ESL Podcast 376 – Asking About Business Hours

Yesterday’s ESL Podcast 376 was about business hours. The store in ESL Podcast 376 has funny (strange) hours, but it’s nothing like this one:


This is actually a novelty (inexpensive toy) sign that you can buy for your business, but if you do, I hope you customers have a good sense of humor!

~ Lucy

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6 Responses to ESL Podcast 376 – Asking About Business Hours

  1. Ari Fernando Ramos says:

    Very strange and confuse

  2. Gulls says:

    Starting your own business can be an exciting and rewarding venture that can bring financial success,
    along with a sense of accomplishment and contentment.

    We sell vacuum, the best of the world, and we repair it with no cost.
    Our store is almost closed.
    We’re only open on February 29, except in the years 2012,2016,…. the years of our vacation.
    We’re not pulling your leg.

  3. emiliano says:

    Some places doesn’t have any advise like that, but the result may be the same, you never know when does it open or close.

  4. Matteo says:

    I come to USA once once in my life (in the area around New York city) and, among the very different things that impressed me, is that there are stores (like Wal-Mart) that are opened 24 hours a day. We have no such thing here in Italy (except maybe for the shops you can find on the highways). Besides, dining places use to close earlier than in Italy. Me and my friends were sitting in a Pizza Hut and the guys who runned the shop started sweeping the floor around, and at times staring at us. We finally understood that they wanted us to leave and we hurried up with our pizza, but it was just about 9:00 in the evening! When dining out in Italy you would have a very lonely dining if you show up in a restaurant or pizzeria earlier than 9:00.

  5. Elham says:

    hospital emergencies have 24, 7 business hours in my country.

  6. Jamshid says:

    Hi Elham
    In our Country the hospitals have 24 hours 7 days open when you have enough money .
    when we don’t have enough money we are aloud to die down .
    it’s really true life in our country.


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