Hottest Ticket in Town

One of the hottest tickets or most popular performances in Los Angeles this month is to Shakespeare–yes, you read that correctly–Shakespeare.Ian McKellen 1

Ian McKellen, the highly respected British actor, is coming to town to perform in a production of Shakespeare’s King Lear at the end of October. He is also well known for his roles or acting parts in many films, including X-Men and Lord of the Rings. The tickets for his performance sold out on the first day.

It’s very sad. I tried to get tickets, but the performance was already sold out. Some people with tickets are now selling them to make a profit, with tickets selling for over $1000!

If anyone has an extra ticket or want to contribute to (to give to) the “Send-Lucy-to-see-King-Lear Fund,” please let me know. I’m pretty good at washing cars and making spaghetti.

~ LucyCooking

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3 Responses to Hottest Ticket in Town

  1. Norma Reyes says:

    wow, I’m surprised with this cost, it’s very very expensive!!!!!,

    hahahha Lucy, I like your joke,….. mmmm is it a joke????? ahahahahah

    I wish you can see this production!!!!!

    cross your fingers!!!!

    greetings from Mexico City

  2. Miguel says:

    Probably the King Lear performance will be in more American cities.
    Take a break, visit a city, enjoy the performance.
    I’m sure Jeff is able to take all the work for a couple a days.
    Come on!

  3. holly says:

    Thank you Lucy,your humour and good example help me a lot. I am a teacher,so sometimes i can tell the story to my students which can make my lesson more interesting.

    Bye the way ,i want to ask a question: Why i cannot tye Chinese here?
    [Response: We use a free blogging program called “WordPress,” and it doesn’t support Chinese, unfortunately.–ESL Podcast Team]

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