English Cafe 138 – Monster Trucks

In English Cafe 138, Jeff talked about monster trucks. If you’ve never seen a monster truck and are having trouble picturing (getting an image in your mind) of what a monster truck looks like, here is a montage (collection of pictures or photos) from a recent monster truck show.

The first truck is exactly like the one Jeff drives to work.

~ Lucy

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4 Responses to English Cafe 138 – Monster Trucks

  1. Gulls says:

    Jeff is a monster um… a monster truck driver or diver, I believe it.

    Maybe that’s the reason he’s bald but not old.

    He’s also known as one of the most personable drivers
    He is very respectful of his fans and often thanks them for the support he has received.

  2. Emile says:

    Dr. Jeff ends every episode with a small comments about Dr Lucy, therefore I m are having trouble picturing Dr. Lucy I hope we could see your image here and I do think Dr Jeff is wright when speaking about you

  3. Grzegorz says:

    Coooool. I want one!!
    Here’s mine Monster Truck(tor) 😉 http://samolotyhelikoptery.pl/rozne/monster_tractor.jpg
    Ps. Actually it’ my boss’es or sholuld i write boss’. (I’m always having problem with those apostrophes :-()

  4. Fred says:

    Not easy to park the car.

    T h a n k y o u v e r y m u c h

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