The Strange Effects of Jeff’s Voice

In the emails we get from listeners, people often tell us when and where they listen to the podcast. Many tell us that they listen to the podcast while they commute, traveling between home and work or school.  Others tell us that we keep them company (are with them) when they exercise or run errands (do things like going to the store or post office).  Some people listen to the podcast when they do housework or other chores (routine tasks, usually related to the home).

In addition to telling us how and where they listen to the podcast, some people have told us about the effects of the podcast. A number of (several; many) parents have told us that their babies and young children like to listen to Jeff’s voice. I should tell you that I have been out in public with Jeff, and I have seen how babies react to him.  They love him.  I don’t know if he just has a friendly face or if, because of his bald (without hair) head, babies think he is one of them?  I’m not sure. But parents have written to tell us that babies love listening to Jeff’s voice, often being lulled (made to feel sleepy in a calming way) to sleep.

Do you have babies? Have they fallen under the spell of (felt the magical effects of) Jeff’s voice?

I guess babies aren’t the only ones.  Many people have told us that they listen to Jeff in bed, right before going to sleep.  They tell us that Jeff’s voice has a calming effect on them, helping them fall asleep. We know that Jeff isn’t boring, so what is the secret to Jeff’s soothing (gently calming) powers?  Perhaps Jeff has hypnotic (when people are awake but very sleepy and does whatever someone tells them to do) powers that he doesn’t even know about.

How and where do you listen to the podcast?  Have you had or observed any special effects of Jeff’s voice? Do you think Jeff’s voice has other strange powers we don’t know about?

~ Lucy

Photo Credit: Foucault Pendulum from Wikipedia

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36 Responses to The Strange Effects of Jeff’s Voice

  1. Rogelio says:

    Hello. Some times i listen eslpod at work. I work with my sister and my sister hate Jeff’s voice . She sais ” stop the podcast , i can not stand this guy” . I ‘m sorry Jeff.

  2. Richardson says:

    Jeff’s voice makes my day happier. He is very funny, this is a great power.

  3. HeinzEric says:

    I’m listen to ESL podcasts while commuting at most. So it might be dangerous to get his voice as lulling to sleep. Though his voice isn’t exciting that much I wouldn’t call it boring. The magic of it might be: one can get all things he is saying. His voice – and yours as well, Lucy – for many years now is a kindly campanion of my that I don’t want miss anymore. Thanks for your great job!

  4. Jean says:

    I listening to Jeff many times lying in the bed and several times i fell asleep. And sometimes, when i am a bit nervious it calms me down.
    I am very grateful to Jeff and to you Lucy. Thanks a lot.

  5. Dan says:

    Hello guys,

    I mostly listen to Jeff while commuting.

    Since I still have a radio with the CD in my car, I have to rewrite it every two or three weeks to add new episodes.

    To me Jeff has a fairly nice, warm voice. It could be the voice of a shrink or a priest, something like that.

    I link the soothing effect to the fact that he speaks slowly for us learners.

    As an experiment, I would like to throw my fattest and vicious cat at Jeff’s back while he’s recording a Podcast to hear his reaction.
    That would be really funny. That’s an idea for next year video.

    I would also rec. Jeff behind the wheel. I want to hear if he curses and swears at other drivers like I do sometimes.


  6. Alex says:

    Bingo! Jeff’s voice is definitely the best cure for insomnia! No offence, Jeff, but lets face it.
    P.S. I love Jeff’s cafe series (topics he chooses) and his blog posts – it’s often interesting point of view on some topics (sociology, studies with non trivial conclusions, etc). Keep it up!

  7. Nazanin says:

    I know what you exactly mean dear Lucy
    I listen to your magic pod-casts every where and every time: before going to bed, when I traveling to university and to home. I try so hard to come to Berkeley University for PHD and every morning when I hear Jeff voice “in a beautiful L.A California” I feel that I am in USA.I feel by listening your pod-casts I am doing some thing to achieve the Berkeley
    I wish you a perfect life, full of happiness,smiles, hope,and golden dream coming true
    Thanks for being such a perfect education team
    Wish me luck, 🙂

  8. Tanya says:

    Hello my dear Jeff and Lucy 🙂

    I love Jeff’s voice so much……
    No soothing effect, quite the opposite. While I’m listening I sometimes can laugh quite loudly 🙂

    There’s an interesting thing about Lucy’s voice:) When I listen to her, I’ve got goosebumbs.

    Love you, guys 🙂

  9. Peter says:

    I don’t know about his voice ,Lucy.
    But I do know one thing.
    Jeff has this funny baby face that is why kids like him.

    It goes without saying that he is best at what he is doing that is podcasting 
    He performs the audio lessons perfectly natural. 
    Whatever comes out of him during the audio sessions do not sound forced or anything; every word comes out naturally.
    It feels like he is just chatting with us. Noone ever feels that he is our profossers and the whole set is ,in fact , an audio classroom.

    He has a natural ability for it . I don’t know it is some sort of innate ability of his , or he has developed the skills over years.

    If you ask me ,all the effects he has left on people is for the skill not his voice.

    I like your funny remark about jaff being bald:)) good one sis:))

    I always welcome humorous remark  


    The jokester:))

  10. tania says:

    Hi! I think the topic and especially the title “The Strange Effects of Jeff’s Voice” is a present for Jeff’s birthday on the 24th of September.
    I have always admired Jeff’s voice. But I am not sure what I admire the most: his sweet voice or how much of his soul he offers us every day.
    Thank you.

    All the best to you,


  11. tania says:

    Hi! Anyway I admire and Lucy’s voice, and all ESLPOD team , and all our blog friends.

    All the best to you all,


  12. tania says:

    Hi! Dear Nazanin, I wish you good luck and “your golden dream coming true”.

    Best wishes,


  13. Peter says:

    Nazanin ,

    Berkeley is the name of program you studying or it is the name of a university ?

  14. George Louis says:

    Well, I use to listen to Jeff while I am working, sometimes during all the afternoon. When I’m listening to Jeff and Lucy hours fleww by and working is not so boring. I had never thought about Jeff’s voice as being ‘hypnotic’… but know what?? that’s true haha, 🙂 his voice is great, I really enjoy it, I fell like I already met him in person and that he is an old and good friend of mine. And he is.
    Since I don’t have children, I can’t say If they really like it. But I think they do, better yet when Jeff sings songs such as ”Itsy Bitsy Spider’. From now on I’ll pay attention for that, and when I have a child, she or he is going to listen to Jeff \o\ jejeje will they enjoy?? Idn , I hope so , I will email you to tell ( I think it will take some time but ok) \o\ jejeje

    Buuut how about the strange effects of Lucy’s voice??? it also can be ‘hypnotic’, It’s quite beautiful. I think you also could sing some songs Lucy. haha \o\
    You’re great , congratulations …Best Wishesss !!!!!!!!!!

    George Louis

  15. Oleg says:

    I’ve started listen to ESL Podcast about 4 month ago and I should say that it is that what I was looking for. I listen to Jeff’s voice about 5 hours every day (7 days a week) my work allows me to do that, and fortunately I work 7 days a week 🙂 It’s definitely not making me sleep or something like that instead I’m trying to listen carefully to every single word.

    Thank you Lucy and Jeff!!

    Oleg, NY

  16. Genji says:

    Hi Jeff & Lucy.
    I really love to listen to Jeff’s voice as well as you, Lucy. Thanks.

  17. HILARIO says:

    CHARMING EFFECTS.- Leaving apart the already mentioned “strange” effects, in my opinion the Jeff’s perfect verbalization and his crystal pronunciation gets another effect, this time the effects are over us, poor listeners, general audience, potential English learning people using eslpod. That’s, namely, the tricky effect of self assuming that you can understand everything concerning American English in its natural rate of speed at pronunciation, colloquialisms, organic caption and I don’t know what more included. But when I meet American newcomers, or students doing their year off here in Spain, or I switch on some American broadcasting live radio-TV shows, or even “fresh” internet talkings, I mean real and everyday contents, things are completely different and it looks like you are like starting from scratch once and again. But no worries, no desperation at all.

  18. Maryam says:

    Hi everybody,and
    Hi Jeff and Lucy,
    You two have wonderful voices. When I listen to the podcast , I will be happier and I become interested in doing something which I skipped.
    I think Jeff is a very polite, kind, and interesting person.And It can be understood only from his voice.
    A few days ago, I was sad. I decided to listen to the podcast. The episode I listened to was number 821,Eating contaminated food. I really enjoyed it.
    I think that’s the magic of Jeff’s voice.It changes sadness into happiness.
    The first time I listened to the podcast was when I was sad too. My brothers and I wanted to go out. When I was going outside, the door of our house hit my head. After that I got sad,I thought I was going to die. My brother who wanted to make me happy played one of the episodes for me, and believe it or not, I forgot all about the pain.
    I enjoyed, enjoy , and will enjoy listening to your episodes.

  19. Peter says:

    Hello world,

    My love-affair with eslpod never done in a specific time-slot or schedule:))It is in place some times at all hours of night when I need some bed time stories or lullabies to help me fall sleep,Sometimes ,it happens at wee hours when I m restless, and sometimes, It takes place when my Eslpod blood drops significantly:))
    I m serious guys, listening to Jeff has become an old habit of mine and as you all know , “Old habits die hard.”

    I don’t follow any specific time table to listen to Jeff. I go about it when I feel like it.But ,let me tell you sth , I do It more often than not; the minute a window of oportunity  manifest itself.

    All in all, I m a long time listener. 
    Let me give you an instance: at this very moment , I m walking , rather jugging toward the bus that I ride to work everyday,” It is a good 30 minute walk”
    Yep , your guess is right!  I live out in the stick, the first bus station is quite far away. 
    I Live in the outskirts of the city away from any form of civilization:)

    As I told you guys on several occasions before , I carry Jeff and Lucy everywhere I go: at work, restaurants , coffee houses ,and even hangout places like clubs and bars. I have them right in my pocket pants downloaded in both my very iPod and iPhone.
    Everyday, I start off to work listening to Jeff till I hop on the bus. 
    You know, it is impossible to hear Jeff over the bus noise.
    I got off the bus at the subway station where I have to endure a long boring train ride. But, guess what!! It is not boring anymore since I have Jeff and Lucy  on my side.

    I got on the buss guys;it is time for a serious blog reading

    See ya,

    The bookworm:)))

    P.S.You know what I love about Eslpod best!!!! ” listening to Jeff’s audio lessons is free for all.”

  20. Hook says:

    Jeff’s good to listen to at bedtime. Do not need sleeping pills 🙂

  21. Hana says:

    If I wasn´t married I would really easily fall in love with Jeff (´s voice). 🙂 It has charming timber, I suppose.
    Caution, girls! 😀


  22. Sara says:

    Dear lucy,well I have no time for your lovely voices unless while I commute to work. I can only say I love both of you,pure and deep.Tnx for being here for us.

  23. Dino says:

    Hi guys,

    I don’t know if jeff’s voice has any power but what i can say is that he is the only person that I understand everything that he says, I think I got used to the tone and
    accent of his voice, anyway I love Lucy’s voice, it sounds so sensual!.really!
    I love you guys and thank you for help us.


  24. Rafael says:

    I don´t think Jeff´s voice has a hypnotic power, but sometimes when I listen him, I have fallen in an strong concentrate and once I forgot my keys on the table when leave to work in the morning.

  25. Wenqian says:


    I think he has a very young voice. When i first time listened to the podcast, I thought he was about 35 years old.
    And I very like Jeff’s voice, and he always funny man. Otherwise, I think he is a good man, because he loves his wife very much! from what i heard. Is it true?

  26. meme says:


    I Listen To Jeff when I commute to my work I go to my work walking SO I put the head phone to my ear and start my my day With My lovely ESLPod>>>
    AND in my country we Suffer from power cuts frequently SO when the power OFF I go to Jeff and that Kill the time 😉
    THNX 4 EVERY THING ….. U SAVE MY LIFE …. I like to listen to u >> that when i listen to u i learn every thing from the episode BUT after 2 or 3 days i forgot every thing WHY I DON’T KNOW….. for the record I listen to the episode twice in a day along the week , and when i listening i write every new terms or words that Jeff’s explain????!!!!

    SO I hope to B better than never

    I LOVE U GUy

  27. Eduardo Ramalho says:

    Unbelievable!!! I thought I was the only one to feel this magic and mystic gift of Jeff. I work offshore and whenever I go to bed, I turn on my IPod and listen to Jeff. Not that I just only listen to the podcasts before falling asleep I listen to them when I have a chance to do it in a daily basis. However, when I cannot sleep I just let his voice run though my ears and in a moment I fall asleep. And man… believe me… I am not a baby.

  28. Ziba says:

    Hi Lucy,

    I believe that Jeff has special AND exceptional voice. Do you know why? Because when I listened to his voice for the first time- it was about Mint English Café 165- I was captured all of my attention and I enjoyed to listen it although I didn’t know most of his words. After that I continue listening until now.

    His voice is warm and friendly which I’ve never got bored. He has a sense of humor which encourages me to listen him more and more. Don’t think that I exaggerate, It’ the fact.

    I have an MP3 and l usually listen to Jeff when I commute to work or while I’m doing housework. Life with the voice of Jeff is interesting.

    Bye the way Lucy, your voice is very nice and friendly, too. I like it. And I want to thank you and Jeff and all the pod cast team.
    Your work is admirable. Please continue.

  29. emiliano says:

    Let me say Lucy I love Jeff´s voice as one of the best I have ever listened to but not even because his English accents is so perfect, so good, so easy, but for
    the reason he gives me peace in times I was not so good because I was really sad when my mother died.
    His voice gave me the necessary to be absolutely hooked to him, to his cafes being sos incredible good told and afterward to be here regularly as I was for

    My dear good teachers Jeff and Lucy both of you are the one, the best I ever met.

    Nice dear Jeff, you have a gift of God for our pleasure, your voice, your accent, your humor, your friendship and a lot of things more.

    My best to you too dear Lucy as you have several qualities as every one of us know quite well.


  30. Peter says:


    Here is a  crazy thought. you know , we always forget about the fact that we have another wonderful professor  who helps us through our learning process. 
     He  shows up every now and then on blog  with his expression-riddled posts and have us enjoy his unique ,interesting way of writing.

    Yes , I m talking about our dear warren.
    Guys , It just occurred to me that we never had him talk to us through eslpod.

    Let’s ask Jeff and Lucy that if they see fit , they work sth here and let us here warren’s voice as well 

    It would be cool , wouldn’t it ??

  31. Anderson says:

    Hi Lucy and Jeff!

    good job! I love it.

    At anywhere i listening ESLpod: home… work… driving…

    With your podcasts, i’m improving my english.



  32. Rafael says:

    I have a niece and when I put my earsphones on her ears she laughs a lot!

    She is only one year.

  33. jalex says:

    Hi Lusy, Jeff!

    I love Jeff’s voice! It’s calming (isn’t boring, isn’t!!!) and funny and very friendly. I enjoy greatly of Jeff’s pronunciation 🙂

    I admire you work! Thank you very much!


  34. Richard says:

    Hi everybody ,I’m one of so many guys that one day run into ESl podcast and since this moment .First and foremost ,the truth was that I was greatly impacted by his gently and warm
    voice that provides us a good feeling of calm and relax that contributes to give the learners what we need , I mean the perfect atmosphere to be addicted to him ,thus get a gradual
    improvement.That seems to be something trifling but the fact is that his voice has something special ,so special that since then ,I remained spellbound by him and Lucy.I’m working with
    partners using theirs dialogues to practice conversations and it works really well.Every day when I commute , listening to ESL Podcast dialogue while I’m driving is a must.It has become a need.
    I take advantage of every moments to fill any died time .You’ve been part of my life ,really.And I’m really grateful for that .Thanks for your work Jeff and Lucy and keep giving us that little
    oasis of peace and wisdom.

  35. Val says:

    I listen to Jeff while I’m exercising. I usually like to do more than one useful thing at a time. So I’m always in good shape and my English is gradually improving. And, of course, I enjoy Jeff’s voice and his perfect pronunciation.

  36. Betty says:

    Dear Lucy

    You have asked a million dollar question.

    You want to find out why we all have fallen under the spell of “The Strange Effects of Jeff’s Voice”?

    If we can tell you the answer here, someone spying on this blog will steal the recipe and imitate Jeff.

    No, we do not want to help produce a fake Jeffs

    I did not know that so many people rely on Jeff’s voice to help them fall asleep. I thought I was the only one on earth who is clever enough to discover this drug free sleeping pill.

    In fact, I listen to you and Jeff when I do my cooking most of the time.

    Myo Ko Ko did not think it is right for us to do something else while we listen to your podcasts. He said we should pay full attention while we listen. He did not know that 24 hours a day was not enough for us busy parents. At least listening while cooking is better than not listening at all.

    Thanks again for this “strange” question.

    Best regards

    Betty 🙂

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