Thank you!

Just a short note of thanks to all of you who emailed and posted comments on our third anniversary video and on Lucy’s post about my birthday. All of us here at ESL Podcast thank you for your kind comments and expressions of appreciation.

I am especially thankful to have received such nice comments on my 29th birthday. (I think that’s right – does 29 come after 44?)

Thank you again for all of your support!


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19 Responses to Thank you!

  1. Fred says:

    😀 true 29 ! But after 30 years old , everybody are not able to count.

    t h a n k y o u v e r y m u c h

  2. Jeff and ESLPod team. you are the best!

  3. CAT says:

    You are right. 29 comes after 44. 40,41,42,43,44,29,30,,,,Your counting skill still works! haha

  4. MIN says:

    Hi! I’m Min who is a huge ESL podcast fan. i’m from south Korea.
    Everyday i listen to it during community.
    It is wonderful. it is very helpful for me. I used to study other contents for ESL but these things are not suitable.
    Thanks sooooooooooooooooooooo much.
    I really want to listen it forever.
    Ah! Congratulation! your 3rd birthday. I am so happy to see Jeff but i want to see Lucy too!! I should have fixed that angle! kkkkk

    Thanks again.


  5. kayally says:

    you “Jeff” and Lucy are wanferfull and thanks alot for good job and for all podcast

    With every day I hear new !!
    Every day we expect new !!

    With my appreciation to you .


  6. Ehsan says:

    Dear Jeff,

    Never think that if you get older then you have to look at the age. As long as your mind and body can tolerate working in ESL, in my opinion, you are still 29 years old for all of us.

    Have fun

  7. katie says:

    hi,thanks of you help,if you can add some sobject about army life

  8. emiliano says:

    Dear Jeff, we, your listeners from everywhere round the world have very different cultures, religions, customs, ages, works, and son on. But we have same feelings inside, and its clear because we do understand what everybody write about you, about Lucy, and ESL. We feel love to you because you are so close every day to us that we feel all of you like friends
    that are always near helping us in so many ways, not only learning English but cheering up every morning, every night, everu day. We don’t feel alone any more, you are always here with us, with your marvellous voice, good humor, songs, and quite a lot of surprises.
    By all these things we all understand each other what we say and write about Lucy, you, and ESL, and its that something in our life has changed for good since we hear every day your marvellous esl podcast.

  9. katie says:

    thank you again of every think

  10. Sandra says:

    Hi Jeff!…I hope you had a good birthday celebration…you really deserve that. To turning 28 (or hidding 44?) is great…specially for you who have worked hard with all of listners. Your baldness just reflect that many years of knowledge and talent. I enjoy so much your podcast and I hope you keep singing more often!!

  11. Wilma Olmo Correa says:

    Dear Jeff,
    Sorry, for not having written “Happy Birthday” in due time. However I am going to say it now wishing you all the best for many many years. Thank you for all the good you have offered us.

    My warmest regards for you all.

  12. michael says:

    happy brithda/…..

  13. Rodrigo says:

    You Guys Are awesome ..keep it uP

  14. Jamshid from Berlin says:

    Hi Jeff
    I belive you are old as you feel .
    Age is only a number and not more .
    You are a nice guy and we love you ,no mater 29 ,30,or 45.
    Please accept our best wishes for your birthday and your 3. anniversary .
    Jamshid and family

  15. New Identity says:

    u r the best o wounder

  16. Ghasem says:

    Dear Jeff,
    Again many thanks to you, lucy, and your coworkers. Hope you can post some more podcasts on answering listener’s questions. These podcasts are exteremely useful, like others.

  17. Peter says:

    Hi my dear friend,

    you are touched by God man, That is for sure. What you and your comrads are doing is eneffeble,it is out of question.You know, what you are doing ; I mean, you know your way around the Podcast. I dont care what your actual age is. with your sense of humer ,positive aura and the vibe you are giving off ,I bet you are still 20 in your heart. you are awsome pal .

    I know for the fact that you have touched the heart of many people across the universe by taking their hands and walking them through the language that seems to be dominereing for eternity.

    God bless you man ,

    Happy birth day ; live healthy,happy and prosper.

    P.S. ditto for your colleags

  18. marie says says:

    Just thank a lot and happy birthday for you and Lucy. To be bald man should not be a sanction…. In spite of the fact that we are lucky to have you because you started this pod cast in a master fashion to drive but also allow people to study English easier all over the world. It is to teach but also to share many things and I love also English café. So we are lucky that the wind of the beautiful L.A. blew some hair from you. :=)

  19. Calvin says:

    Take care. Jeff! It seems that you caught a cold during recording ESL PODCAST episode 412. Your voice in that episode was not clear and nature as usual.

    Calvin (China)

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