Fourth Anniversary Video Podcast

It’s hard for us to believe that it’s been four years since ESL Podcast began. In fact, as of next Monday, we will have released 500 ESL Podcast episodes and 200 ESL Cafe episodes!  It’s amazing to us that we are still going and that you are all still listening!

We want to thank all of those who helped us by sending us their Flat Jeffrey photos for our Fourth Anniversary Video Podcast. We were able to include at least one from each submission and Flat Jeffrey got to see some very interesting places!

Finally, we want to thank all of you listeners, especially those who have become Premium and Basic Members, who have purchased courses through the ESL Podcast Store, and those who have sent us donations.  It is through this generous support that we are able to continue producing ESL Podcast.  If you want to support our efforts, please also consider becoming an ESL Podcast Member.

Below is the Fourth Anniversary Video Podcast.  We hope you enjoy it!

~ Jeff and Lucy

ESL Podcast Fourth Anniversary Video Podcast: The World Tour

ESL Podcast is celebrating our fourth anniversary! It’s an important event…

so we decided to have a big party.

There was drinking –a little too much.

And things, well, they got really crazy.

I got flattened after the roof fell on me.  But don’t worry, this is a good thing…

Now I can visit some of my friends around the world.

The first place we decided to go is Montreal, Canada, to visit my friend, Abdelmajid.

Here I am in Montreal.  My friend told me they speak French, so I can practice my French.  Luckily, they speak English, too!

Here I am in front of the famous church in the old Montreal called Notre Dame.  I’m going to pray that my French gets better!  Canada is great, eh? But now we have to take a trip to England.

We’re going to fly British Airways.  They’re not as advanced in technology as the Americans technology.

Here I am in London with my friend, Suzana.   She’s originally from Argentina, but don’t cry for her – she’s just visiting her sons who live there.  Here we’re in front of  the Parliament building in London.  Suzana is a little embarrassed about being seen with me, so she put me in her purse.  Not very comfortable.  Next I decided to take a train to the famous university in England, or one of them, Cambridge.

Gregorex, my old friend, is showing me some of the great old buildings here in Cambridge.  Here I am in front of King’s College.  I’m hoping to study a little Shakespeare and maybe meet Harry Potter.

Well, I have to get back to London.  Since I don’t have a lot of money, my friend suggested I take a boat called a punt.  I told you the British were a little behind in technology.

Next, we’re on a train to Paris, going through the “chunnel” between England and France.

Here I am eating some very typical French food, cheese, with my friend Frederic’s beautiful daughter, Apolline.  Isn’t she beautiful?

Well, now I’m off to Spain.   I’m going to  to the capital, Madrid, to visit my friends Emiliano and Cuca who are going to show me the city.

The first place we go is the Gran Via of Madrid, a busy street where I have to be careful so I don’t get run over by cars.  I’m already Flat Jeffrey – I don’t want to be Dead Jeffrey!

Next, we visited the Plaza de Callao and we get some Spanish wine.
Then we went to see a statute of Don Quixote.  But I guess we drank too much wine, because it’s a little blurry!

Finally, Emiliano and Cuca invited me back to their apartment for a nice meal. We had a great time.  Notice also what a wonderful artist Emiliano is.

Next, I decided to visit my friend Miguel in Zaragoza, Spain.  Miguel wants me to climb the mountain behind him, but he does not know me very well.  I don’t climb mountains, Miguel!

I have to say good-by to Spain, because my friend Carlo is waiting for me in Cremona, Italy.

Here I’m standing in front of the cathedral of Cremona – I guess my friends think I need a lot of prayers!  Cremona is famous for producing musical instruments.  You can see here I’m playing a Stradavarious.

Well, after visiting Cremona, it’s off to Rome.  My friend Mario invited me to come and visit him, and I thought I’d get to see all the famous sites of the city.  But instead, I’m at his office working.  Some vacation this is! At least I got to see Mario’s fake (not real) Oscar statue. I’m hoping this video will win an Oscar, too.

Now we go to northern Europe, to Germany.

Hermann invited me to Stuttgart.  Here I’m in the first four-wheeled motor vehicle, developed by two German engineers.  We’re next to the first television broadcast tower in the world.  And I’m about to take my first drink of German wine.   Tastes great!

Here I am in the vineyard that Hermann has, where they grow grapes to make wine from.  If I owned a vineyard, I’d probably be drinking all the time like Hermann here.

Next, I rent a car to drive next to Brno, in the Czech Republic.  This Mercedes Benz looked nice.  We were going there…

…to meet my buddy Michal.  Here we are in front of a pub or bar, ready to get a drink.  No wonder I need to pray a lot – I never stop drinking!

Michal takes me on the bus to see the town.  Not as nice as my Mercedes, but that’s okay.  Because we’re going to see..

My girlfriend, Barunka.  Here she’s holding my hand.  Well, actually, she’s Michal’s girlfriend, but don’t tell him – or my wife.

Next, we’re off to Russia, with love, before Michal finds out about me and Barunka.

Here I am in the Red Square of Moscow with my friend Nikolay.  Good thing I have my red tie on.

Here I am again in Red Square.  It’s so beautiful, so red!  Thanks, Nikolay.  My other friend in Moscow, Stanislav, arranged a meeting for me with the president of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev.  We talked for a while, and then old Dmitry said he was “busy” and had to go to another meeting with some guy named…Obama.?

I later found out Dmitry didn’t like me too much.  He told Barak about me.  Notice how he’s showing Obama what I look like.  And Barak says, No way! Meaning I don’t believe it.  Jeffrey!  Of course, the president knows all about me.  Well, I decided it was time to visit my female friends up in St. Petersburg.

Here I am with Anna at the Peterhoff, the home of the Russian tsars, built in the 18th century, near St. Petersburg.  I’m thinking of buying of it as my summer home.

Here I am with Nastia, also in St. Petersburg.  She showed me some of the popular sites in St. Petersburg.

Here I am in front of the horses.

Next we decided to visit the Russian Vodka Museum.  More drinking?

And here Nastia is showing me where she lives.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing here– taking a nap, I think.  Don’t tell Barunka.

Well, now I’ve had a good nap, it’s time for me to go to Asia – to Singapore to meet my good friend, Cynthia, from China.

Cynthia takes me to this beautiful hotel.  She tells me is where Michael Jackson used to stay.  Hmm.  Not sure this is a good place for me.

Next we visit the famous symbol of Singapore, the Merlion.  It’s hot today, so I take a little swim.

Next we go for some rest and relaxation on the beautiful beach of Setosa Island.  Ah, this is great!

Well, now I’m off to Vietnam.

I’m going to visit my friends Ngugyen and Tien in Ho Chi Minh City celebrating the Tet holiday flower festival. That’s Tien here in the photograph. I love Vietnam, but I have to go to Taiwan to see my friend Yvonne.
We take the Hello Kitty airplane, my favorite.

Once we get to Taipei, we go and have some good Chinese food.  I eat but, once again, I have to get going because I have a long trip to South America to visit my friend Luiz in the beautiful country of Brazil.  Luiz wants to introduce me to some friends of his in Pocos de Caldas.

Here I am in front of the lovely Palace Hotel.  I believe Michael Jackson used to stay here.  Next, we decide to play a little tennis.

Here I am with Jacare and Ronaldo.

Here’s Luiz, in the blue T-shirt, next to Jacare.
And of course, Luiz and I win all of our games.

Finally, we visit Luiz’s  beautiful wife, Deborah, next to this great waterfall.  Now I am off to…

Uruguay, to Montevideo, to visit my friend, Juan Manuel.

He’s preparing a special drink for me called “mate” a very strong tea made from leaves of a plant called Yerba Mate.  Uruguayans get together to drink mate and to talk.  At least it’s not alcohol!

Finally, it’s back to the United States.  But after all that traveling, I think I need a vacation from my vacation, and the best place for that is Hawaii!

Fortunately, my friends Roberto and Loreto invited me on their Hawaiian vacation.  They’re originally from Spain.  Notice that Loreto put a hat on me so I don’t get sunburned.  Well, that’s the end of our trip.  I want to thank everyone who invited me to come and visit them.  You know, next time I should probably invite Lucy.

We want to thank all of those who helped us by sending us their Flat Jeffrey photos. We were able to include at least one from each person.

We also want to thank all of you listeners, especially those who have become Premium and Basic Members, who have purchased courses through our Store, and who have sent us donations.  It is through this generous support that we are able to continue producing ESL Podcast.  If you want to support our efforts, please also consider becoming a member of ESL Podcast.

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39 Responses to Fourth Anniversary Video Podcast

  1. Congratulations ESLPod Team, you are the best!

  2. Antonio Carlos da Costa says:

    Congratulations!!! I´m from Brazil and I have improved my english a lot listening Esl podcast every day since last month.
    Best wishes to Eslpod team.

    Antonio Carlos da Costa

  3. gregorex says:

    Four years is a long time. That was very exiting trip that we were taken by you during this period.
    Time flies when you’re having fun, especially in a such good company.
    Thank You Jeff and Lucy!!!

  4. Luiz Carvalho says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    The video is great.
    Luiz from Pocos de Caldas, Brazil

  5. gregorex says:

    Hello everybody
    I’ve just e-mailed ( ) Governor of California.
    I’m sure that if some of you write similar letter it’ll really make our “classroom” noticed by Ministry of Culture and Education and it’ll help us to learn English even faster.

    Hello Mr. Arnold
    My name is Grzegorz, I’m from Poland. As many people around the world I very glad to know two of your great citizens dr. Jeff McQuillan and his associate Dr. Lucy Tse. They are doing wonderful job at
    I know that you, as non native speaker are the only person that can really appreciate their job. Before era there was so difficult for non native speakers to learn English, but now i has changed, thanks to this team of to great teachers. As we say in Poland: “Better” is not an enemy of “Good” and I hope that You can somehow subsidize their work to make US culture and language even closer to rest of the world.

    Thank You for Your attention
    Best regards

  6. Abdelmajid says:

    Hello ESLpod team, Happy Anniversary and long life to this website…I love this website, my english is getting faster and faster better, my friends are impressed, I can tell you since more than one year i can’t sleep without having the podcasts playing…
    congratulations to all of you Jeffery, Lucy the webster and the rest of the team…
    You’ll be welcome at any time here in Montreal..
    Happy anniversary again…

    Abdelmajid from Montreal…

  7. Mikhail Yakupov (Dipodidae) says:

    Wow! How fast time goes a way! It’s 5th year with eslpodcasts. It was very useful and interesting four year. Thank your! I wish to your team(Jeff, Lucy, Adriano.. ) many many years of live and so needed work.

  8. emiliano says:

    It has been a long trip, going around the world, and Jeffrey could see how much his friends love him. Why? It´s clear that Lucy, Jeff, and All ESL team have done thousands of friends all over the world and we like very much to show Flat Jeffrey our cities, our houses, and our families.
    For me and Cuca was a pleasure to have him in our house like a special friend, just because along these four years he has been in our life day by day.

    We hope to have Flat Lucy soon, may be next year?.

    Our best wishes to all ESL team, and thank you very much for your lovely work. You have made our lifes more easy and funny, leaning English has been like a nice relationship between good known friends.
    To me it has been one of the best things I have done in many many years, the blog, the english cafes, the lessons, the Jeff´s and Lucy´s voices at the mornings and nights. How much fun and company….., incredible.


    emiliano from Madrid.

  9. emiliano says:

    Quite a good idea Gregorex.

    There are now two e-mails sent to Mr. Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, I hope he´ll receive thousands.

    Yes, it has been great, I like your e-mail very much.

  10. Luiz Carvalho says:

    Grzegorz nice initiave!
    I have done the same.

    Mr. Governor Schwarzenegger,

    First, I would like to say that I am a big fan of you.
    I am from Brazil, I work for an american company that produces aluminun.
    Learn English for me it is very important. I need in my job and for leisure.
    I have been to beautiful California three times and this year I am going to LA in November on my vacation.
    I would like to introduce you as many other ESLPOD listener have done, the best metodogy to learn English and the best teachers in the world.
    It is It is hosted by Dr. Jeff Mcquilan and Dr. Lucy Tse in beatiful city of Los Angeles, CA. The podcast always start with this slogan.
    They have helped a lot of people around the world learn English.
    Their POD lessons teach American English language and spread English culture.
    In fact, they have released almost 700 ESL Podcast episodes.
    This month, they are celebrate their fourth anniversary.
    I know that you learned English watching TV, but now it much easier if you use
    Please, take a look. If you liked, I am sure that you will, please send at least an e-mail to congratule them for the outstanding work fo people that want to learn English as second language.

    It was a honor to write to you. I hope that you can read that.

    Best Regards,

    Luiz Carvalho
    From beautiful Pocos de Caldas, Brazil

  11. Loreto says:

    I have to say that being a hardened traveller as I do, I have enjoyed a lot travelling with Flat Jeffrey around the world, visiting his friends. We have a great time in Hawaii as well together.
    I hope you continue teaching us english for many years.
    Really, I enjoy a lot with your Podcast episodes, but especially I love, “English Cafe” where you come closer and allow us to know a little bit more about American culture and we learn always very interesting things.

    Thanks a lot, Jeff and Lucy

  12. Zhiyong Sun says:

    Want to say Congratulations and Thanks you very very much!! I am not a premium member yet but I have listened many of your podcasts and have enjoyed each one of them. But on top of that I am especially impressed by the persistence of Dr. Jeff and Lucy for having been providing such a wonderful free to public service for such a long time. I really wish I had had such English lessons back when I was learning English in high school and university in China. That would have saved me so much time yet learned so much more. My deepest appreciation, and happy anniversary! ????

  13. &rey says:

    On behalf of all ESLPOD listerners I want to ask Jeff and Lucy to continue doing this great job.
    We know you are working hard every day but now if you feel burning up at your job you can go on vacation to almost every country in the world!
    There are so many friends of yours around the world. Many of us would really like to meet with real (not flattened) Jeff.

    Andrey from Kursk, Russia

  14. Bruce Lee says:


    I have experienced ESL Podcast since this January
    and I want to thank to all of your members in ESL
    becuase there are a lot of qualified contents that help us improve English skill very effectively.

    When I visited Los Angeles in this Jan., my colleague introduced me that there’s ESL Institute in Santamonica Street.

    Anyway, thanks for your great effort.

  15. Mario says:

    Hi Jeff, Lucy and all of you ESL Podcast team!!!

    Happy anniversary! Thank you for your wonderful job!!!
    I often talk about you to my friends and I hope they talk to their friends, and so forth; so we will become a big “family”!!!

    From Rome (Italy)

  16. Stanislav says:

    Thanx for this video. It is great.
    I think after fifth year of hard working it will be in HDTV. 🙂


    P.S. Just begun to write to Mr. Governor Terminator.

  17. Peter says:

    Interesting video clip you got there Jeff. Congrate folks at EslPod, way to go guys.

    You guys are on fire ,Fourth anniversary. Elspod is in full swing ,Jeff please keep it that way.

    speaking for my self , I wanna add that I have gained a lot from your rich program.

    Thanks Jeff and Lucy for the endavoure and more importantly for channeling us to the most efficient way of learning English. you guys are saving me tons of dollars worth of English book


  18. rodrigo says:

    I simply join my voice to the other listeners who wish all of you HAPPY ANNIVERSARY¡¡¡¡ and congratulations to the team involved in this wonderful job, god bless all of you

    Rodrigo from Venezuela

  19. elcomandant says:

    I’m really upset with myself.

    Why? just because I’ve just seen the video and I’m late with my pictures.

    Oh my godness, I am a complete disaster. I was wrong with the last date I might send my pictures.

    Anyway I have had the opportunity to see Emiliano and his beautiful wife Cuca. Nice to see you.

    I want to congratulate all ESLPod’s team for the fourth anniversary.

    I want to thank you, too, because we are learning English and enjoying with you at the same time.

    Carry on!

    All the best.

  20. Peter says:

    Dear Jeff,

    Allow me to add something that I think it is worth mentioning in regard to the Question about God-awfully in The latest English Cofe. Please correct me if I am wrong, We normally use god to emphasize our idea about something that we are asked, for instance:

    Do you go out with Peter on a date ? God , no which means no way ,anothe word, not for all the tea in china.


    How was the movie? God ,awful

    There is another version to it . We sometimes use hell for emphasis in answer to something that is morally wrong like
    do you wanna swipe his wallet ? Hell , no
    Thanks again that the exposure to EslPod over the past two years has enriched my working English Command palpably.
    Keep going EslPod Team That The novelty of Your Program never pall.


  21. Peter says:

    Use God ….

  22. ayman says:

    hi. Jeff
    there is something is so important i must tell you in the first of your video episode you sad my friend, Abdelmajid and then sad Here I am in front of the famous {church} in the old Montreal called Notre Dame. I’m going to {pray} that my French gets better! that is wrong because Abdelmajid is Islamic name not Christiane name
    you had to say
    Here I am in front of the famous {mosque}

  23. bakhtyarblue says:

    It is really amazing , in my heart i say it is brilliant

  24. Nima says:

    congratulations on your 4th anniversary dear Jeff and dear Lucy (!)

  25. emiliano says:

    You are really very kind elcomadant, Cuca asked me for giving you her thanks for your nice words about her.
    Between us, I think you are right, she is beatiful and a wonderful person who is the most important.

    Congratulations to all of us, we have a big and nice group here talking about everything, with Lucy and Jeff as our leaders and mentors.

  26. kadir says:

    Happy anniversary Jeff and Lucy. You are doing so great, Thank you so much.

  27. Patricia Helena says:

    Congratulations ESL team! I loved this video especially when Jeff was in Poços de Caldas, Brazil, my beloved country! I hope ESL team still making their wonderful work and helping people from all the word improve their English even faster (as Jeff always says) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Patricia Helena from Brazil.

  28. Patricia Helena says:

    As Luiz Carvalho I loved Grzegorz’initiate. So, I decided send my e-mail too.

    “Hello Mr. Schuwarzenegger,

    My name is Patricia and I from Brazil. As you, I am not native English so forgive my mistakes. I’ve written just to say to you that in California there is a wondeful job making by Dr. Jeff McQuillan and Dr. Lucy Tse ( in order to help people from all the world not just learn English but understand American culture also. I am sure that ESL team is knows in a lot of countries and they honors California and whole USA. I believe that initiate as ELSPod must be supported by officer governement because they are so important to milion of people.

    Best Wishes

    Patricia Helena”

  29. Tania says:

    Hi ! Dear Dr. Jeff , Dr. Lucy and ESLPOD team thank you for all. Congratulations !
    I wish you much health and all the best .

    Yours respectfully ,


  30. Peter says:

    Hello mate gregorex ,

    how is life treating you ? hope everything is doing great for you and all the fellow cyber students at EslPod

    I do agree with you that we can not put a price on what Jeff and associates are doing at EslPod Center.

    I don’t know how to put it ; I don’t mean to kill the buzz. You know what,The Governor is a busy man,and pressed for time.SO,all the mails and emails may not make their way to his desk.
    But,It is the thought that counts my friend,
    Agin,happy anniversay folks ,
    you are ,in deed, on a roll

    Jeff and Lucy thanks for passing on the wisdon and insight

    God bless you all

  31. Bakhtair says:

    happy birthday to you, so far so good ,keep going we believe in you , both of you are becoming internationalist person i don’t say cosmopolitan due to it’s old fashion practically and politically.

  32. Morteza says:

    Congratulations ESL team! I’m from Iran and today is the first time I visit your website. Last night, one of my friends said about this website and today I visit it … I’m going to improve my English skills and I think it’s a good idea to come here and download some listenings. Thank you for all things.

    Best wishes.

  33. Peter says:

    Hi ,Again me babbling,

    While still on the subject , One more time I intend to express my heartfelt gratitude to Eslpod team for creating a transcendent program. Thanks guys for what you set forth.

  34. congratulations to Fourth Anniversary Video Podcast.
    thanks for help, my friend telling about this podcast.
    I try to be a member but don’t got.
    I live i Brazil i can’t do pay
    Paulino–We have several payment options. Please email us at if you’d like more information.–ESL Podcast Team

  35. Johnney Ueda says:

    Congratulations! All of podcast staff.

    I’ve been improving my English skill for a long time.
    Your podcast helps me all the time.

    I hope you will have 6th, 7th, 8th, and so on, birthday.
    Happy birth day to you all.

    Best wishes,

  36. Allysson Alves says:

    Hello all! Well, how can I start here? For sure! Doing the same as everyone here… I Want to start telling you ESL Podcast Team, Dr. Jeff and Dr. Lucy how much proud I am after turning myself a student of English. But I have more to say! I’ve a lot of different ways improving my english knowledge and just when I was blessed founding I felt in real a powerfull diference. I have all podcasts in my mp4 and cel phone. As a lot of friends here, I’m listening you at least 3 hours each day and I’m a student that never went to an English School, so I know how much dedication we need to reach the fluency and of course this is my patch and I’ll keep going with all my faith, stamina and of course YOUR help,

    YOU!!! Are the BEST!!! GOD bless you all!
    Aww yes, I’m from Brazil, a city near from Poços de Caldas, Belo Horizonte.
    My best regards!!!!

  37. Leehg says:

    Thank you so much for all your podcasts and blogposts over the years. I’ve been learning many useful stuff from you. It has greatly improved my fluency in speaking and enhance the natural voice in my writing. Keep up your good job!

  38. gregorex says:

    Finally I was able to meet Governor Terminator face to face.
    Unfortunately he wasn’t very chatty, but he mention something about some very big European website that sells aeroplanes and helicopters 😉
    My wife was also busy trying to convince mister Obama to find some extra money in this year’s budget, to support your brilliant job. By the look of his face you can guess, that he is quite keen to do that.
    PS. Hope your advertising program will develop soon 😉

  39. Fenster München says:

    i love Arnld Schwarzennegger, no matter what he is doing, he is showing us perfectly the american way of life…

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