ESL Podcast in Diario Financiero (Chile)

There was a nice article today in the Spanish-language financial newspaper, Diario Financiero, published in Santiago, Chile, about learning languages on the Internet. ESL Podcast is mentioned in the second part of the article, which talks about ways of learning different languages on the web. If you can read Spanish, you may be interested in it.


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4 Responses to ESL Podcast in Diario Financiero (Chile)

  1. emiliano says:

    Yes, a nice article, and in a very nice Spanish. I think that now Spanish lenguage is better written and spoken in South America than here in Spain.
    It is just a pitty that even our politicians ( the majority of them) or tv., radio, speakers don’t speaks a good Spanish in Spain.
    So, I like more to listen everyday to Jeff and Lucy speak so good English, and I learn a little more day by day.
    It is amazing to listen old songs that I have listen so many times before without understanding anything, now the songs are new for me………what a pleasure when you know what they are singing about. Thanks a lot both of you Jeff and Lucy, and congratulations about the news of ESL in “Diario Financiero de Santiago de Chile”.
    Also I have to add that people from Chile speaks with a sound that I like very much.

  2. emiliano says:

    Talking about how badly our politicians speak Spanish here in Spain I have two examples (I could mention dozens or hundred of mistakes when they are talking in public or at the audio visual medios) to ilustrate our ESL friends.
    a) one of the second leaders said twice o three times “dar pabolo a los rumores” (to fuel rumours) instead of “dar pábulo a los rumores”
    b) the first leader pronounces all words that end at D as endend at Z. Examples Madriz instead o Madrid, or Felicidaz instead of Felicidad…..and so on.
    ¡Incredible but true¡
    I am ashamed with this lack of culture of the principal heads of my country, it is really an history withouth end.

  3. ESLPodcast Google Group says:

    My sincere congratulations ESLPod Team.

  4. Begoña says:

    I listen every day your podcast, I can affor english guide but one day I´ll do it. Thanks a lot Jeff and Lucy It´s a pleasure to listen you.

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