ESL Podcast 311: The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin

Fall and Rise of Reginald PerrinSome of the best television programs in the U.S. are not from Hollywood, but from the United Kingdom (aka (also known as) Great Britain). The British Broadcasting Service (BBC) – known also in England as “the Beebe” – has some of excellent comedies, dramas, and documentaries. Many of these programs are on public television stations in the U.S.

My favorite comedies are from the BBC. When I was growing up, there was a comedy about a man who was going through a “mid-life crisis” like the one we talk about in ESL Podcast 311 for today. It’s called The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin.

I’ll talk about some of my other favorite comedies in future posts. If you have a chance to see this show on DVD, I think you will find it funny.


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  1. Andrej says:

    Well, I live in Italy and almost all my favorite shows come from Hollywood. I love watching the show called LOST. I would also suggest to all of you learning English to watch it in English because the dialogs are pretty simple (after all they are on an island figuring out how to survive) and you can also hear many different accents (some characters are from US, other from UK, other from Australia and there even a Korean and an Iraqi character).
    I also watch CSI that should also be a Hollywood production. This show is much more difficult to follow in English because they speak very fast and use many scientific terms.
    So, my two favorite show are made in Hollywood and I can’t think of any show I’ve been watching that is produced in UK.

    -Jeff, thanks for a great job you’ve been doing on the esl podcast.

  2. Mirek says:

    Hi Everybody!

    It´s one month ago, when I found on the internet the best british comedy that I´ve ever seen… and it´s called “The IT Crowd” and you can watch it on Channel4. But only in UK – of course …or on the internet ;o)

    It´s about two pure-IT employees …and one girl who uses a CD-ROM like a coaster for a coffee. She really doesn´t know what IT knows :o)

    They work together in a dark cellar and their live is full of very funny jokes.

    You must see it!
    Here is official website:


  3. Norma Reyes says:

    Andrej, thank you, wow you are right for your recommendation. I like the serie called Friends, They are make me laugh, hehehehe

    I will watch LOST the next week

  4. Norma Reyes says:


    Please, you can talk about computers???? please, a topic!!!! about macs heheheheheh, My job is about computers and I love mac, …….. a little of vocabulary… please!!!!! …..

    greetings from Mexico City

  5. Cholpon Emil says:

    Recently, I have watched all the episodes of ,,Friends,, on DVD. I really enjoyed and found it very funny. Thanks for directors.

    2 Jeff: Thank you a lot for esl podcast, it helps me to improve my english.

    All the best,
    Cholpon from far-away Kyrgyzstan

  6. emiliano says:

    I think BBC is a model to every country as they do their job pretty well. Always the BBC TV films have a high quality level, whichever matter they touch.
    Dramas, historical documentaries or novels, comedies or documentaries about nature or animal’s life. Nearly everything is good, and for me also my wife it is
    a guarantee of high quality when we start to see a BBC film.
    Along the years we remember tv serials as: Poldark, The seven wives of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Upstairs Downstairs, I Claudius, The Roppers, A man at home, The Saint, and all adaptations of classical plays and novels from the famous English authors as Shakespeare, Dickens, Bronte’s sisters….etc. etc.
    Of course, this is my opinion, and I suppose that we have different choices.
    Hollywood does a lot of tv films, but for me the majority are not good enough, but I agree there are also some very good one. An example may be…Seven feet under earth (great), Friends (very amusing) and so on.
    In the past I remember Roots, Shogun, Poor man Rich man, The Untouchables,….well a lot of course, it should be an interminable list of good works.
    So I have to say now that there are also many good Tv. films Hollywood’s made along the years.
    I recommend to everybody “National Geography” if they want to see very good films about nature and travels…., they are good as BBC should be. and as a matter of fact Jeff, where are these National Geography films made?…I would like to know, also because they have a very good English to practice our learning.
    Well I think we may talk and talk about tv films and we do not ever ending.
    Best regards.

  7. Boris says:

    2 Norma

    You can get a lot computers terms & ideas in English via movie The Pirates of Silicon Valley… Here

    & as short clips here I don’t know about DVD… at least VHS was announced…

    2 Jeff

    The everyone from ESLPOD society use PCs, MACs & iPods… and it would be very interesting theme for podcast about that story… Namelly Bill, Steave & Jeff allow to improve our English today fast.

  8. Norma Reyes says:

    thank you Boris, I really really happy for you recomendation, I never see this movie, thank you

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