Majority Minority

There was an interesting article in the newspaper this week about changes that are taking place in the U.S. population. According to a new report published by the Census Bureau (the part of the federal or national government that counts how many people there are in the United States), by the year 2042, the majority of Americans will no longer be white.

America will increasingly become a country where the majority are “minorities.” In U.S. English, the word “minority” is often used to describe those who are not white or of European descent (to have come originally from a place). Examples of a minority would include Hispanic/Latino, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and African Americans. But now in many cities in the United States — and soon in the entire country — more than 50% of the population will be members of one of these or another minority group.

Part of the reason for this change in the population has been the declining (decreasing) birth rates (the number of children a woman has) of European Americans, as well as the higher birth rates of other groups and the increasing number of immigrants.

This change has already taken place in many places such as Los Angeles, where only 30% of the population is classified as white or European American.


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8 Responses to Majority Minority

  1. LIL says:

    Various kinds of people are living in the US! Wow!
    It seems difficult to have mutual understanding about lots of things, such as politics common sense, culture… and so on…
    But you can have a great chance to meet people with various background !!!

  2. Ari Fernando Ramos says:

    I was born in a country – Brazil – where white is minority. It’s a very criative and beautiful people, fortunately.

  3. Rodrigo says:

    For those who are planning to move or inmigrate to the States or are living there already its necessary to learn english in order to have a smooth integration in the society, to avoid the feeling of descrimination and get over misunderstandings as Lil said, someone told me that to learn another language is like to get another nacionality

  4. emiliano says:

    It is Just the same matter here in Spain, spaniards don´t have children at all as the majority of babies that are born each year are sons of inmigrant people. One example is valid, I have three daughters and none of them has any children, so I have not any posibility of being grandfather as they haven´t in mind having sons.
    Also I know some friends in the same situation like me. In fact six or seven years ago Spain was the country with less birth increasement of population or with the less natality level of the world, but this inform has changed because people that has come here to work in fact they do have a lot of children for the five o six last years. We have to thank them the increasement of childred and now we are not in that unplesant situation. I like to see little boys and girls playing in the streets or in the parks.
    Thank you to all the new spaniards that are not so selfish.

  5. elcomandant says:

    Black, white, hispanos, chicanos, it doesn’t matter. It really important is the person, it matters not wherever he or she are borned. The majorities don’t must exist because a country is made by people who work there. The country grows up only because its inhabitants work together. So it matters not what race they are. In my view the majorities only must to be use as a piece of information stadistic.

  6. Gulls says:

    Congratulations elcommandant

    People organized in groups leads always to conflicts.

  7. smallpig says:

    Maybe it is because of the ongoing Olympic, people are now showing more loyalty to their nations lately. Actually, such loyalty has been splited between one’s ethnic origin and nationality, as the US census, as well as many other countries’, indicate that the combination of population is becoming more complicated nowadays. I think it is natural, and it does no harm unless it results in hatred of members of other social groups. Many conflicts, racial discrimination, and even wars are outcomes of extreme nationalism/ racism, which all of us should guard against. Hopefully the increasingly high variety of population can help improve mutual understanding and acceptance between ethnic groups. Anyway, we are all human beings, living on the same planet.

  8. I would say that 100% of Brasilians are minority. I never see other country with so many culture mix…

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