What Will They Think of Next?

This is the time of year that newspapers and magazines compile year-end lists. One list that caught my eye (got my attention) was in the New York Times Magazine a couple of weeks ago.

This is a list of patents (registered ideas or inventions with the government) that Americans received in 2007. Some of these are clear from their name, but others are not so clear. Some may be good ideas and some are just…strange.

  • Chewableimages2.jpeg (something you can bite and eat) toothbrush
  • Refrigerator with television
  • Inflatable (filled with air) umbrella
  • Automatic celebrity-face-matching-and-attractiveness-rating machine
  • Instant snowman
  • Reverse sitting commode (toilet)
  • Folding coffee maker
  • Cremation urn (a container for the ashes of your body after you die and your body is burned) convertible (changeable) into a birdhouse
  • Combined toy rabbit and hat
  • Inter-toe (between toes) towel

What do you think? Would you have use for any of these?

~ Lucy

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5 Responses to What Will They Think of Next?

  1. The world is full of little genius. It´s true that among too much stranger and crazy ideas show up some good ideas.
    I´m thinking to invent a earphone for to learn English sleeping… LOL
    but I still don´t know how to do that. LOL

    Take care


  2. emiliano says:

    And what happens with the ashes? first I suppose somebody has to throw them away….., but where?. Or may you leave also the ashes in the birdhouse?
    Yes, it is amazing, in all my life it should be impossible for me to imagine such a handy sense as to invent a thing like that cremation urn / birdhouse.
    The other things I don’t understand half of them….Folding coffe maker? for what?….to carry it to the office?, and instant snowman? what is that?
    Really I do not understand anything, I am a very silly person that can’t imagine what is the use of so many patents, so it is my fault.
    Lucy, sure aren’t you cheating us?………

  3. Kobe.Su says:

    i remember that really long time ago i heard from TV news that ppl from somewhere now can make ashes turn to a fabulous diamond ring, so you can always be with your family member who had passed by wearing it. the ring does look good, i would like to have one if it sells at a jewellery store.
    But all my friends felt it was a werid creazy idea.

    hi ED, i’d like to have your patent someday : )

  4. Nadia says:

    Well, I think that sometimes when a new invention appears to us it may seem kind of weird or crazy, but once it starts to get more popular it can become a regular/normal stuff to use day after day. In this list case though, I think there are very weird ideas or should I say that most of them are not very usefull? I think the refrigerator with tv and the inflatable umbrella could be usefull …. or not? hahaha! Always remember that something that can appear creepy to you can be normal to somebody else!! Happy New Year to all of you!!

  5. Sam says:

    Personaly, i think that refrigerator with television is very convenient. But others… Humanity are crazy in a somethink

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