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Your Office May be Getting in the Way of Your Work

If you’ve worked in an American office in the past 10 to 15 years, you may have noticed a change in its configuration (how things are arranged, including furniture and equipment). In recent years, large office spaces have been built … Continue reading

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Dynamic Pricing

One thing we are accustomed to (used to) when we shop is prices going up and down with sales and seasonal (different time of the year) deals. But what about prices changing frequently, as much as every 10 or 15 minutes? … Continue reading

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Yelp It!

In the old days, we learned about new restaurants, stores, and other businesses through word of mouth (one person telling another). We still do that these days, but many people have taken that online (on the Internet) to websites that … Continue reading

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No Learning English at Work, Please

Many businesses worry about their employees wasting time (not doing what you’re supposed to be doing; being unproductive) at work when they use the Internet. A common solution is to install (put in) special software that will block (prevent; stop) … Continue reading

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Fake Online Reviews

In the old days, if we wanted to get a recommendation for something, we would talk to our friends and acquaintances (people we know, but not well). These days, we go to the Internet. If you want to know about … Continue reading

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New Markets for Hollywood Films

Summer is in full swing (in the middle of something, usually with a lot of activity) and the summer blockbusters, or those movies likely to make a lot of money, are out. I recently read an interesting story about Hollywood … Continue reading

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Advertising in Schools

You are a public school principal (director) and school funding (money) is down. You have a difficult choice: Eliminate (cut) the school’s music, art, or sports program or allow advertisements to be place in the school. What would you do? … Continue reading

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The Gourmet Lunch Truck

You drop out of law school. You’re a disappointment to your parents. You spend your days sitting on the couch (sofa) watching TV.  That doesn’t sound like the start of a successful business, does it? However, it is the beginning … Continue reading

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Hiring Americans to Head Universities in Other Countries

I recently read something surprising: In the past few years, many universities in other countries have hired Americans for top-level jobs. For example, in 2009, a provost (senior administrator) at one of the top universities in the U.S.–Yale–will become the … Continue reading

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Going to the Podcast Expo

This past weekend I attended (went to) the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, California, which is about an hour from Los Angeles. Expo is short for exposition, which is the same as a conference or convention. An expo … Continue reading

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