong wants a day more together

    My partner´s life I´ll do mine your wishes
    Prepared I am to make your trip each second
    That life is discovering in fateful time
    Of illness, suffering and hopelessness
    till the moment you think it is the end.

    Nights in Silence

    At night the desire to keep awake
    So late ..What´s the reason to be up
    Alone with myself I am
    Quite at this hour I think

    Asleep you are close to me
    Early in the morning I am
    Enough time to meditate in silence
    but I feel little noises of the house

    Your breath, the rain´s drops
    a voice that far breaks the morning
    So, without any witnesses
    finally I take the pen and start to write

    Love you so much my dear
    than I don´t want to make any noise
    Listening your breath I know your presence
    that bright me every moment of my life.



    Now my nights are even more silence
    without the little sound of her breath
    Not any noise, the cat is at my side
    but he is absolute quiet but at least
    he gives me some peacefulness
    in this so hot nights of August.


  6. Peter says:

    Hi eslpod team
    I understand the appeal.
    I get the draw of all the glitz and glamour of the swanky night clubs , ritzy restaurants ,highfalutin shopping centres and fancy-looking boutiques in the sunset strip,believes you me ,I do
    But ,what I need you to tell me ,eslpod team ,is the price gauging that has been going on there since I remember.
    When it comes to pricing , it is in fact the wild Wild West there.
    What is it with these ridiculously
    Overpriced restaurants. And ,don’t get me started with the astronomically high night club’s cover charges around there. I guess it is the price of admission to go sit, dance or throw back beers-I could afford just one beef that I shared with my girlfriend – next to rich and famous. Such a noble excuse to rip people off.

    I mean , some people ,and by some people, I mean me , don’t go there dining ,clubbing or even shopping to just catch the glimpse of rich and famous passing by.
    Helo , I m here to just enjoy myself.
    But ,the insanely out-of the-world prices turned my kick-back time into a nervous break down. I mean, you hear all the hype ,all the publicities and all the soliciting about the place that all makes you wanna go there as a tourist for a few days to see all the glittering and shimmering ,basically all the fuss is about first hand.
    But ,boy , it was more of a drilling on the nerve for me than having a good time -let alone the time of my life.
    Let me tell you ,the sunset strip nightlife is a hell of a nightmare,should u even want to experience it.
    Man , it was an uphill battle for me and my girlfriend -two friendly faces from the neighbouring country – to enter a club even after we finally came to term to pay the insanely high cover charges.
    U need to have a connection to get in ,man.
    Everywhere ,you go there are these maze -like lines u have to wait in for long long time to finally get to the bouncers people at the club entrance where they magically pull up this long list. If you are not in the list ,you are screwed. I mean ,it is easier to enter the Buckingham palace for that matter than to one the clubs in the strip. I m telling you.
    Either you are a celebrity or accompanied by a celebrities , or hobnobbing or u have ur family tree documents with you that proofs u are some distant relative of of the celebrities,you simply can’t go in.
    The bouncers over there have these weird power 🙂

    You don’t believe me ?
    Go see it for yourself
    Good luck Trying the place on a Saturday night

    Trust me ,you need all the luck you can muster


  7. Peter says:

    I wanna clear something here
    I m not saying the strip is a tourist trap
    By all account ,it is a tourist attraction
    I mean ,the strip is one of the must see locations to visit , while Visiting LA
    You know, it is like you go to Paris but not visiting the efel tower

    In fact , I think , it is ,if not the only ,one of the landmark of LA, a hallmark perhaps.

    I Mean ,the strip is as famous as the rich and famous who frequent it

    It is sure , a popular tourist destination for not star gazing and the feel
    Of entitlement one might get hanging there. I did ,anyway.

    U know me , seeing things through rose coloured glasses has never been my liturgy.

    I early summon up the best angle.
    By that I mean , I typically take the down sides of things and run with it

    But ,this time around , It feels like , the picture I painted on the previous post is more biased than just.

    I mean , there is more than one side to the sunset strip stories

    Speaking of which ,
    It sure has been a storied stage that has strummed a deep chord of chaos, betrayals ,and love in the era as old as the LA itself

    Visiting the swath of land conjures up all the good feeling, some might say , it lifts up your spirit

    Please note I m not backing down on my take on the on going exorbitance charges down there ranging from hotels to a hot dog

    Trust me , they see you coming.

    But ,the place is worthy of a visit
    The ripoff aside ,it is probable that the visit will
    Leave a good taste in you month.


  8. Peter says:

    speaking of fancy stuff and fancy places, there is this new fad over here in tornto.
    In fact , it is a yummy all-round sweet fad that people all over the city talking about
    I have my first bite of “the delish desert yesterday.
    It totally lived to to the fuss and then some.

    The coveted desert is ” water melon iccream.”
    You guessed right !!!
    It is a slice of water melon stuffed with one or two scoops of ice cream with sprinkles on top.
    Sprinkles are optional!! You go with or without.
    I tried choclet seeds on top of my watermelon ice cream.
    The talk is the whole idea started some where in Japan by a chief then spread it over first in Manhatan New York then downtown Toronto.
    I wonder if easlpod team got a wind if it yet. I m sure they know about it already.
    Or perhaps the sugary treat has made its way to LA alreadg
    If it did , try the bad boy easlpod team.if you have a sweet teeth like me. You gonna love it.
    I remember back in the day ,Lucy mentioned that she loves chiclets.

    Lucy ,you don’t need to rush
    U lucky people-Angelenos – can have it all year long as rumour has it that is always sunny in California:))
    Not much of summer time left up here in Toronto.



  9. Tania says:


    A real legend this Sunset Strip.
    Led Zeppelin… We have heard about this English rock band much later.
    I think it is not diffused on TV or radio maybe because their songs included
    and psychedelia. But who wanted to listen to them … there were possibilities.
    I have never listened to Led Zeppelin music. I’ll try just from curiosity.

    Best wishes,


  10. Tania says:


    It’s very late. It is middle of night.
    Good night!

  11. emiliano says:

    My God it is raining, it is raining, it is raining.
    At last.
    I am happy.

  12. Tania says:


    Incredible, indeed. It is raining in Madrid after such a hot summer.
    I am happy for you, too.

    Best wishes,


  13. emiliano says:

    Thank you Tania, you know it perfectly well
    summer has been like hell.
    Scarcely we have water in the reservoirs.
    Now it could be possible to have a little more.

    He Peter, what´s happening with Canada
    lot of people are reading my blog from there.
    Have you something to do about the subject?

  14. emiliano says:

    Thank you to all of them.
    It is a pleasure for me to see such a lot
    of readers from Canada.


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