NEW Daily English and Cultural Lessons – February 2017

icon_51812New lessons are released the first day of each month.

Here are a few of the new lessons available for February 2017.

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DAILY ENGLISH 1284 – Discovering a Minor Theft

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “value” and “to nip (something) in the bud.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “Petty Theft and Grand Theft.”
“Theft is always a crime, but there are ‘degrees’ (different levels of seriousness) of theft…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

Topics: The Righteous Brothers – “You’ve Got That Loving Feeling” and “Unchanged Melody;” ingrate, malcontent, and ungrateful; to allow versus to authorize; pronouncing morning versus mourning

In the Learning Guide:  Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear).
In “What Insiders Know,” you will read about “Types of Soundtrack Recordings.”
“A ‘soundtrack’ is any ‘recorded’ (able to be played repeatedly) music that ‘accompanies’…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

DAILY ENGLISH 1285 – Types of Commendations

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “entry” and “ribbon.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “Common Elementary and Secondary School Academic Awards.”
“In the United States, schools often have “assemblies” (times when all students…”- READ MORE in the Learning Guide

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7 Responses to NEW Daily English and Cultural Lessons – February 2017

  1. emiliano says:

    Good morning everyone, no body here yet?
    So busy you are?
    Well I hope at least you have enough time to listen to the podcast, that´s one of the
    best chance to learn English, but it is not enough you have to read and to write.
    Do you do that?
    Well ir seems to me that no.
    Only the new members, Antonio and Mari Carmen may be other one that now I could not remember the names do that.
    So, the three subjects area important.

    Listening, understanding, speaking, reading and writing.
    That´s all for the moment.

    I don´t want to speak about the so bad politician leaders we have now in the
    Here in my country, in Europe, and of course in America.

    So, just talk about funny subjects.

    Last week I have seen La La Lan, genial film, I love the movie and the girl it
    is just for the Oscar, that´s for sure.

    So long friends. emiliano

  2. Mary Carmen says:

    Good evening out there!
    Hey Emiliano, I listen, read and write some English but I speak much less than I should. You know, sometimes it is not easy to join a conversation group, even less (less again!) on the internet for a person like me, who seems to have limited skills in interactive devices. Also, I am often much more into listening than chatting. Even less (three times!), I sometimes dislike small talking, as we say in Spanish, hablar por hablar (would it be translated as “talking just for talking” or “merely talking”?). Then, I usually prefer the sound of Silence (literally, not the song).
    However, it would be great to find a way to exchange ideas or have some conversation and to practice speaking. Let’s say a kind of audio blog, easy to use and free.
    ESlPodcast… it could be an idea…
    Bye bye, Mari Carmen

  3. emiliano says:

    There is a phrase of one wise man that I think it was a Chinee Budish who said
    “if you have not an important or wise word to say it is better to be in silence”.

    Frequently we talk too much and may be I have done so before. Now remaining
    at home without my love Cuca, alone, there are hours of silence but yes, to be in silence even without music it is good and mind remains quiet and clear.
    In my other life when I was working out home I worked in a Bank being frequently in a table talking with tourist, changing money or travel checks, so I practiced the English a lot.

    Not any problem about talking in English, but if you Mari Carmen may understand what is said I think that is enough and the most difficult task of all.
    If you understand, I repeat, you may talk as soon as you want that´s for sure.

    I could say it because I have traveled now and then and I have the experience of knowing it.

    Your write really and absolutely well, congratulations dear Mari Carmen.
    Of course I don´t know your age but being a young man I talk very few, being old I talk just a lot if I have the occasion, why? I can´t explain but it is frequently so.

    Do you remember the old tebeos in Spanish,…..”el abuelo cebolleta” always
    talking and telling stories to his grandchildren?,
    I am not because I have not grandchildren but sure I would be if there were some.

    My best to you Mari Carmen, and be sure you write really very well.

  4. Mary Carmen says:

    Of course I remember “el abuelo cebolleta”, because part of, let’s say, my audiovisual childhood was in black and white!

    Hundreds of thanks, Emiliano, for your words.

    Best wishes,
    Mari Carmen

  5. emiliano says:


    As a cat I could see and listen nearly everything which happens in the house, they think I can´t
    because it seems I am always sleeping.
    But do humans know how cats sleep?. Of course not.
    I feel when Emiliano is going through troubles, when he is sad, when is is worried about some things that sincerely I don´t understand. Why humans are so complicated?. He has shelter, a bed to sleep, free time as he is always indoors, and having all his necessities covered he use to be worried I don´t know why or what for.
    What is inside Cuca´s mind?. This is a little more complicated, women have their minds more closed for a cat like me. Some how they are differents from men, her mind is not easy or simple as it is the mind of a man.

    She use to suffers in silence, she doesn´t like to complain nearly about nothing. Some times despite she is not in good health she doesn´t said a single word about her pain. It could be because she knows that Emiliano is always worried about her health.
    Everything here at home use to be quiet, not too much tv., twice or three times only along the day, but there is always some little noise they called music. It is nice, but Emiliano likes to listen to this noise along hours. I don´t care, after so many time I got acustomed to this kind of sound

    Outside home there is a world I don´t know anything about. I could see a big space through something clear, I don´t know what is it, where some time pass other people that I am not interested at all. Different noises come from outside, voices, big boxes that moves up and down without any sense to a cat. The worst it is they make too much noise, other time they remains hours without any movement, it is crazy. People come, open little doors and go into the big box, and after a little while the box started to move making that horrible noise that I don´t like absolutely.

    There is nothing of my interest outsie, only the sun, I like to be after the clear space taking the sun, yes I know that is taken the sun because that is how Emiliano and Cuca call it when I was under that light so warm and agreeble. But where is the sun?. Lately I don´t see it, but today here it was again and I was happy close to the clear light that warm me so much. Doing that I am happy.

    They use to say, look to Gatufo he is taken the sun, and that is the reason I know what taken the sun is. Yes, there is something that comes from outside and it is the only thing I like.

    The best site of the house it is on the lap of Emiliano, over there I feel sure. He use to touch me
    and it makes me feel happy, loved, his hands are so soft. I would like to play with him more times but he seems to be occupied always. With not enough time to play with me and it make me feel sad some times.

    Again hot is here, why?. Too much for me, I don´t know how this my world goes on. Some times
    there is too much hot, and other too much cold, and I can´t see any reason for that.
    Usually I like hot, but it seems that when there is too much hot Emiliano doesn´t like to have me on his lap. He move up and down continuosly having not a moment to rest, to be quiet in peace and I dislike him going from a place to another. Sit down and do not move I would like to say him in his extrange language that I can´t pronounce.

    Why do they need to talk so much one with another, it is so easy to know what is happening inside their minds, at least for me. It seems, after all, they are not so smart as I am, as cats use to be. We don´t need to talk, we read the feelings of our groupt, of our similar cats. Of course, these big creatures are different from me, despite they have to be cat also, or not, how cats are?.who knows?. Never I have seen one.
    They call me cat, but they call themselves humans, what could be the differences…..well I don´t know and don´t care at all.
    Cat? Humans? What is the difference?. I like to say somethings to Emiliano and sometimes he seems to know what I mean, but other time he doesn´t, it depends of the day or the humor he has.

    I love Emiliano and Cuca, they love me too, I am happy at their side so for me it is more tan enough.
    I have my wáter, my food always in my will, I do wich ever thing I like to do, I clim up their bed and like to sleep together, just in the middle and they say nothing.
    Emiliano makes a big sound when he sleeps but I like the sound, it makes me happy as I know he is happy resting for the next day.

    Life as a cat here is good, very good indeed.

    I would tell you more things about these my people, about this my house, and of course this my life together with Emiliano and Cuca.


    This was written some time ago, Years may be, of course by Gatufo my cat.


  6. emiliano says:

    Well, as you know I am a fan of the best site to learn English
    and just today we have a talk about “what means to be happy”
    In the blog there are friends from all round the world.
    Every one could write on the blog and say what we think about the
    theme or about wich ever thing we like to say.
    Talking about Happiness, and what it can be to feel ourselves
    happy in our life, two friends of ESL podcast translate two poems of one of modern poets from Turkey.
    I like very much his poems, and these friends discover a new poet
    for me. Thanks dear friends, let me put here your translations
    from Turkish to English, I do think your work has to be here in
    gatufo´s blog.
    Thanks dear Nermin and Hulya, you are great.
    Sorry if you don´t like to be here…..but I can´t pass from your work.
    It´s absolutely new for me, and I like to share the new poet with
    other friends of this site.
    el gatufo.
    Hulya (one of the Blog friends…Turkish I think)
    Hapiness is living simple for me and there is a poem which I like very much .
    Poem belongs to a very famous Turkish Poet called Can Yücel
    I tried to translate it for you and hope I didnt ruin it
    Will live simple
    For instance, as simple as drinking water when you are thirsty
    It will be four, when you multiply two by two
    The device in your hand will have only one button;
    One button like one sentence;
    Like saying “I love you” without beating around the bush.
    A simple kiss will do;
    A Simple warm kiss
    And all your days,all your dreams will be filled with that
    You will do the fight of your life for that kiss,
    You will get the whip of your life for that kiss.
    Pumpkin seeds (note:we eat them for fun) will give you what the numbers cant
    A crooked letter with hand writing will be your most valuable paper;
    That you carry with you all the time,
    That you cant discard .
    Will get dressed in two movements,
    Will get undressed in two movements.
    Wakening and the time between wakening and stepping outside will be short;
    the time between hugging warm arms and set out on a journey will be short.
    Even you will understand what you have written;
    Even your looks will tell itself.
    Expectations will be simple.
    Hapiness will wait in front of Mount Kaf.
    You will find the longest friendship novel in a whistle;
    Or a drop of tear will make you live the cheapest love novel.
    While you close your eyes you will pray for the health of your pancreas.
    You will do the sign of victory while you come out of the toilet.
    It will be a toast with cheese that you are looking for on the table that you dont know where to sit,
    Your most valuable fork will be your your fingers.
    Again, the same fingers will solve the most difficult equations.
    The sword of The Great Alexander will stand next to your lawyer guideline.
    A Philharmonic Orchestra wont be able to give you the hapiness of “fa Dieses” that played correctly on a plywood guitar
    It will be enough to know until the first “A” of Make Up.
    The most expensive parfume of yours will smell cleanliness
    You will be able to say “I dont know” when you dont know and it will be very normal not to know it.
    It wont cause you too much trouble to be able to say “I dont want to”.
    Your watch will show only the time;
    You will use your phone only to call.
    A small notebook will be your computer
    You will live simple, simply.
    As if your life will end one day
    Nermin: (another ESL friend, from where? I don´t really know but
    of course a good friend for all us ESL blogers.)
    Hello,EslPod listeners.
    This poem is for you.It is a translation but I hope you’ll enjoy.It is one of my favourite poems.


    Don’t become attached
    You don’t attach to one thing blindly
    You don’t say ‘I cant live without her’
    Don’t say it
    Because you can.
    It is not necessary to use such cliched words
    Don’t love too much for example. If she loves you less, your heart will break
    And usually, she loves you less than you love her anyway
    If you don’t love too much, you won’t get hurt a great deal
    If you don’t possess much, you won’t be possessed either..
    You don’t possess the building you work in, the table, the telephone, your cards
    Don’t even own your hands and your legs
    You behave as if they are not yours.
    Then if you don’t have anything, you won’t be afraid of losing.
    You act as if you could live without them
    For example, don’t have much furniture in your home
    So you could walk clumsily around.
    If you insist on having something
    You will have the places where rooftops join the skies
    You have the sky
    Or the sun, the moon or even the stars
    For example the northern star, it will be yours
    You should say ‘It is mine’
    If you insist on possessing something
    Rainbows will be yours for example
    If you want to belong to something, belong to the colours
    For example to orange or to pink
    Or you will belong to paradise
    You have to live not possessing much
    And not belonging to a great deal
    You will live as if life will slip from your palms at anytime
    And at the same time, it is yours forever.
    You will live attached to life
    By its edge
    This is another wise comment from another bloger of ESL Podcast
    Now about happiness.I like VERY MUCH TONY ROBBINS article:
    I want to share one part of this article with you…..

    “The Answer
    And therein lies the answer. If you aren’t growing, you are dying.
    It turns out that happiness that is true and lasting is quite simply this: progress.
    Progress = Happiness! If you are growing, and giving, you will be happy.
    If you are moving forward in your life, if you are progressing personally,
    professionally, emotionally, spiritually—you will be happy. It is only in stagnation
    that we wilt like a flower.”
    To be happy is the best task we may done
    and sure we will share this happiness among
    people round us.


  7. emiliano says:

    Welcome to English as a Second Language Podcast
    The best web site to learn English….Thanks Jeff/Lucy/Warren
    gatufo (Emiliano)….yes, it´s like home for me along more than seven years.
    All are like friends.

    Love the sunshine of the meadow,
    Love the shadow of the forest,
    Love the wind among the branches,
    And the rain-shower and the snow-storm,
    And the rushing of great rivers.
    The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    Love the smile on your face
    Love the softness of your voice
    Love the nights of Winter together
    Love the touch of your fingers on my skin
    Love the noise of your breath sleeping
    Love the sound of your heart against mine.
    Thanks dear poet, may be you inspire me with
    your kind words.


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