Happy Birthday, Jeff!

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  1. lili:) says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!

    That’s strange, this morning I wanted to read comments in this blog while I was having my breakfast, and then I thought, hey, it must be Jeff’s birthday soon, and then what I found? It says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff!
    Posted on Sunday – September 24, 2017 by ESLPod.com

    “Hey, it’s Jeff’s birthday today!

    Join us in wishing him a very Happy Birthday.”

    With colourful burning candles below, displaying the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.

    I wrote the following message here last year today:

    “I checked the record and found that this blog started on 23 September 2007, Lucy announced Jeff’s birthday on 24 September 2007.”

    So, I’m very privileged to have a chance to say it here once again,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF! And HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY yesterday to this blog!

    I wish you all who happens to see this message a happy everyday as well!

    Best Wishes


  2. Antonio Carlos says:

    Happy Birthday dear Jeff ^ ^

  3. Finn Oddvar Stensrud says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff !!!

    Congratulations from a long time listener in Norway!

    I really miss the dialogues you and Lucy performed.

    But I have lots of dialogues in my archive.

    My best regards
    Finn Oddvar Stensrud

  4. emiliano says:

    Good, very good, today is a happy day as our dear Jeff was born a few
    years ago.

    We all hope he is going to celebrate lot of days like this with the best friend He
    has and why not with his family too.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF dear professor and friend.


  5. emiliano says:

    Oh my God
    Lily is here and a friend that never I have
    any news from Norway, and another from…..?

    Like Finn Oddvar Stensrud I have all the dialogs
    between Jeff and Lucy so they are with me always.

    So Lily you never leave us at all?
    That´s good, next journey I could do will be to Hong Kong…..
    May be who knows?

    After being in Stockholm everything could happens
    By the way in this city, beautiful city, I was talking with a
    boy and his girl friend from Norway.
    He was twice tall than me and I am 1,76 m tall………so?
    Yes the tallest boy I have ever seen, but his girl friend was small
    less than me.
    It was very funny when I asked them, how do you manage?
    Laugh a lot about the question.
    Why are you not going to Oslo? they said to me.
    Next trip I replied them.


  6. Mary Carmen says:

    Happy birhday, dear Jeff!!
    I’ve learned a lot from your great explanations and comments in all the podcasts. I appreciate them much. Congratulations!
    Have a nice day,
    Mari Carmen

  7. Sam says:

    hello Jeff?
    Happy birthday, thanks very much.

  8. Mohammed says:

    Have a happy birthday, DR. Jeff

  9. Dr. Jeff McQuillan says:

    Thanks to all of you for your kind birthday wishes. It was especially nice to hear from some “veteran” listeners – thank you very much. Glad to hear you are all still well.

  10. Peter says:

    Dear chief
    Happy birth day
    Best whishes
    Although, passed a certain age people -and by people I mean me -:)prefer avoiding their birthday than celebrating it.

    All the best !!!

    A huge fan of you and ur brain child -that is -our one and only eslpod.

  11. Peter says:

    U said it jeff
    I like to think i m -I indeed- a veteran listener around here
    In all fairnes
    Emiliano tops me there by a few years :)))
    But ,despite that ,
    I like to think , I come second :))

    I wish u the best of everything boss


  12. Peter says:


    Hey Lili
    How have u been?
    Just so u know ,
    U r dearly missed around here
    We see u just around special occasions here
    Which is -in a way -sad
    Don’t get me wrong
    I m not hanging it over ur head or anything
    I mean , I m not holding it against you

    I understand how life sometimes get

    Crazy busy

    Where ever you are
    Whatever u do
    We always remember the positivity u always brought along with ur comments

    Live long and prosper


  13. Marcos says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff

  14. Peter says:

    Hi jeff

    Believe u me when I say , I have no intention of stealing your thunder here
    And it is not socially sound to be the bearer of a bad news in the midst of birthday wishes and festivities.
    That Said , I just heard a bombshell from the industry worth mentioning here
    The founder of play by ” Hugh Hefner “died at the age of 91.
    It is sad

    I liked the guy

    He indeed , championed a new era at the time when even saying the word ” pregnant” on tv productions was deemed taboo.

    He turned an illicit subject into a multimedia industry and in time slid it into mainstream dialogs.

    I personally think, the idea he touted through 3/4 generations encouraged and empowered women to express themselves.

    He tore down a narrow perception of the most natural human behaviour and gave it the wing it deserves

    He was revolutionary and at times controversial.


  15. Irina says:

    Happy birthday, Jeff! I’m from Russia. I’ve been listening to your podcasts and reading the blog for many years. Today I dared to write here. I’m sorry I hadn’t downloaded the podcasts, I thought they would be always available. I was so wrong. But anyway, happy birthday to you and thank you for your job!

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