Free English Lesson: Cultural English 490 – Muhammad Ali & the Golden Gate Bridge

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23 Responses to Free English Lesson: Cultural English 490 – Muhammad Ali & the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Peter says:

    Thanks for the sample chief

    Now , off To a totally another subject
    I checked the hotel rates. U know ,for the sky sighting in aug 21 in The US.
    I got a couple of my friends to join the eclipse gazing :))

    But , to my display, while shopping around on the internet for a reasonable price for preferably a dsecent room for the 3 of us. we plan to split the rent
    three ways. I am sure , u see the frauguality of our plan.

    Turns out ,there is none. Well, at least ,within our budget.
    the room fees are through the roof. Such opportunists. Talk about price gauging!!

    And ,to my surprise ,regardless the egregious room frees, they are all booked up already.most hotels ,even seedy motels are fully booked. No vacancy.
    We ended up cut down a planned three-day trip to a Whirlwind one day-trip in a fleabag ,seedy motel. I took a virtual tour of the room and the hotel it is a dump. Hopefully ,there are no bed bugs.

    I m sure we can tough it out. We can put up with the bad room for one night. We are out all night long anyway.

    We can always go to Winnipeg in Canada. There are a lot of people already up over In Winnipeg prepping and setting up their sky watching gear.

    But ,a short trip to the US has always been a whole other animal.:) I m taking about


  2. Peter says:

    U know
    Who am I kidding , the eclipse just an excuse for a fun-filled road trip with some compadres of mine.
    I love road trips punctuated with pit stops.
    U know ,like Starbucks in the US, Timhortons is a popular coffee house-shop if u will – in Canada.
    In fact , it has entered cultural zeitgeist.
    Timhortons shops has sprung at every corner throughout Canada and still mushrooming 🙂

    I am more of a Starbucks guy. But ,nothing beats Timhortons large double double coffee in a road trip

    I hear there is this lake like areas with interspersed shingle banks just 20 -minute drive away from we are going to observe the phenomenon.

    It could make a fun excursion


  3. Peter says:

    Turns out ,The much anticipated event is not observable just in a couple of cities in the US . The eclipse sure covers a big swatch in the US but it is supposed to stretch further north into Canada.

    Some of my friends set off to Vancouver
    Seems like some parts of BC also promising a good viewing.
    U know some people don’t like to sit in their cars for hours waiting for border officials to process them entering the US.
    To me , it is a part of the fun.
    Besides , u know ,border officers might Have got into the sprit too
    I don’t dare cracking jokes with them

    But , this time around I might do so
    They always look very stern and stricts
    Last time I was at the border , there was this smoking hot officer who granted me entery. Well, hopefully , she is still working there. 🙂

    Trust me
    It is an event totally worth of the fuss around it
    It will live up to the hype
    However , none of thses justifiy the trippled hotel room rates

    I bet a lot of eyes turn skywards
    On Aug 21th

    The anticipation is : it is gonna be a bad-ass eclipse
    Man, eclipse my arse ;talk about the anticipated adrenaline rush !!:)
    U guessed right
    I m an adrenaline junky


  4. Peter says:

    Dear Emiliano
    The news coming out of Spain is very Heart-wrenching and deplorable.
    It is very saddening

  5. Peter says:


    All of a sudden ,you vanished into thin air

    You used to post a comment or two in every post entery.

    Hope u all well and happy


  6. Peter says:

    We all grew up in a bad era
    Nothing is for certain
    No stability ,no security

    I envy our fathers
    They had it way better than us.all the calm ,all the tranquility they bet their lives on gone.

    I was squirrelling away money for quite long in order to save enough to pay the downpayment for a condo unit.
    Well ,I did it. It wasn’t easy ,I ll tell you.
    It was a bumpy road ,to say the least.
    Well ,I was happy that I toughed it out and managed to stash away enough green.

    I bought this tiny condo unit in the outskirts of Toronto-one bus stop away from the city limits.:)
    Don’t mock me folks
    No rent a scoff
    U don’t wanna know how bad the housing market looks like up here.

    Even out here ,in the boonies ,I had to shell out a large sum to get the bank to come to the nagotiation table. and ,many moon lator ,after a lot of back and forth with the bank and providing them tons of -so called -required documents -u know ,to secure their end of deal- we eventually reach to an aggrement.
    I bought the place and moved In
    It was just one year ago
    At the time ,The housing market was booming. Belive u me , I did my homework. The numbers looked very good back then.
    I got the place in the hopes that I would sell the place Shortly and buy a house with the appreciation accrued .
    I was gullible enough to think the profit will help me buy my fist house.
    Well ,needless to say ,the plan back fired when one month ago the government announced that they put stricter and tougher rules regulating the housing market in order to cool down the overheated market.
    As usual ,the little people-and ,by little people, I mean me, felt the strike sooner and harder.
    Long story short
    All the hopes I had for owning a house are dashed as the unit condo prices plummeted significantly.
    I m pretty much stuck with my tiny apart for now
    Thabks to the government plan , my place is bleeding money and plundhing me more and more into debt.
    Honest ,I have a good mind to quit while the going is good.
    I m planing on getting off the damn rollercoaster by selling the unit and rent a place again. At least that way Dont get stomach ulcers


  7. emiliano says:

    So many time without writing anything and now I don´t know how to do
    Why have I been out for so long?

    That could be a good question to reply but I have not answer, may be I have been
    out of the real world been alone at home.
    Not really as my dear Cuca is better now being in a good place being cared
    absolutely well, in fact when I go to see her and being for hours together I
    could see how much better is she now that not being at home without going
    outside or talking with no body except her husband.

    Is it a good reply?
    I don´t think so, may be my mind has been so confused that I have not willing
    to do anything about English.
    Very sorry dear friends, sorry dear Tania, Peter, Mari Carmen and every one
    who could read this blog.

    I am going to write more?
    Well, I don´t really know what I am going to do tomorrow.

    Reading about the Spaghetti Western I have been removed to say something:

    I loved these Western, and Clint Eastwood went greater and greater inside my
    mind watching him doing these movies.
    Yes, all were made in Almeria´s Desert, Spain, and the music was of one of
    the greater genius of movies´s music.
    Ennio Morricone:

    Premios Óscar3?

    Año Categoría Película Resultado
    1978 Mejor Banda Sonora Days of Heaven Nominado
    1986 Mejor Banda Sonora La misión Nominado
    1987 Mejor Banda Sonora Los intocables de Eliott Ness Nominado
    1991 Mejor Banda Sonora Bugsy Nominado
    2000 Mejor Banda Sonora Malèna Nominado
    2006 Óscar honorífico N/D Ganador
    2016 Mejor Banda Sonora The Hateful Eight Ganador
    Globos de oro4?

    Año Categoría Película Resultado
    1982 Mejor Canción Original La marca de la mariposa Nominado
    1985 Mejor Banda Sonora Érase una vez en América Nominado
    1987 Mejor Banda Sonora La Misión Ganador
    1988 Mejor Banda Sonora Los intocables de Eliott Ness Nominado
    1990 Mejor Banda Sonora Casualties of War (Corazones de hierro) Nominado
    1992 Mejor Banda Sonora Bugsy Nominado
    2000 Mejor Banda Sonora La leyenda del pianista en el océano Ganador
    2001 Mejor Banda Sonora Malèna Nominado
    2016 Mejor Banda Sonora The Hateful Eight Ganador
    Premios BAFTA5?

    Año Categoría Película Resultado
    1980 Premio BAFTA Anthony Asquith a la mejor música de película Days of Heaven Ganador
    1985 BAFTA a la mejor música original Érase una vez en América Ganador
    1987 BAFTA a la mejor música original La Misión Ganador
    1988 BAFTA a la mejor música original Los intocables de Eliott Ness Ganador
    1991 BAFTA a la mejor música original Cinema Paradiso Ganador
    2016 BAFTA a la mejor música original The Hateful Eight Ganador
    Premios Grammy.6? En 2009, la ‘Recording Academy’, agencia que entrega los premios Grammy, incluyó la banda sonora de El bueno, el feo y el malo, de 1969, en el ‘Grammy Hall of Fame’.7?

    Año Categoría Película Resultado
    1988 Mejor Banda Sonora Los intocables de Eliott Ness Ganador
    1995 Mejor Banda Sonora Lobo Nominado
    1997 Mejor Banda Sonora L’uomo delle stelle Nominado
    1999 Mejor Banda Sonora Bulworth Nominado
    2014 Grammy Trustees Award Premio por la trayectoria en la música Ganador
    David de Donatello5?

    Año Categoría Película Resultado
    1981 Mejor Banda Sonora Bianco, rosso e Verdone Nominado
    1981 Mejor Banda Sonora La storia vera della signora delle camelie Nominado
    1988 Mejor Banda Sonora Gli occhiali d’oro Ganador
    1989 Mejor Banda Sonora Cinema Paradiso Ganador
    1990 Mejor Banda Sonora Mio caro dottor Gräsler Nominado
    1991 Mejor Banda Sonora Stanno tutti bene Ganador
    1993 Mejor Banda Sonora La scorta Nominado
    1993 Mejor Banda Sonora Jona che visse nella balena Ganador
    1996 Mejor Banda Sonora L’uomo delle stelle Nominado
    1999 Mejor Banda Sonora La leyenda del pianista en el océano Ganador
    2000 Mejor Banda Sonora Canone inverso Ganador
    2001 Mejor Banda Sonora Malèna Nominado
    2006 Mejor Banda Sonora 50 aniversario del David de Donatello Ganador
    2007 Mejor Banda Sonora La desconocida Ganador
    2010 Mejor Banda Sonora Baarìa Ganador
    2013 Mejor Banda Sonora La mejor oferta Ganador
    Nastro d’argento, entregados por el ‘Sindicato Nacional Italiano de Periodistas de Cine’.5?

    Año Categoría Película Resultado
    1965 Mejor Banda Sonora Por un puñado de dólares Ganador
    1967 Mejor Banda Sonora Pajaritos y pajarracos Nominado
    1969 Mejor Banda Sonora C’era una volta il West Nominado
    1970 Mejor Banda Sonora Metti, una sera a cena Ganador
    1971 Mejor Banda Sonora Metello Nominado
    1972 Mejor Banda Sonora Sacco y Vanzetti (película) Ganador
    1985 Mejor Banda Sonora Érase una vez en América Ganador
    1988 Mejor Banda Sonora Los intocables de Eliott Ness Ganador
    1989 Mejor Banda Sonora Cinema Paradiso Nominado
    1994 Mejor Banda Sonora Jona che visse nella balena Nominado
    1999 Mejor Banda Sonora La leyenda del pianista en el océano Ganador
    2000 Mejor Banda Sonora Canone inverso Ganador
    2001 Mejor Banda Sonora Malèna Ganador
    2004 Mejor Banda Sonora Al cuore si comanda Nominado
    2007 Mejor Banda Sonora La desconocida Ganador
    2008 Mejor Banda Sonora I demoni di San Pietroburgo Nominado
    2010 Mejor Banda Sonora Baarìa Ganador
    2013 Mejor Banda Sonora La mejor oferta Ganador
    Otros premios[editar]
    1969: Spoleto premio Cine.
    1972: Premio Internacional de Cine de Cork por La Califa.
    1981: Premio de la Crítica para el registro por The Lawn.
    1988: Silver Ribbon de la Academia Británica de las Artes Cinematográficas y de la Televisión, por Los intocables de Eliot Ness.
    1989: Nintendo Ganador As anual por El día anterior.
    1989: Leopardo de Honor de Festival Internacional de Cine de Locarno.
    1990: Gran Premio de la Fundación Sacem XLIII Festival de Cannes por Cinema Paradiso.
    1992: Grolle de Oro por su carrera (San Vicente).
    Efebo de Plata por Jona che visse nella balena.
    1994: Golden Soundtrack Premio dell’ASCAP (Los Angeles).
    1995: León de Oro por toda su carrera en el Festival Internacional de Cine de Venecia.
    1996: Premio Ciudad de Roma para la poesía.
    2008: Orden al Mérito Artístico y Cultural Pablo Neruda.
    2008: Premio Internacional de Daniele Paris (Frosinone).
    2008: Carrera de Saturno en el Festival Internacional de Cine de Oro Alatri.
    2009: Premio a la Trayectoria de la Región Autónoma del Valle de Aosta entregados durante el festival regional Musicastelle.
    2009: Premio de la Fundación Italia-Estados Unidos.
    2010: una corona de laurel honorífico Europclub la región de Sicilia Provincia de Mesina.
    2010: Polar Music Prize, Estocolmo.
    2016: Óscar a la mejor banda sonora.

    Just one of the best musician, one of the best directors “Clint Eastwood” who
    learns how to make good films acting here in Spain doing the so called Spaghetti

    That´s all my friends.

  8. emiliano says:

    Only to tell you that I have been in Stockholm, Tallinn, and Helsinki.
    Incredible cities that I was eager to know.

    Few time but it has been just a glim sight to have an idea of them.
    Regards. emiliano

  9. Mary Carmen says:

    Hello Emiliano!
    Glad to hear from you.
    I knew you have been to Stockholm and another other northen towns because i often read your blog. I must say that I find your blog very interesting with photographs and videos, and that i think that you are brave sharing your thoughts and feelings with people, so i thank you
    Mari Carmen

  10. Peter says:

    How have u been my friend Emiliano
    Talk about making a big entrance:))
    Happy to have a compadre around from the western-spaghetti era who is familiar with the adrenalin Rush of watching the fastest gun in the Wild ,Wild West take on some gun thugs.:)
    The one who values a good shootout 🙂
    Well , at least, to me ,
    It is not about the Blood and gore but the excitement ,the fun , and above all ,the escapism.
    Well , In my opinion ,They are the best movies for escapism. U know , the best laid back time with a 6-pack – cold beer- and a big tub of pop corn with butter smeared all over on top. 🙂
    I always have a beer-bash party watching them:))
    I -myself -am a big fan of Clint Eastwood western movies. U know, he was on-the- money actor for the character. He pulled it off ,big time !!
    I never get enough of watching him outdraw gun thugs one by one 🙂

    How have you been my good man ?

    I m so soory for what went down in Spain
    It is deplorable
    I have been in Madrid and Barcelona . Beautiful cities and friendly ,warm people


  11. Peter says:

    Helo world
    U know
    I was thinking that I mad a giant leap forward -in terms of my learning English -when I signed up for eslpod membership and got access to learning guid.
    The good thing is
    Once a member , you can download them and keep them for good as a valuable
    I m the proude owner of a huge digital archive learning guid lessons that I go back to them from time to time.


  12. Peter says:

    I personally belive ,in today’s on going demographic shift English language -as a universal language -will soon hold sway.

    Learning the language is a must to me
    I m Learning it out of necessity not luxury

  13. emiliano says:

    Thank you so much Mari Carmen and such a big surprise to discover
    a reader of my blog that it is also a friend here in my first ESL blog, the one where
    I learnt how to write in a blog little by little.
    Again thanks a lot and I hope to continue doing both here and there.

    Thanks also to you Peter, I have to confess that there is not any reason
    to stop writing in ESL blog, may be I was only a little sad being without
    my dear Cuca.
    I don´t know exactly but now I use to go out more frequently so may be my time
    is shorter.
    Beside, as it is natural, I like to go and visit my dear wife who is far away
    from home.
    Mari Carmen will know if I say Cuca is in Majadahonda and having no car
    it is a little complicate to go there.
    Tomorrow I am going and I will spend nearly all day with her.

    My best. emiliano

  14. emiliano says:

    Peter thank you very much for your condolences, it is so horrible that I have not
    I have been several times walking with Cuca along The Ramblas of Barcelona
    Also in the city visiting it for some times, once a complete week.
    I like the city very much so my heart is with all the Victims and their families.
    Being a Spaniard also my heart is broken, first it was in Madrid but before in N.Y. the worst of all and now in Barcelona.
    No body may understand it even these absurd people doing such actions against
    everything they hate and innocent persons.

    Thanks again. emiliano

  15. Peter says:

    Darn , a cup of joe in The US take a whole different meaning.
    I just got my fir dozes of pick-me-up caffeine.

    Like I need it or anything with all eclipse thingy going on today

    Right after the last eclipse 39 years ago in The us some host from Fox News said
    Embrace your self for another on in the year 2017
    Please note I m Not parroting him here
    Well I just rephrased it

    To sum up
    Look skywards people


  16. Peter says:

    Just so you know
    Oregon is one of the best spot to take in eclipse
    I know ,you are saying
    Enough already. Ok ,we got it. !!

    The thing is
    It is the first perfect ( totall) eclipse across the US in 99 years

    If it is not fuss worthy ,then what it is


  17. Peter says:

    All said and done !! 🙂
    Glorious !!
    Granditure !!
    Mesmerizing !!
    Awe inspiring !!
    Spellbinding !!
    Dazzling !!
    Gripping !!!
    And then some more

    Just so you know

    Toronto will be on the path of totality In the year 2024

    Take my advise folks and book lodgings and accommodations now
    If u r interred in cosmic events 🙂

    The stronomical event lifted my spirit
    The fact that u observe moon is actually moving leaves you feel humbeled by it

    Personally ,Leaves me with thud feeling that” I m nothing to the big scheme of things ”

    Pete ” the tiny ,the wee , the nobody ” :)))))

    Man ,

  18. Peter says:

    U said it Emiliano
    I don’t belive in a vengeful God they do.
    How on earth can someone do such heinous crime
    To innocent people.

    U know ,one of the victims is a 7 years old boy.
    and , there was one Canadian -amongst the victoms too
    A retired police officer

    Very saddening
    People who exacting such crimes
    How do they ease their conscious ?
    How can they sleep at night ?


  19. Tania says:

    Right now I can watch the Great American Eclipse on TV.
    It is a special TV edition with a direct transmission from America.
    Thank you Peter for that you told us about the” fever” of the people regarding the eclipse.

  20. Tania says:

    Dear Emiliano, I miss you, I miss your comments.
    Maybe you can tell us about your trip in three different countries.

    Best wishes to you and Cuca,


  21. Mary Carmen says:

    Yes Emiliano, I know well where is Majadahonda.
    If you don’t go by car, it may take you over an hour to get there from Madrid, so you need to take the subway and probably a commuter train. Perhaps you also have to take a bus there in the town. But don’t worry, because you can read a book during your journey, or have a nap, check your email on your smartphone if you please, or even, why not, write us something.
    Best wishes to you and your wife and have a nice day.
    Mari Carmen

  22. emiliano says:

    More or less it is so Mari Carmen, for instance:
    Yesterday I went out from home about 12 p.m. and I was Cuca´s side, she was in the bed waiting for me, about 14 p.m.
    In the trip I had my lunch, first in the bus but afterward in the Residence´s garden before I went upstairs.
    So, I could be with her nearly 6 hours that were marvelous for both of us. We did not go out from her room as it is large and now she i alone.
    Out the temperature were 38º C so it was better to remain inside talking, laughing with the daily stories but even taking a video of her as I was asking some cultural questions about The Greek History.
    We talk about “The Nine Muses” “The Sages of Greece” and the Greece´s Gods
    so we had a very good time.
    Usually Cuca and emiliano use to talk about these kind of subjects having in mind Cuca has a high knowledge of History and Philosophy.
    She has physical rehabilitation every day but I like to give her brain rehabilitation in order to stimulate her memory and so forth.
    Hi Tania, how are you?
    You have been in my mind all this time some how asking myself why don´t you
    dare to mail me and tell me something about¿ life¿ or anything in general….and so on.
    I am lazy now to write in English here, reason? I can´t give any reason, life change
    and now I am going out frequently so being at home I like to read more, listen to
    music or precessing the videos I take of Cuca when we were together.
    Afterward when I am at home alone I like to see them and listen to her as much as possible at the same time I see her lovely face.

    That´s all dear Tania.
    All my best wishes to you knowing you are going through hard and sad moments.


  23. Tania says:


    Thank you, dear Emiliano.

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