A Stowaway Cat

630px-Olhos_de_um_gato-3Here is a story that appeared in the Los Angeles Times recently that caught my eye (got my attention).  The headline is:

“Cat stows away (hides and rides without paying) on cross-country (across the country) flight”

This is what happened: The manager of a medical office in Chicago, Illinois, opened a package of supplies that the office had received by a mail delivery service and found a black and white cat inside!  The package had come from Dallas, Texas.

How did Cody, the cat, get into the box?

From the Los Angeles Times:
The cat had jumped unnoticed into the roughly (approximately) 2-by-3-foot box as it was being packed, said Marie Webster of Dallas, whose daughter is Cody’s owner.

“She taped it up, put the label (sticker with name and address) on it and off he went” via (by) UPS (the name of the mail delivery service), Webster said.

When Webster received the call that Cody was safe, she assumed he’d been found wandering (walking around without a destination) in Dallas.

“I didn’t know he was in a suburb (neighborhood with mostly homes) of Chicago!” she exclaimed (said loudly in surprise).

Cody spent the night at a veterinarian’s (animal doctor’s) office and flew back home, this time in a cat carrier (small pet container).
Why did the cat jump into the box?  Where was Cody going?  I think we all know.

No doubt he wanted to ring in the new year (celebrate the start of the new year) with Jeff and stopped in Chicago on his way to Minnesota.  Too bad Cody got waylaid (stopped or detained), but no doubt he’ll make it to Minnesota (or L.A.) sooner or later.  Get ready, Jeff.  He’s coming for you.

In the meantime, I wish you all a Happy New Year and a fantastic 2010!

~ Lucy

* 2010 is pronounced “two thousand (and) ten” or “twenty ten.”

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13 Responses to A Stowaway Cat

  1. Clara says:

    Dear Lucy,
    thanks for your fun story; I wish all of you a peacefull 2010 with a touch of good amusing excitement from time to time.

  2. emiliano says:

    I don´t know if Jeff likes cats, may be he doesn´t but Cody knows nothing about this matter. How may Cody knows if Jeff likes cats or not if is Dallas where the stowaway cat lives?.
    I am sure that Jeff is going to receive another kind of gifts along the Christmas, and you Lucy?, tell us what have you received from your friends and ESL´s fellows?. Something from your California´s pupils?.
    If I would be there that´s for sure that you receive something special from emiliano.
    And you Jeff too, of course, but may be not a cat……, a dog instead?.

    To you Lucy, Jeff, ESL team and all Blog´s friends I wish a Peaceful New Year with Happiness and Work.

  3. rodrigo arellano says:

    Happy new year for all of you dear friends


  4. Muller Jorge says:

    Happy new year. I’m very happy to discovered this site in this year, very good work. I wish happiness for you and your family too.

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  5. dongsung says:

    thank you for fun story Lucy! I think I’ve heard Jeff didn’t like cat too.
    2010,coming new year,is considered a year of white tiger that comes in every 60 years.
    Wish everyone of ESLPod members are happy and good luck.

  6. bartleby says:

    Well , there’s a spanish proverb saying: “aquí hay gato encerrado” wich is very appropriate for this chance.

    By researching in wordreference ( god, how much i owe this page!!) I found that it could be translated as :” there’s something fishy”

    Well , anyway ….. what a cute delivery!!!

    Happy new year !!

  7. Tania says:

    Hi ! Interesting and unexpected the Cody’s story . And his picture is nice .

    Happy New Year to our dear ESLPOD team . Thank you for all you teach us every day .

    Happy New Year , Dr. Lucy ! All the best in 2010 .

    Happy New Year to all our dear blog friends !


  8. peter says:

    pretty unprecedent incidents,but things happen.

    The cat had a narrow scape. A few hours inside a sealed box,the cat has run pretty much the risk of suffocation.Luckily.she is safe now!

    Interesting story Lucy.

    So ,Jeff is off to His home town. Hope you and Jeff have a pretty good family time!!

    Catch you next year Lucy,

  9. Oscar says:

    Happy New Year to you Lucy, Jeff and to all the ESLPOD team. Keep up your great work.

  10. Peter says:


    we have quite few cat-related slangs and proverbs in English. The funniest one is:
    when the cat is away,the mice will play:when the person in authority( boss) is not around, nobody does what they are supposed to( their duties )

  11. bartleby says:

    I knew that one , Peter , and I have to say I have some experience in that matter ;D

    Are you english?


  12. Mesut from Turkey says:

    Dear Lucy and Jeff,

    Like this blog text as you published, can you read it because of some words pronunciation are very difficult for me, of course, some readers.
    You can just read it.

    Thanks for great work.


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