Your Questions for the ESL Podcast Third Anniversary Video Podcast

anniversaryballoonbunch.jpgWe have celebrated our past two anniversaries by producing a video podcast. We want to do that again this year, but we need your help.

This year, Jeff will be answering listener questions. Do you have a burning question (something you want to know very much) about us or the podcast? If so, post a comment here and we will select a few to answer in the anniversary video podcast.

Thanks, in advance, for your help!

~ Lucy

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67 Responses to Your Questions for the ESL Podcast Third Anniversary Video Podcast

  1. Jutta Schaefer says:

    Dear Lucy, dear Jeff,

    Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary! For me it’s the no.1 podcast.
    I hope you will go on with your work for the next 10 years or so. By then I will have reached a satisfying level of English. I can’t think of a better way of acquiring language skills. I keep telling that to my rather lazy students. My wish is simple- I’d like to see a picture of Lucy Tse. When you hear a person talking it helps to have an idea what that person looks like. Just one more thing I’d like to lhear something about is American accents. Can Americans tell a persons’ origins by their accent? Is there any sort of “standard American English” used in the media e.g.?

    Thanks and – take care

  2. oleg says:

    Dear Lucy and Jeff,

    I have an interesting question for you for the video podcast and it is about the phrases “I find it!” or “I forget”
    Watching movies I always hear the phrase “I find it” instead of “I found it”, when someone actually find something. Or “I forget” instead of “I forgot”, etc.
    I will be happy to hear an answer and if you could clarify this question to me ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Then someone found something, why did they use the verb “find” in the present tense?

    Sincerely yours,

  3. Ariel says:

    I want to know where Lucy’s ancestors are from. I wonder if they are from Southeast Asia since Lucy’s last name not seem to be American.

    By the way, I thought the cover people of “A Day in the Life of Jeff (a Man)” and “A Day in the Life of Lucy (a Woman)” are Jeff and Lucy. Am I wrong?

    Ariel from Taiwan

  4. Alvaro says:

    No problem Roberto! Don’t worry about that! when we just read something, we can understand a lot of different things. I really want to see Lucy , I wanna see the face behind the voice! She and Jeff already are part of my life!
    Greetings from the Beautiful Brazil!

  5. &rey says:

    I congratulate Jeff, Lucy and all the ESLPOD team with the third anniversary. You do great job and we really love you.
    I started to listen to ESL podcasts more then year ago and I noticed that my english improved very much. Recently i’ve started to watch TV serias “Friends” to practice my english and also for fun and it is obvious that your podcast really helps me undestand english language.
    Also I told all of my friends and collegues about ESLPOD. And know two of my friends and my girlfriend are also fans of ESLPOD. We like to listen to podcasts and sometimes discuss the episods.
    Thank you very much. I’m really looking forward for special video podcast!
    Andrey from Kursk, Russia

  6. ESL podcast fan says:

    Congratulations and many thanks to all of you…

    Of course, we want to see all the ESLpod team in the anniversary video podcast.

    Tanks, Thanks, Thanks, you are doing a wonderful work !!!!

    MC, Spain

  7. Bigmoose says:

    Hi my Dear Friends,
    Only one word for describe your Podcast : Cool, Very Cool, because we can learn English every day and very simply an another language in our car, bus , train, subway… with our iPod.
    Thank you so much.
    David from France?

  8. Eduardo Gomes Junior says:

    Hello Jeff,

    I have another question:

    I’ve listened to a number 100 anniversary pod ” An interview with Dr Jeff Mcquilan” which I really loved it.

    There, you told the sound you like best, is when the garage of your home is opening , when your wife is coming home…

    So it came across as you really love your wife, which is very, very good…

    I love my wife too…

    Well, tell me:

    What would you do for love? Everything? or almost everything?

    By the way…This question could be made to Dr Lucy as well….=)

    Is this a “burning question ” as Dr Lucy wrote above? =) I hope so…

    Best Regards,

    Eduardo Gomes Jr.

  9. Roman says:

    Congratulations to ESLPOD team from Kiev, Ukraine! ๐Ÿ™‚

    You guys make a really good job. After listening to your shows for a while I decided to find some other podcasts for more advanced learners. Since I’ve listened to more than 100 different shows so now I can surely declare that you’re the best. Everything you make is just as it should be. I mean the variety of topics, the presentation, the quality of sound, brilliant sense of humor. Awesome!

    In token of gratitude I always try to promote you everywhere. On my job there are enough listeners already to create a fun club ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As for suggestions for upcoming video, I’m waiting eagerly to see Dr. Lucy Tse ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. sama,UAE says:

    Congratulations Dr.Jeff , Dr.Lucy & all of ESL team members..!!
    the only thing I wanted is to see Dr. Jeff , but I found his picture on the internet!!

    Now I have one BURNING QUESTION that is:
    Dr. Jeff , when was you born?? and what are your favourite hobbies???
    I also wanna see your wife ‘coz you always mintion her in the podcast..!!!

    Finally, thanks a lot for your great work .. it’s really useful for me!!

    Sama , Dubai – UAE.

  11. Mahdi Bayat says:

    Well, I think that’s obviously going to be as interesting as everyone could dream. Watching Jeff answering questions on the video podcast would be great.

    Thank you all ESLPOD Team.

    From Afghanistan

  12. Randy says:

    Dear Dr.Jeff, Dr. Lucy and ESL team members,
    I do really appreciate your hard works and efforts in doing this for all the listeners around the world. I wish you enjoy running this podcast blog and will never get tired. If possible, I would like Jeff, Lucy, or any of the ESL members to share your most embarrassing moment(s) in your life. It would be more fun through Video clips. If not possible, that’s ok. We will still happy if we can see you all in the video.

    Thank you again, and hope we can meet someday !!!

  13. Alessandro says:

    Hi Lucy, Jef and team,

    I don’t have any burning question, but I wont to tell you: “Thank you very much!”

    I would like to see Lucy on this one like most of us. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy anniversary from Italy

  14. Eddie says:

    Dear Lucy, Jeff & team,

    I’ve been listening to your podcast since April 2008, well, as I can recalled.
    I Wish to see all of the team of ESLPod. Oh, btw, I had just downloaded and watched the 1st and 2nd anniversary video:)
    Looking forward to see the 3rd video …

    Happy anniversary from Indonesia

  15. FAISSAL says:

    Hello all and sundray…..
    I hope all better with you……….
    To beging with, i am faissal from Algeria, and i am in university senior, joinning the stream of langagues i study both of “english and french” and my mother tongue is arabic, in a netshell i will be graduate as an interpreter…..
    well i am english slave, and i just want to thank you for this helluva interesting WEB SITE, it’s cut above every web, it really makes a hit, though i ran across many site but they were not my cup of tea, they are by far banal, but yours is fruitful and knowledgeable, so with your site my english start looking up…..Pls i beg you to carry on helping people form all over the world to have a good command of there english….Honestly JEFF & LUCY i am among those who are fond of ur podcast…..And guess what when i talk with some people in skype from america, or england they say that i have a good accent, and all the credit to you….I should give credit where credit is due…..
    best regards
    ?????? ??????

  16. Koji says:

    Congratulations third anniversary of ESL pod!!

    I remember when I listened ESL pod for the first time, It was episode 40.
    Thank you ESL pod team very much for ESL podcast. And I hope ESL pod will continue for long long time.

    The video type podcasts in first and second anniversary are very funny. I hope that the third one will enjoy us all podcast funs all over the world.
    Actually, I want to know more about Dr.Jeff , Dr.Lucy and Podcast team memmbers and I also want to watch the daily scene of your “beautiful Los Angeles,California”.

    Happy anniversary from Kyoto, the beautiful city of Japan.

  17. Eduardo Gomes Junior says:

    When daes the video will finaly be posted ?

    I’m looking forward to watching the video!

    All the best!

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