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Hottest Ticket in Town

One of the hottest tickets or most popular performances in Los Angeles this month is to Shakespeare–yes, you read that correctly–Shakespeare. Ian McKellen, the highly respected British actor, is coming to town to perform in a production of Shakespeare’s King … Continue reading

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The Workstyle of Dr. Jeff McQuillan

Today’s podcast, 312 – Different Work Styles, got me thinking about working with our beloved Dr. Jeff McQuillan. I won’t say if he’s a type A or type B person, a workaholic, or an alpha male at work (see “Culture … Continue reading

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ESL Podcast 311: The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin

Some of the best television programs in the U.S. are not from Hollywood, but from the United Kingdom (aka (also known as) Great Britain). The British Broadcasting Service (BBC) – known also in England as “the Beebe” – has some … Continue reading

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English Cafe 106: Bigfoot and Who’s on first?

In today’s English Cafe, I talk about the legend of Bigfoot, a mysterious man-animal that is supposed to live in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States. Be sure to read today’s Learning Guide, where in our What Insiders … Continue reading

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Who is Middle Class?

A big news story in the Los Angeles Times last week was an exposé (a news report of something surprising or shocking) about the leader of the California assembly, the committee that makes the state’s laws. The reporter wrote that … Continue reading

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ESL Podcast 310 – What does your furniture say about you?

Today’s podcast talks about buying furniture for a new house. I discuss all the different kinds of furniture that you might want to buy. Read the Learning Guide to find out more about the different popular styles of furniture in … Continue reading

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Attention Mac Owners: Get the ESL Podcast Widget for Free!

If you own an Apple computer (a Mac), you probably know that you can use your Dashboard to view widgets (small software programs). One of our listeners, Orlando Chicconi, from the website, has very generously created a widget that … Continue reading

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Proverbs: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Proverbs (traditional sayings) can tell you a lot about the culture and ideas of those who speak a certain language. I’d thought it would be fun to take a look every now and then (occasionally) at some popular proverbs. Today’s … Continue reading

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My Mother, the GPS Navigation System

When I was a child, there was a television program called “My Mother, the Car,” which had the following premise (idea or concept for a story): A man’s mother dies, and her soul or mind takes possession of (owns) her … Continue reading

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Going to the Podcast Expo

This past weekend I attended (went to) the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, California, which is about an hour from Los Angeles. Expo is short for exposition, which is the same as a conference or convention. An expo … Continue reading

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