The Flavor is in the Nose

chimp_smell_roses_health_and_wellness_expert1.jpgEarlier this year, I had a pretty bad sinus infection. The sinus is the passageway (long, narrow way) in your nose; an infection is when something that causes disease in the body makes that part of your body red and swollen (bigger than its normal size), and pus (thick yellow or green liquid) comes out. Yes, you’re right. That is gross (disgusting) and not too comfortable either.

However, one symptom (sign of illness) surprised me. I lost my sense of smell. I only lost it for a short time during the infection, and it slowly came back in the three weeks it took to fully recover (get well). In that time, however, it became very clear to me what every doctor knows: The flavor of food comes largely from the smell of the food and not from the taste in your mouth.

I like to eat. I like to eat a lot. Not being able to smell the delicious foods that I normally ate made eating a much less enjoyable experience. In fact, it became just a necessity (requirement) and no longer a pleasure.

There are many flavors I would miss if I lost my sense of smell permanently (forever). What flavors would you miss if you lost your sense of smell? What flavors would you be happy to never experience again?

~ Lucy

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19 Responses to The Flavor is in the Nose

  1. Ghasem says:

    Dear Lucy,
    We all hope you have fully recovered from such a bad infection. I experienced it before. We don’t want to see Lucy with such a disease. We want a healthy and beautiful Lucy instead with such a good voice to make more podcasts.
    But be careful. Now that you can smell delicious food again and are enjoying eating them, you souldn’t eat a lot of food. You may gain weight, and can’t never lose it, which is not OK for your health. You should take fruits instead, which are great for your brain and your cardiovascular system.

  2. emiliano says:

    Some of my best flavors to smell is grass recently cut or the pines when you are in high mountains. Also i like to smell the sea when I am at the shore. I think that my predilect flowors are always in touch with Nature.
    As you Lucy, I like the flavors of so many delicious foods that sometimes my mouth is watering previously, and yes I have read that even inside the mouth, above where the palate is there are some little small smelling organs that stimulate the taste of food to make easy digestion of them.
    Same as Ghasen I hope you have fully recovered from such infection and may taste your delicious food and every flavors you like.

  3. Yosh says:

    I like the scent of wmens shampoo when they pass by me at the street. Hehehe.

  4. Peter says:

    I would especially miss the taste of the coffee that I make every day for myself. Generally I’m not a picky person when it comes to food. I like to eat almost all kinds of food. Even though I love to eat I’m not fat. =]

  5. pedro says:

    First of all, I hope that Lucy have fully recovered from that health problem.Well,if I lost my sense of smell (God forbid),I really don’t think that I’d miss any flavor in particular, although there are lots of flavors I would be happy to never experience again like cigarette smoke,pollution from cars,factories,the smell of garbage when I’m walking down the street (how disgusting!)

  6. timothycrew says:

    I thank to god,recovered from my health.
    Otherwise i am in problem,i lost my scene of smell.

  7. gotia2003 says:

    If I will miss the flavor of onion then I will be a happy guy…my mother says that eat it is good for health…Are you want to try??? o.O

  8. Bakhtyar says:

    i hope you never get in caught , and never be sick ,because iam sick right now.with regard to the taste which i am going to loss during sinus is tasting any kind of foods, however the thing that i never want to experinced again is fail in any outlook academic interview

  9. elcomandant says:

    Hi Lucy,
    I agree with you. The smell and the flavor goes always together. If you allow me I’m going to refer only about the smell, because the smell is a very important sense to one person.

    I love the smell of flowers in the field (very typical), the fresh smell of soap that has a woman when she have just taken a shower, the smell of an industry roasting coffee beans, the smell of clean bed sheets, the perfume of a little sweet baby.

    You know, there are a lot of smells around us which are wonderful. However, if I had to say a smell that it would make me happy to never to experiment again, this would be the feet’s smell. I hate the feet’s smell. It is awful.


  10. robin xie says:

    my sense of smell is not so sensitive. The most i would miss is the flavor of flowers, if i lost it.

  11. Ghasem says:

    By the way, I forgot to say that I hate the smell (and even more, the smoke) of cigarette. I don’t underestand why some people insist on smoking in popular areas like streets that bothers others.
    I also wanna ask how the smelling of Geff is. Is it OK? Can he sense the smell of Lucy’s shampoo! when she passes by him as Yosh says?!!

  12. Asril Wardani says:

    Dear Lucy,
    it sounds harsh for you to lose some sense of smell. And i fell it too at this time being polyp makes me so crazy everymorning when i wake up.

  13. Smallpigpig says:

    Dear Lucy, I wish you good health, never get caught by that awful sickness again!

    When it comes to smell, um… I think I’ll miss particularly the smell of grass after rain, the smell of flowers, my favorite shampoo, the smell of my baby niece, hot chocolate milk, durian, etc.. I hate the smell of burning cigarette, but the ability of smelling it helps me AVOID it. I don’t want to lose it…

  14. Andrew says:

    Hi, everyone!
    The most disgusting smell is when you are comming in a underground car where some homeless persons were. Then I really regret not losing my smell and vlavor sense.
    Well, smell of woman is great

    bless you

  15. Mehrdad says:

    Dear Lucy,

    To tell you the truth When I faced to this context without your voice It made me sad, I hope you fully recovered soon

    one of your students

  16. Kobe.Su says:

    i dont smoke, and i hate 2nd hand smoke, but i do like the smell of a fresh new cigarette wihthout being lit. the flavor i’d be happy to never experience again is CARAWAY, small pieces,which has a strong flavor (very bad flavor for me)to effect on other foods. it is used a lot with soup. i can smell it without tasting it.

  17. Kobe.Su says:

    i also heard that in U.S, the smell of peanut sometimes can cause a death to ppl who is allergic with it, or a kiss…..

  18. alenaMoscow says:

    sory for my english..
    first thing, that i want to say, is that interesting fact about my mother. she told me, that after childbirth her smell became much stronger! so, that now (once and forever) she pick up any smell, even if the source of it is far away! like an animal 8) sometimes it`s good, but sometimes – bad..
    and the second thought. to feel bad (and disgusting) smell is very imporant thing. sometimes more important, that feeling some pleasant smells, because disagreeble smells can caution you about smth. these are some dangerous, unhealthy and noxious substances. so we ought to fell such smells, because this ability once can save our life.
    thanks, i hope my text is understandable 8)

  19. shui yuzheng feng says:

    I also like the smell of women who having a bathe or have a shampoo. That smell is very particular and attracting.A kind of fragrant smell pass by you and you couldn’t help breathing it. It is so great.

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