ESL Podcast on MySpace

ESL Podcast listener Fabio Okipney has started a page for ESL Podcast listeners onmyspace.gif MySpace. MySpace is a social networking site where you can becomes “friends” with other people you know or who have similar interests. If you have a page on MySpace, you can become friends with other ESL Podcast listeners.

MySpace is very popular among many younger people in the United States. Like a blog, it allows people to express their ideas and share information on the web. Many thanks to Fabio for setting up this page!


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7 Responses to ESL Podcast on MySpace

  1. Zheng Xu says:

    Hello, I’ am Zheng Xu, who comes from China. Thank you for the information. I have joined the group, and it is my first time using MySpace.

    I would like to exchange our opinions about learning English. Maybe the blog of MySpace is a very good place for practice of English writing.

    /Zheng Xu

  2. Jairo says:

    Hi, My name’s Jairo from Colombia. I agree with you Zheng Xu. I think this is a good tool to practice English writing.

  3. nambt says:

    Hello, I’ am Nam, who comes from Vietnam. Thank you for the informations.I have joined the group, and it is my first time using MySpace.hopefylly to receive your warmly supports

    blessed you!!


  4. Taehoon says:

    Hi~ I’m Taehoon Kim.
    I think it’s very good idea, so I joined Myspace.
    However, I can’t write right now on MySpace.
    I have to wait 7 days.:)

  5. Eduardo says:

    Hi folks..
    I joined also.. Is really a good idea let´s to make a great social network.
    There are more than one way to do it then I created an email group: [link removed]

    best wishes for all.

  6. Fabio Okipney says:

    Hi everybody!
    I wanted to thank Jeff and Lucy for publishing my brand new MySpace group “ESLPODLISTENERS”. Jeff and Lucy have been doing an outstanding job throughout these few years.
    Also I wanted to invite every ESLPOD listener to join our group. Let us find out where each one of us is listening to ESLPOD from.
    Once more, congratulations Jeff and Lucy.

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