Using Cell Phones in Public

800px-several_mobile_phonesCell phones are everywhere, but should cell phones be used everywhere?

This year in California, a new law went into effect banning (making illegal) the use of cell phones while driving without a hands-free (not holding it with one’s hand) device.  Some critics say that this new law doesn’t do enough, that even using a hands-free phone doesn’t remove the  distraction of (taking attention away from) talking on the phone.

Other than laws related to cell phones and driving, there are no others that I know of that restrict (not allow) cell phone use.  However, many people believe that using a cell phone in some public places is rude (not polite) and annoying (irritating).

What do you think?  Where is it acceptable and not acceptable to use a cell phone?

~ Lucy


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14 Responses to Using Cell Phones in Public

  1. gregorex says:

    I think that in some places they should install some devices that are making impossible phone calls, although it is difficult to say where it should be. If you are for example in restaurant with your wife, you’ll probably chat during the meal. But if your wife is away and you want to have lunch with someone, the only solution will be sit in different restaurants and chat on the phone. Unless you’ll have lunch with other woman/man but then your spouse will give you black eye. It looks that it’s better to your appearance to use mobile in restaurant 😉 Unless the neighbor from next table will be so annoyed, that he’ll give you black eye. Hmm, there is no good solution, better stay home, if your partner is away ;D

  2. emiliano says:

    May be I am old, may be I don´t work outside home now, may be I didn´t have phone at home till I was 15th years old, may be I feel it is unpolite to go other people houses having to attend personal phone calls, may be I don´t like to interrupt a good conversation with a friend because a phone is ringing, may be I like to relax from time to time,
    may be I like to foget that the world exist when I am alone walking or seen the sea or the mountains, or listening to the birds singing, or just I don´t like to interrupt the
    way of my dreams by the ring, ring or a cell phone. But I don´t like cell phones at all.
    So to me it is inappropiate always, at least you have awaiting for a very and trascendental advise.
    I have a cell phone that has 6 years, I use it to call Cuca when I am out home to see if she is alright, and nothing more. I don´t give the number to anybody as the phone
    is always lifeless.
    I Know it is a good device to a lot of people, very neccesary to millions of them. But I don´t like cell phones in the way nearly everybody used them. In fact I hate that

  3. emiliano says:

    The way we live now is as we have to accept what everybody do as good or neccesary, and sometime if you are against it you are as a green dog but despite nearly all
    my friends, relatives or people surround me use the cell phones in so many places or situations I don´t agree and I prefer to be a “green dog” and can´t see as polite
    to carry the cell phone every house, every restaurant, every store, or everywhere and often you may see people paying the bills at the cash talking by the cell.
    And what is funny is when you phone a friend and suddenly he/she told you, sorry my cell in calling…just a moment….and you are awaiting and listening what he/she is telling the other.
    All is permited now and sometimes if the cell rings despite a person is at the table with his/her family or friends everybody may think is polite to respond it………I do not think so.
    I see it as very unpolite.

    Possibly these people carry the phone also when they go to the bed and just at the moment they are in intimacy with his/her love the phone rings………and says, sorry
    I have to see who is calling….all may be very natural afterward.
    Indeed I hate the way we all accept the bad use of cell phones, I don´t hate the cell phones, they are a quite good devise, my problem is that I am sorry because all the good behaviour has been lost and nobody says anything about the matter.

  4. Julio says:

    It is very annoying to be on a train and to endure your neighborugh talking steadily by his mobile phone or hearing his ring. I think is very impolite. At least some people should go out from his seat, speaking in a lowly way and then apologizing by the item. In movie theaters is still more disturbing and such companies should have especial devices to avoid any mobile phones were able to work inside. Even in high level sport competition the topic is the same, the noise can affect negatively to sports players’ concentration. In a very nice restaurant people go to spend a good and quiet time, even though I could understand some exception related to children, sick relatives or according to the speaker’s profession, as a doctor, for example.
    In any case, mobile phones are -at least in my opinion- a marvellous invention because they can make an easier life for everyone. Nevertheless, they should always be used in a polite way, offering a total respect regarding our neighbours.
    Best regards from Spain,
    julio (Jack).

  5. Bakhtyar says:

    I think drawing such law is very necessary to prevent cell phone mis use in public places, people should aware not to bother others, in my view it is unacceptable to talk on cellphone in non suitable places

  6. Darren says:

    in my view, the law just taken effect is still to lenient for most of drivers who use cell phones when driving. Any form of using cell phones while driving can 100% take attetion to what’s going on the road from drivers. The nubmer of traffic crashes caused by using cell phones will be continuing to rise if the act is not completely banned by law. For safety issues, no matter who you are, passers-by or automobile drivers should welcome the law by the time a complete ban for cell phone use when driving is officially approved.

  7. Alex says:

    NOT okay to use a cell phone:
    1) theater
    2) funeral
    That’s it.
    Don’t be old-fashioned, folks.

  8. Peter says:

    legislators are kidding themselves.

    The appended loophole to the law that allows drivers to talk away on the phone as long as they use their hands free( the head phone used for cell phone ) provides all reckless drivers with a pretext to evade the law. I mean,come on ,Give me a break. I personally think there must be an amendment to the bill dropping the loophole part( usage of hands free).

  9. Peter says:

    Appended ( a small part added particularly to a written document)

  10. Tania says:

    Hi ! A very good law for drivers . Especially for the youngest – they drive with the music at maximum , driving at high speed , talking on the cell phone , kissing his lover … and the traffic crash is ready .
    There is a similar law in my country .

    And Emiliano is right . But can we live today without a cell phone ? I do not think so .

    All the best for you all and be carefull when you use the cell phone .

  11. daisuke says:

    I think it is no problem to use in restaurants.. I don’t find it annoying if someone uses it. there people are talking anyway, so what is the different between talking to each other over the table and by cellphones .

  12. emiliano says:

    I have a funny dream daisuke, I see a restaurant full of people eating, together with their friends or relatives hoping they are going to spend a good time together sharing the food and the conversation………, but instead all of them with the cell touching their ears and all simultaneously speaking to different people who are outside the restaurant they are in.
    It may be a picture of our future, and you can repeat it at home or in a party, or which ever place or situation you may imagine.

    Yes, of course, who can live now without cell phones ? or without pc. or internet? or without cars?……you have to be a very odd person to live without so many things, but we need to have in mind what must be the good use of all these marvelous new things and where is the top of our freedom to use them.
    I think that is clear, when we interfere the freedom of others or we hurt their feelings, or we put in danger our lives or the lives of other drivers because we are talking with the cell as we are driving. That´s the point, I think. But of course it is only my personal opinion about the use of cell phones or cars, or noisy motorbikes and so many good things and the bad use of them.

    It should be nice for all of us that the first thing to think about when we are going to use any of the variety of thing we have at hand….is just about our neighbor, if we may disturb him/her. But I know that is impossible as usually is the last thing we think about.

  13. emiliano says:

    Sorry to all the friend bloggers, I know I am pissed off, because a few days ago a neighbour has threatened me by phone. I am the president of the flat condominium and we have spent 9000 euros in the garden, new plants, new grass, and other little things. But this neighbour have three
    boys who where playing football and destroying all the plants and the grass. Some of the neighbours told me about the matter and I have to request the boys and the father not to play anymore until we have some rules about the use of the little garden and swimming pool. The next neighbours meeting will be next 8th july, and I will ceased as president what I am looking forward anxiously.

    But last week this man has phoned and threatened me if I say again a single word to the boys, to him or to his wife, as they can do whichever thing they wanted even if they are playing football with ten or fifteen friends from their school and destroying the property of the condominium.

    I am counting the days to be ceased, next week I´ll be happy again……it has been a horrible year about having been a condo-president, indeed.

    So please, forgive me…….I am not a priest…., only I am a little pissed off with my fellows behaviour.

  14. Bruce Lee says:

    How can we imagine that cell phone would be suddenly disappeared?
    Can we live as same as before without cell phone?
    Can we do work without cellphone?

    It has been only 5 years that people have used cell phone instead of beeper.
    But no one can imagine that we don’t carry it for living everyday.

    However, there appears some bad behaviors.
    For example, people are likely to use the cellphone everywhere even in the restaurant, movie theatre & car while moving.
    It’s not only dangerous but also very rude to others around someone who’re using the phone.

    It’s time to keep the etiqutte / good manner while we use the phone.

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