The Fourth Anniversary Video Podcast & Flat Jeffrey

03_flat_stanley_at_the_beach_march_2ESL Podcast’s fourth anniversary is at the end of July, and we need your help with our video podcast this year.

We have listeners all over the world, and as much as Jeff (and Lucy) would like to visit all of you, that’s not possible.  However, there is someone who can make the trip:  “Flat Jeffrey” (“Jeff” is short for “Jeffrey”).

We got the idea of Flat Jeffrey from Flat Stanley.  Flat Stanley is a character in a children’s book from the 1960s.  Stanley was a normal boy, but while he sleeps in his bed, a large bulletin board (board placed on the wall so notes and papers can be pinned to it) falls on him and he’s now flat!  In fact, he’s so flat, he can fit inside of an envelope.  In recent years, many students in U.S. schools have created their own Flat Stanley, sending him to many places, making friends in different cities and countries.flat-stanley-ural4-helmet

So, we need your help with our own Flat Jeffrey.  We have created a Flat Jeffrey that you can print and take to see some interesting places and/or do some interesting things with.  We ask you to take a picture of Flat Jeffrey at these places and doing these things, and we’ll include some of them in our Fourth Anniversary Video Podcast.  By doing this, those of us here at ESL Podcast and all of the listeners all over the world will get a better idea of who our listeners are and where they come from, and Jeff will get to visit your city!

You can download and print Flat Jeffrey here, and email a photo to  Please remember to include in your email:

– Your first name and the first names of the (other) people in the photo
– Your city and country
– Where Flat Jeffrey is in the photo and what he’s doing


Please send us your photo no later than JULY 7, 2009, and we hope to see you with Flat Jeffrey on our Fourth Anniversary Video Podcast!

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19 Responses to The Fourth Anniversary Video Podcast & Flat Jeffrey

  1. imstevenlee says:


  2. Ping says:

    Happy anniversary, ESL~

  3. emiliano says:

    Flat Jeffrey is already at home in Madrid, just now he is beside Cuca who is tapping the keyboard of the pc.
    In a while I whould take him for a walk and show him some monuments of Madrid.

    He is very funny and we hope to have a good time together.

  4. gregorex says:

    Is this the idea? If so, then I’m going to show to my new friend King’s College in Cambridge 😉

  5. Dr. Lucy Tse says:

    Hi gregorex,

    Yes, that’s it exactly, and I’m sure Flat Jeffrey would enjoy visiting Cambridge, though he’s really an Oxford man. Just kidding!

    To those planning to send us a photo, feel free to include yourselves in the pictures, if you’d like. Flat Jeffrey has already started on his world tour, with our first couple of emails. Thanks very much for helping us with our crazy idea, and we look forward to seeing where he’ll go next!


  6. Hey… Gmail team made a video like that. They asked for short video to people around the world with at max 30 seconds and join it making just one. People had to make a video with Gmail logo always going from left to right.
    Take a look:

  7. emiliano says:

    Here in Madrid we are having a lot of fun with flat Jeffrey, we would like to show him every thing of this city but it is quite difficult. We would like also to
    have flat Lucy, Lucía in my lenguage, but I think that is even more difficult to have her here as we don´t know how she looks like. Sure she looks prety well with so
    few years, and so nice voice, it was 28 ?…….I think so.
    May be next year we may have her too and all the other fellows of the ESL poscast team.

    In fact we would like to have all their faces and bodies knowing each of them by their names and what kind of work they do to make so marvellous work as ESL pod.

    Thanks to all you.

    I hope all of you in my marvellous city of Madrid soon.

  8. gregorex says:

    Flat Jeffrey is very exhausted after his trip to Cambridge. We had very nice time and wonderful weather, 28°C. Now we are sitting in the garden and drink very, very cold beer. I hope he’s allowed to drink alcohol 😉

  9. Maxchen says:

    Nice post, thanks! 😉

  10. Fred says:

    Very funny !

    t h a n k y o u v e r y m u c h

  11. Adam( Wang Ming) says:

    Greetings from China,Jeff!!!
    Keep up the good work!

  12. Patricia Mendes says:

    Great idea!

    Jeff was so cute as flat Jeffrei. I am sure that he would love be in my country, Brazil….hehehe

  13. kwanjai says:

    Greeting from Bangkok, Thailand!!!

  14. Vera Lucia Kirdeiko says:

    Happy Anniversary for The ESL Podcast team.
    Thank you for the great job.
    I love the lessons and the podcasts.
    I wait Jeffrey and Lucy, here, in Brazil.

  15. Marcio Machado says:

    Happy anniversary for ESL team. I’d like to say you how I like your work.
    And to say that the ESL Podcast’s improve my English and help me with my learning.
    I’m a young Brazilian who wants to learn English and I know how important you’re to me.
    Thanks a lot.

  16. Johan says:

    Your podcast is really useful, I listen very often. Especially the cafe’s are great!
    Keep up the good work!
    Regards from The Netherlands

  17. Congratulations on your fourth anniversary. Your work is very important for us. Thank you very much from Spain.

  18. Jade Nguyen says:

    Many thanks from Vietnam for all the hard work 🙂

    For your podcast audio and blog, we’re enjoying our English study day by day

    Congratulations on The Fourth Anniversary Video Podcast. Let’s cheer !!! ~~~

  19. keatingHe says:

    Dear Jeff and the ESL team workers:
    I am a Chinese student,now,i am in college.I like your voice and your program very much.ESL podcast is the best learning English stuff that i ever used.especially the explaination in every podcast,you know,in China,many student learn english in a way of using Chinese teacher,i’ll say all of them use this bad method i think to teach us.I think english to english is a direct way to learn it well.Hope you and your team can continue to make better podcast hereafter.May happinese and success be with you and all eslpodcast members.if you have time,i truly hope you can reply my short message.
    your listener,

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