Heal the Bay

SewerFor the past 25 years or so, many people living in Los Angeles have tried to protect the area of water near the city called Santa Monica Bay. One such organization is Heal the Bay. To heal is normally a word we use when talking about people who are sick and then get better. But here it is used to mean improve and clean up the water in the bay near the beaches of Los Angeles.

One way of helping this is to ask people not to dump (get rid of, dispose of) water that is not clean down the sewer drains. Sewers are the pipes that take water and waste away from homes and streets. Streets have drains or openings in the pipes where rain water can go. To drain also means to take liquid out of something, such as the water out of a bath (the little hole where the water goes down in a sink or bathtub is also called a drain).

On many sewer drains close to the ocean, there are signs telling people not to put dirty water (oil, soapy water, etc.) into this sewer drain: “No Dumping – This Drains to Ocean.” (Normally, we would say “drains into the ocean,” but they didn’t have a lot of room on the sign!) Notice the picture of the fish, reminding people to be careful to protect the fish and animals.

Many thanks to Matteo Mescalchin of Digital Movie, a professional photographer who took this picture on his recent trip to Los Angeles.


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  1. emiliano says:

    I would like to know Jeff how are the buildings near the beaches, Big? small? are there apartments?. Which legal restictions are there to built them on the coast, which is the minimum distance from the ocean where the houses may be constructed, and also which is the way to drain that buildings, where the dirty water from that houses near the beach or the coast are going?.
    I think that is an interesting question, because when I have seen the coast here in my country, just the Mediterranean coast I always have these questions in mind, and I ask myself how it should be in other places?.
    It is always a misery where the dirty water is going off when very big buildings are so near to the beaches or the cost.

  2. rob hoe says:

    Hi emiliano

    Here you are – the Zoning District Map of Santa MoniCA [link removed]

    You´ll find further information about the oceanfront zoning district also on the page of the City of Santa Monica [link removed]

    and don´t forget !,- smoking at the beach is forbidden by city law, but it´s a wonderful place for a holiday

    BR, Robert

  3. rob hoe says:

    Hi emiliano

    For some weird reason – the don´t want us to add links here, even when it prevent us from essential communication about the topic Zoning District Map of Santa MoniCA

    Here the hints: S-anta M-onica GOV-ernment has the adress: smgov net

    target word is: Planning Permits/Zoning

    and then go to Zoning Map

    and further Zoning Ordinance

    I guess there are numerous reasons why there´s a blog and they don´t let us embed useful essential links, maybe there was some misuse.

    What are the reasons ??, I can´t find any policy

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  4. emiliano says:

    Thank you Rob I am looking for it, because I think it is interesting to know about how are the laws about conserving the ocean cost in other places.
    It has to be marvellous to be in a beach where smoking is forbidden, I like it very much.

  5. emiliano says:

    Hi Rob,
    thank you again I found it, it is amazing. It has to be a very beautiful city with so large promanade.
    It has been easy with your so good indications.

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