Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

*punk: a worthless person; a young and inexperienced person, who believes he or she is very skilled and knowledgeable
–> “Who is that punk? He says he can beat anyone in a game of tennis.”

*to have (got) nothing on (someone): to not be as good as someone (Jeff is saying he’s a better fighter/shooter than Clint Eastwood)
–> “You’re pretty smart, but you’ve got nothing on me.”

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21 Responses to Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

  1. Peter says:

    Your are hilarious, jeff
    You are in deed in the wrong line of work
    U could have made a fortune as a stand up comedian
    Your facial expressions are unique!!!
    As a stand up comedian , The faces you make could have been your signature.

    U have a flare for it.
    I mean
    You are a natural

    The bid ,although, it is just one mug shot of yours is ingeniously hilarious !!!

    The genious about your bids is ,u slip then in very subtly specially in the video feeds you put up there from time to time.

    awesone !!!!

    Your are one funny guy chief

  2. Tania says:




  3. Tania says:


    As my troubles are endless, I can’t read our blog every day.
    This is the reason for that I couldn’t be with our blog friends
    to celebrate Jeff’s birthday.

  4. Tania says:


    We feel lucky to be with you, such a good English teacher.

    Very nice photo, dear Jeff. But I’d prefer a fresher appearance.
    You are a young and strong man.
    We have all the time to be old.

    All the best for you,


  5. Peter says:

    Morning my good man jeff

    I can’t get pass how funny u look in this hat:)
    Who thought of that ?

    U know what I like about u best ,boss
    U mix lessons with humour
    I don’t mean to gossip or anything
    Most my profs in college and trade schools were very stern looking individules. They would run Very dry classes.
    Some of them were tough ,some were lenient but all were too serious!!
    I always dread my college classes
    I think ,all students appreciate a little humour in their college classes.
    As A little humour goes a long way.
    It helps student absorb the materials better
    We r not a bunch of automaton! U know

    P.S. U know what chief
    The expression u taught us today through the funny touch last etched in my brain forever. The humour you used to get the line across entered the like in my general lexicon for good
    It moved the expression from
    My short term memory to long term memory

    See what I m saying chief
    U make learning fun !!

  6. Mary Carmen says:


    Beautiful hat, Jeff, it suits you perfectly!
    Thumbs up!
    I agree completely with you: Clint Eastwood has got nothing on you!

    Thanks, bye

  7. Tania says:


    “…to focus on the audience you care about, interacting with the person
    who matters to you.
    Your audience, your choice.
    One person, ten people, THE PEOPLE WHO NEED YOU.”

  8. Tania says:


    “Poetry, I feel, is a tyrannical discipline.
    You’ve got to go so far so fast in such a small space;
    you’ve got to burn away all the peripherals.”

    Sylvia Plath quotes

  9. Tania says:


    Never Try to Trick me with a kiss

    a poem by Sylvia Plath

  10. Peter says:

    Hi Marry
    Very funny
    Kudos on ur comment
    Very Clever use of the expression :)))
    You know
    Now that you mention it ,The hat Jeff wearing is known
    As “10-gallon hat “
    I never understood why they are called 10-gallon hats
    Thoughts ?
    It has always been a mystery to me


  11. Mary Carmen says:

    Hey Pete.
    I couldn’t ever imagine that it is called 10-gallon hat. You know, in my Spanish (or European , maybe) limited culture about that kind of hats, I’ve always named them as “cowboy hats”. Sorry for my lack of knowledge about the matter, and thanks for your explanation and also your praise.
    Mari Carmen

  12. Dr. Lucy Tse says:

    I’m not an expert, but I’d just call that a cowboy hat. A 10-gallon hat is a specific type of cowboy hat that is very tall and with a broad brim. What Jeff is wearing is probably not a 10-gallon. (Google 10-gallon hats and the images will look quite different.)

    Why is it called a 10-gallon? I don’t know, but I found similar explanations on several different websites (“take with a grain of salt” (it may or not be true)). This one is from

    “Most experts argue that the name “10-gallon hat” is actually an import from south of the border. Cattle drivers and ranchers in Texas and the Southwest often crossed paths with Mexican vaqueros who sported braided hatbands—called “galóns” in Spanish—on their sombreros. A “10 galón” sombrero was a hat with a large enough crown that it could hold 10 hatbands, but American cowboys may have anglicized the word to “gallon” and started referring to their own sombrero-inspired headgear as “10-gallon hats.” Yet another linguistic theory argues that the name is a corruption of the Spanish phrase “tan galán” —roughly translated as “very gallant” or “really handsome”—which may have been used to describe the majestic image of a hat-wearing cowboy in the saddle.”

  13. Peter says:

    Dear Lucy
    I really appreciate the input
    My bad
    In my defence ,the upclose shot of Jeff threw me off. U know , it is just a pic and I am not familiar with the exact dimension of the hat.
    The hat appeared as a big hat with a broad brim to me so I figured it could be a 10 gallon hat.

    Thanks for the clarity

    As marry put it
    Cowboy or 10-gallon
    I think too that Jeff is working the hat ,big time -in particularly with the award-wining facial expression :))
    I know what he is doong there
    He is imitating Clint Eastwood face in the western spaghetti movies of 60s:))))
    Priceless :)))

    Good ,bad , and ugly comes to mind :)))


    I think u agree with me that Jeff could have made a Hell of a comedian :)))

    He is funny as hell!!

  14. emiliano says:

    Well I know nothing about “sombreros” or hats, that could be because along my full age never I have put one on my head.
    Good or Bad?
    I don´t know but still I have black good hair on my head giving me the pleasure of
    looking younger by that reason.
    It is possible that having the head so good aerated without hats or cups the hair
    is in good condition.

    Of course I am kidding but the truth is that still there is black enough hair going out from my skull.
    Jeff you are really very attractive with that nice hat even younger I could say.

    My best to all of you dear friends and to you Lucy thank you very much for
    your good explanation.

    Let me add, it is very sad what is happening now in my country even somehow
    it is a very serious question and I am really worried with such a fuss in a region
    of Spain.


  15. Peter says:

    I couldn’t be more agree with you vis a vis the hat
    Jeff totally pulled it off


  16. Peter says:

    My Dear class mate ,Marry
    I googled the images of 10 golden Hats
    Some of them come very close to what Jeff is wearing
    That said , I noticed the majoarty of them are taller with broader brim

    As usual
    Lucy is right!!
    My mistake led me to learn something new that I didn’t know.
    Lucy starts her comment with
    “ I am no expert but “ it is a polit way of pointing out my mistake.
    I didn’t know I can use “ I m no expert “ like that

    I know now 🙂


  17. Peter says:

    Dear Emiliano
    I agree with you
    It is deplorable what is going down right now in Spain.
    Well , I m sure the authorities have their reasons
    I visited your country several times over the past decade. Spaniards always strike me as warm ,nice ,friendly and welcoming people. Must be a good reason behind The crack down.

    Speaking of which , what happened in the concert last night in los Vegas is deplorable deplorable. My heart goes out to the victims of the heinous act.
    It is outrageous !!
    First Edmonton in Canada on Sat night then Las Vegas on Sunday night

    It is sad

  18. Peter says:

    I just one take a moment here to express my shock and sadness for the horrifying and incomprehensible tragedy that happened in an outdoor concert in Las Vegas.

    My thoughts are with the victims’ families of this horrendous tragedy.

    Canadians are amongst the dead and injured too
    It is sad !!!


  19. Tania says:


    We use to say “cowboy hats” thanks to the spaghetti westerns movies.
    They are Americana.

  20. Tania says:


    A very nice saying, “take with a grain of salt”.
    Thank you, Lucy.
    What about Warren?

  21. Tania says:


    I am not a rock music fan, but I have heard on the TV news about the
    TOM PETTY’ s death.

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