Writing a Blog as Medicine

There are many types of blogs. The ESL Podcast Blog is one for learning. Other kinds of blogs are confessional, where people tell others about something they’ve done, often things that was a secret and/or wrong in some way. Many blogs give new information or breaking news (most recent news, happening right now) about politics, technology, and other topics. Still other blogs are a creative outlet, where people can post their imaginative and original works or ideas for others to see.dog-blog1.jpg

For some therapists (people or doctors who help people with mental or psychological issues and problems), blogs have another function. Therapists are telling their patients to blog as part of their treatment (medical care to make a person better).

Psychologists (scientists who study the mind) say that blogs are different from diaries because there is a built-in (inherent; as part of it) audience. As children, we learn that we can get help if we tell others about our problems. And as adults, we associate (connect) communication with getting consolation (comfort received after something bad happens). For this reason, psychologists say, blogging gives people their need for sympathy (others feeling sad for you), especially when there are major problems. Therapists say that blogging gets you closer to a sympathetic audience and that’s therapeutic (have a good effect on your body or mind). According to one psychologist, blogging, which can be anonymous (not identified by name so no one knows who you are), which gives it another therapeutic advantage: People can tell of intimate (private and personal) things without making themselves vulnerable (giving other people an opportunity to attack or harm them).

Would you consider starting a blog? If so, what kind of blog would it be and what would you write about?

~ Lucy

Cartoon: “I had my own blog for a while, but I decided to go back to pointless, incessant barking.”
= without purpose
incessant = with no end; without stopping
to bark = to make the loud sound a dog makes with its mouth when it “speaks”

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8 Responses to Writing a Blog as Medicine

  1. emiliano says:

    Well I agree completly with what psychologist say about blogs, and it is quite difficult that I agree with doctors usually, but I have been writting a diary nearly 12 years and it makes me feel better doing it that if I didn´t, that is for sure.
    But a starting a blog?. I don´t have any ideas that may be interesting for other people, and you need to have something that may be of some interest for blogers.
    Last year when I told here that my wife was bad, I have a lot of sympathy from other persons all over the world, followers like me of ESL, and it makes me feel better and very thankfull to all them.
    So, that´s true. What psychologist say was for certain and I could see it myself.

  2. Kaz says:

    I have started my blog unintentionally here, in ESLPod.com, when kind-hearted Jeff has published my lyric about my intimate feelings related to a broken heart on July 3, 2008. Seven sensitive responders have tried to help me in many different ways. As it was a type of semi-confessional, semi-anonymous blog, it has combined two of functions listed by nice Lucy: creative (two poems) and therapeutic – giving consolation and advices, how to stay, to live with such a feeling. Great thanks to all my dear friends: LOL, Emiliano, Linus, Katherine, Amy, Sean and Naresue. For all of you I would like to dedicate the Polish song by Anna Jantar: “Don’t believe me, don’t trust me” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWD0J9loLlM (my translation).

    Instead you’ll say something hold peace
    Prior you’ll say something reflect
    Cause saying you can fail
    But you can keep quite like poet

    You have so many virtues
    You have so many virtues
    You have so many faults
    So many beautiful faults

    Don’t believe me, don’t trust me
    Cause I’ll sleep out of your hands
    It isn’t true that in few days
    One wins a girl

    You will guide me
    You will lead me
    Through the trust threshold
    Where you could have me as yours

    But I’ll escape from you
    But I’ll sneak out
    And you won’t be able
    And you won’t be able
    To take me

    Don’t believe me, don’t trust me
    Cause I’ll sleep out of your hands
    It isn’t true that in few days
    One wins a girl

    Don’t believe me

  3. elcomandant says:

    I agree with Lucy says. Some people has a dog as a medicine other has a cat or some pet, and the doctors say that is a very good idea for people who feeling alone. They can speak with your pet as if it was a person, even as if it was your better friend.

    Likewise I think there are many other people that they also feel alone, or they are shy, or introverted, or due to some other reason, they search blogs in internet to speaking with other people about something interesting to them. In fact I have a friend who he is divorced four years ago and he met a woman in a blog two years ago and both are now a couple enviable.

    By the way, I’m looking for some blogs to talking with people (in English language of course for improving it) who they like cruises, because I have taken three pleasure cruises and they liked to me very much, but I haven’t found any yet. Does anyone know some blog?.


  4. pedro says:

    If I started a blog I’d write about the things happening in my life ,it would be like a diary.But the thing is I suppose I’m too uncomfortable as to tell people who are completely strangers to me about my private life, so if I’d write one,it would be anonymous. I don’t think this kind of blog would be useful for me,but it might help other people with the same situations and problems in their life that I have.Although If I tell you the truth my life is as boring and ordinary as everybody else,so I guess nobody would be interested in reading it,let alone if they didn’t even know my name!!! Would you be interested in reading a blog from a person who doesn’t let you know his or her name?I certainly not.

  5. Blogs is a fun way to show opinions. I myself have my own blog and write for friends and students. I also choose to create a english mail group instead of an english blog why interactions are more fast and easy.

  6. emiliano says:

    Thank you Kaz, I have been looking to this singer, nice very nice girl, beautiful I have to say, and a warm voice that I like very much. Even I don´t understank anything I like to listen a good singer always.
    I would like really to start a blog, but it seems very difficult as I have so few things to talk about and allways the big question should be…..a blog of what ???. Now that I am seeing the tv. serial FRIENDS, the ten complete years I would like to talk about it. Also what seems very odd is that I have not seen only one of this tv. serial before, and just because I saw here that the majority of friends of ESL voted it as the best serial to improve English I got it completely and now my wife and me are just stick to it every night.
    Of course it is great, I laugh a lot with it and like Friend very much. ”
    So I am prepared to start a blog about FRIENDS, but I think I am out of time, sure. Now is better to talk about “Sex in New York”, or something similar that a don’t see of course.
    Often I have thinked that only when we have problems we are in good condition to write, because we are more sensitive, we have more things to talk about. But if we are happy it is just very difficult to write o to make a poesy. We need to suffer to do such a kind of things.

  7. smallpig says:

    I started my blog two years back. It was kept anonymous at the beginning so I could share intimate things without the fear of being discovered by someone who I knew. It was therapeutic, it helped me clear my thoughts.

    However finally I decided to share my blog with my friends and family members. All old sensitive posts were hidden, and all new posts are rather, well, boring, like book reviews, restaurants I’ve visited, my travel diaries, etc.(life of ordinary people, who would be interested?). My friends can understand me more deeply by reading what I write. It is constructive, but I do feel more vulnerable now. It is no longer a good outlet for me…

  8. RaiulBaztepo says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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