Podcasts this Week (March 17, 2014)

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ESL Podcast 982 – Home Shopping

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “off” and “steal.”
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English Cafe 442

Topics: American Presidents – Woodrow Wilson; junction versus intersection versus interchange; proprietary versus patent; to bluff (one’s) way into a secure area

In the Learning Guide:  Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear).
In “What Insiders Know,” you will read about “Presidential Illnesses.”
“Being the leader of any ‘nation’ (country) would be a ‘stressful’ (causing a lot of worry and tension) job…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

ESL Podcast 983 – Breaking Bad Habits

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “to break” and “to share.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “Common Bad Habits in Conversation.”
“Many people have bad habits in ‘conversation’ (speaking with other people)…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

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5 Responses to Podcasts this Week (March 17, 2014)

  1. Dan says:


    I have noticed a change.

    Under podcast 982 Home Shopping there is no description of it, instead there is shown the time of it.

    I was thinking; what do you guys think about putting a like button beside every podcast?

    Listening to Jeff telling us how popular machines for making Pop Corn were back then, I have to say something about Pop Corn.

    The other day I was looking at this video made from a couple in the US. I believe they are in the State of New Mexico, and while talking they were eating pop corns.

    I do not know why, but looking at them I thought tomorrow I buy corn!

    At the supermarket I had to make a very difficult decision: package of corn, or the one going into the microwave?

    After thinking about it quite a long time, I went with the corn. The package for the microwave was suspicious.

    It has been so many years since I made pop corns, I had to read the instruction.

    That was very simple; a spoonful of olive oil and three spoons of corn.

    I like it when they pop up. It almost seems magic thing. first a few pops then looks like a machine gun.

    I was not very happy with the result of it. Maybe I had to add more salt. Next time.


  2. emiliano says:

    Dear Tania, and every one, now it is emiliano´s turn.


    Feelings on this last summer.

    I get the feeling you are Emiliano pissed all day, you do nothing more than write with some fury seeming to hate everything around you, judges, politicians, unemployment, the crisis, the lack of hope, start have a boring broken record.
    Sure at this rate you will lose readers who feel depressed by the amount of bad news and for your continuous anger.

    You should tell us more fun things, anecdotes, what you do, what makes Gatufo, how you feel you look good in the world around you in order to optimism and hope it is what we need to transmit when you write.

    You’re right for once, whoever you are, unnamed interviewer, storytelling, or curious and heavy that explores our lives and propagates the Web. Are you not ashamed to be so nosy?. Having our little secrets and you can always taking off from inside?.

    No, I’m not ashamed, it is my mission to dig inside people. Like I do with you doing with others.
    There are many like me who are dedicated just to that, to dig, to help the emotions to surface and people like you Emiliano, Cuca or other link to download the pack and I release them from your hidden feelings.
    Psychiatrists we network, we have no name, only awareness and imperceptible entity for most people.
    Restless  you are and so worry as we have to meet and make a therapeutic work with you and with other like you my friend.

    Interestingly, no idea you were at heart a good person and not a nosy jerk, as you usually look like.

    Emiliano Now it’s your turn, you have to tell us something that interests us about yourself, which I think is going to be difficult.

    Think about it, my life is not fun or varied precisely and I doubt that matters to anyone, but make an effort following your advice.

    To begin and not well precisely, I have a terrible flu for about ten days, I have been coughing so much pain because of back pain that keeps me awake at night.
    If I’m lying is like needles pricking me in the lower back while I cough, all I can not sleep in my bed. I have attached to a easy chair is in the room and that’s my bedroom for seven days or more.
    Instead of being next to Cuca the Gatufo´s cat is on my side all night.  
    The poor cat is very puzzled when I feel cough, if he runs over and then sits back down on my legs or attached to my belly. 
    Gatufo is overnight at me without abandon or even a moment, and then say Cats are selfish, this at least looks like it hit me when I was born and it does not come off for a moment.  The most loving thing in the world is my Gatufo.

    About me want to tell you, I’m a retired man, usually indoors for days. There is nothing outside, on the street I’m interested too, so I can go weeks without leaving home.

    Isabel takes care of everything now that he has returned from Peru. Does the purchase, go to the pharmacy, preparing food, take out the trash, do my errandsand finally has become essential.  
    I say that is the housekeeper, we laughed a lot at the jokes.

    Right now I’m waiting, usually comes to new Cuca raise first and then prepares breakfast for three. We have our nice chat by the morning and points to the meeting. 
    Gatufo is always by my side or up on my legs.

    A Isabel does not like Gatufo climb on me when we are eating and scolds him.
    I want a lot but she have to check.

    Retired now, my work before hiring Elizabeth, and after an infernal year in 2012  she arrived like fall from Heaven and now handle all my tasks that were previously done by me and by Cuca before me.

    Life in Madrid is very hard for anyone who has to earn a wage, blessed if you work, it is almost a privilege to work in this country. And if you have normal is going to be an hour or more to get to the job every morning.
    Distances are huge, traffic is hell, and the subway is crowded.
    When I worked in the center of the capital got up at half past six to get to the office at eight o’clock.
    Live within the city, with metro and bus coming and the office was in the middle of Madrid, Retiro park attached to. However I was almost an hour to get if I wanted to be five or ten minutes before eight.

    I used to come early in the office, an empty office was waiting for me, aired by opening all windows and for a while I sank into the peace of starting a day quietly without anyone around me, slowly companions were arriving and I was sitting in my room with all the files on the table.
    The first hours were the best, arrived with great enthusiasm because I had raised two or more hours .

    I enjoyed working the last I had in the bank, foreign trade had incidents. Import and export credits, documentary remittances, guarantees, warranties, document review guaranteeing delivery of the goods.
    Review of documents coming from other foreign banks, finally a job that I liked and that practically had to do all mornings writing and reading in English.

    Good times for work and companionship, good times are gone now. Everything is competition inside the works, computer work, and infighting little creative to survive in the gigs.
    A disgusted by what I see when I go to a bank or other sites and chat with employees.

    Doing this work interesting, specialized in need to have a good knowledge foreign trade bank gave me the opportunity to prejubilarme with 52 years and certainly take the opportunity.
    A waste without specialized workers at an age where they can go a long way and make a good work.

    It was not my problem, the salary is charged at home without glue a stick to water, make ends meet and salary paid without going a single day in the office .
    Freedom to read, walk, listen to music and learn computer. I wanted to write, ha ha, good. Write?, And that on that?. Easy to say, write a book, but as’. To whom would interest my wanderings through life and other issues I lacked imagination.

    By now more than enough, I’ve told a lot of things I guess interest to very few friends of the blog.
    Another day a little more.
    Thanks, greetings.

  3. emiliano says:

    Yes, dear friends, I wanted to write when I got my freedom of being at home with the salary doing……nothing.

    Far of thinking I was going to write after all, just here in ESL blog first and after in gatufo´s blog by my own
    good or bad creation. Without ESL blog, never I´ll do try to write something more, that is for sure.

    Yes, life seems to be perfect, 52 years old, the salary every month at home, lot of free time to learn, English,
    computers, windows software, and so forth.
    Cuca was doing everything at home with just a little help from me, her husband, till she got her bad illness.

    We could go several countries like France, Portugal, Italy, Turky, Check Republic, Austria, Germany and we
    have could go to England and Scotland, but she started to be always very tired, not good, till finally her
    disease was over her.
    Everything in our life changed, we have to bought a new flat ( a spensive one with elevator) from the nothing.
    Have to go near the sea while the flat was built in Madrid, lived without nearly anything as we have to save
    a lot of money, and so foth.
    The poor man, emiliano, have to take everything under his hands, the house chores, the house adminatration,
    the shops, cooking, cleaining, doing just nearly all the necessary to give Cuca what she needed to live and
    have some confort.
    Yes it was a happy time after all, we spent some years close to the sea absolutely alone in a big house with
    more than 25 condominiums where no people lived in winter time. In summer the house was full of people
    from all round Spain and other countries, but in autumn or winter the house was empty. Only an English
    couple lived in the same level than us and we have a nice good realationship with them.They didn´t speak
    a word of Spanish, so emiliano spoke just a lot with them, even Cuca without speaking English could understand
    somethin, and at the end Cuca taught Eyleen (the woman´s name) some Spanish along a year or more.

    Despite the illness of my dear Cuca we had such a good time living together, far away from Madrid, looking
    at the sea every day, having healthy baths /only emiliano as Cuca couldn´t ) and enjoyed every day´s life
    as it was the last day to live.
    Cuca is a very strong person that gives always the best of her everybody, I always admired her but since this
    time she started to be ill I could admired her even too much more.
    After coming to Madrid, first 2003 to sign the mortgage, taken the keys, buy the furniture, we returned to the
    flat near the sea as it was our real house for the last four years.
    In 2005 September we were again in Madrid and the life started again to follows, emiliano discover ESL site,
    ESL blog, learn a lot about internet, mp3, video, multimedia, pc. Macs, and so forth, but even how to rule
    a house, how to clean, cook, house chores, Cuca nesesseties, and so on.
    We were again with our Madrid friends, starting to live a new life, day after day, without thinking in future
    any more.
    I could find a new incredible good friend by the web, Jeff, meet him after some time and life goes on till this

    So yes, life could be good after a bad, very bad news, come to encounter us with Cuca´s disease that has not
    cure and every year she is a few worst. Not cure, not hopes, but life is so and our task is getting the best
    of it day after day, not thinking in future, not thinking in next week, next month, only today or tomorrow is
    It seems like incredible that having so different life than we had before we could be well, having good time since
    long before this moment, it is real, Cuca disease was discovered on 2000 and first we thought everything was
    over, life was over, not hopes, nothing………but it was a great mistake, as life follows and our real situation it
    is just discovering what makes life good for us, just discovering another things which could give us happines.
    A good friend by the web, a nice great site as ESL Blog, a book, a movie, learing again English, reading books
    in English for two or three year, as I did, taken care of the person you love more, giving her or him pleasure
    and security, and knowing this is a way we need to follow with great spirit and a smile in our face always.

    Sorry, too long, my best dear friends of the Blog.


    I am going to post it without reading it again…..sorry for the mistakes.

  4. emiliano says:

    As you could imagine, first post it is from gatufo´s blog, second is directly writing here
    and without thinking previously on doing it.
    May be the best way to write something personal from the heart.
    My best to all and
    thank you if you have reading it.

  5. emiliano says:

    Some ideas about my trip to London last june 2013
    it was written just before going to the Madrid´s airport.
    So here it is for you dear bloger´s friends.


    It could be some how incredible, but after more than forty yearas learning English, teaching English too, with the Cambridge Tittle, at last emiliano is going for the first time to an English country.



    CALIFORNIA – L.A. SAN FRANCISCO…(that´s was before, in January)

    Where to go?, that was the big question some months ago.

    It was going to be the first time of putting a foot in a Nation where English is the Official Language. So emiliano was very nervous, too much expectetions.

    New York, looks so good city to visit, but it is also so big, incredible big and too far away from Madrid.

    Having in mind he is going alone, without any other pal, may be the poor was just a little afraid of leaving Europe to go to the EE.UU.

    Too many controls to enter the country, have an authorization that here in Europe it is not necessary, and too long from home.

    At the end, after two months of thinking, even after of getting the Passport that is not necessary to go to England, emiliano decided to go to LONDON.

    London and Paris, the two second cities he always wanted to visit after New York. Why N.Y., he doesn´t know, too many movies and so different from Europe´s cities.

    Beside every friend who goes to New York said it is a marvellous city to go as a tourist, and I am sure it has to be.

    After Madrid, Gatufo´s city were he was born, New York could be the town he knows better, but only in movies, books and TV serials.

    It has been the same with London, so many movies and books take place in London that I have the feeling of have been in the city already, but it has not been so till the moment.

    Tomorrow I´ll take a plane from Barajas to Gatwick Airport and everything would be new to emiliano´s eyes.
    He is preparing a lot of things to be in the town for eight days, it is sure that half of the things he is carryng would be useless.

    Going to New York it wasn´t the first idea he had to travel, No it was not New York despite he likes this city so much. First idea he has about his trip was going to California, emiliano wanted to be in San Francisco and specially in L.A., where he have three good friends that emiliano wanted to visit and said to them “how are you my friends a pleasure to meet you” but it was not possible.
    Getting some information about traveling to California it was clear that is necessary to lend a car, and it is a difficult question for an old man that has not driven for years.
    It seems Califonia it is a Big Land, difficult to see if you have not a car, and since the year 1994 he didn´t drive any more. Beside California was too far to going for the first time after 14 years without traveling and he was afraid of traveling alone going to the far west lands.

    Yes, he is traveling alone, his dear Cuca is not going to travel with him because she can´t. She is ill and have not any posibility of doing a trip any more.
    Cuca needs care, a person looking after her, and now that they have Isabel taken care of the house, a nice dear woman who was born in Lima, he could travel a short period of time because Isabel should be taking care of Cuca at home. So our dear emiliano could make his trip to London, a city he always wanted to know but not alone, he would prefer to be in the city with Cuca, his wife, but he couldn´t now.
    Emiliano is not fully happy about his trip because his dear Cuca remains at home. First time they are not together after a lot of time. How many years fourty?, not, even more.

    So now he is not knowing what emiliano is going to feel without his dear Cuca close to him.
    Just a mistery he is goint to feel for the first time. At least he is sure Cuca would be good with their new friend Isabel, who is going to live at home taking the place he is going to leave.

    That´s all my friends, after ten days he will be here again to tell everybody how the Londo´s trip has been what he feels about the City, the English and the people who lives over there.

    My best.


    What emiliano thoughts about his travel it is a subject for another occasion.
    (usually when I write I take the gatufo´s name instead mine, it is lika a pseudonym, ja,ja, used
    by the chance I could be famous in future…..who knows? )

    Thank you friends.


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