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Philippe Restaurant in Los Angeles

A couple of weeks ago, I finally went to Philippe restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. I say “finally,” because Philippe is an L.A. institution (long-established and respected business) and I’ve heard about it from many people for many, many years. … Continue reading

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A Vanity (Plate) Fair

Today’s English Cafe #114 talks about vanity plates, specialized license plates that you can put on your car. One of the interesting things about these plates is that they often try to spell a word using the fewest letters possible, … Continue reading

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Backing Up Your Computer

In a recent poll (questionnaire of people’s opinions) done by a major technology company, 35% of adult computer users in the U.S. and the U.K. don’t back up their data (stored or saved information). That means that they don’t make … Continue reading

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Interview about ESL Podcast on Czech Website

I was interviewed by a website in the Czech Republic about ESL Podcast. If you are interested in reading the interview from earlier this year, you can read it here. The questions and answers are all in English. I talk … Continue reading

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