What Did Charlie Chaplin Sound Like?

OriginalNipperWikipedia is a useful, though not always reliable (able to be trusted), source of information about people in the news, in history, and popular culture. Now, it may also become a place to go to find out what people sound like (the characteristics of their voice).

Recently, Wikipedia started soliciting (asking for) 10-second sound recordings for the people who have entries (individual pages) on Wikipedia. People and organizations are being asked to supply (give for use) open-licensed (with its use not restricted) and open-format (not restricted by file type) recordings that can be added to entries. The main request is that the recording include the notable person pronouncing their own name to show their own preference, since there is often disagreement.

So far, only a few Wikipedia entries have sound recordings. Among them are those of Emma Thompson, an English actress, and Dustin Hoffman, an American actor. But there are also voices of non-celebrities (people known in popular culture, usually from TV, films, and sports), such as English scientist Jane Goodall, Burmese political figure Aung San Suu Kyi, and American author John Updike.

Unfortunately, so far, there is no recording of Charlie Chaplin, but the project is still in its infancy (at its beginning; only just begun).

Whose voice from today or from history would you most like to hear?

– Lucy

Photo Credit: Original Nipper from Wikipedia

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9 Responses to What Did Charlie Chaplin Sound Like?

  1. Dan says:

    Hello everyone,

    Just the other day, I do not remember why, I was looking at Charlie Chaplin final speech in the Great Dictator on You Tube.

    I am not sure whose voice I want to hear, I need to think about that.

    A few voices I would love to hear are not from this planet. In fact I am thinking about aliens.

    Hearing from some other planet, that would be beautiful. It would make the Universe a more interesting place.

    Other than that I also love animal’s voices. You should hear the sound of my princess voice.. so cute.

    When I hear that I am totally her salve.


  2. emiliano says:

    Being one of the most charasterictic attributes of a person I would like to hear lot of them, first of all I would
    like to hear Jesus Christ´s voice and His mother Maria too.
    It will be interesting for me to hear Alexander´s voice, his teacher Aristóteles, also Platón and the other
    great philosophers of the old Greek and Roman like the great Cicerón.

    I would like also to hear Buda, Mahoma, Moises, and several other historic great persons that have teached
    people of the world along centuries.

    One of the things I like more in a person is just her/his voice. I love your voice Lucy and of course I love Jeff´s
    voice as the best.

    Thank you so much dear Lucy. emiliano

  3. Dan says:

    After thinking about it carefully, I came to the conclusion I would like to hear how Dinosaurs sound like.

    Maybe even the neanderthals. If I had a time machine, I would go back and show them my Smartphone eheheheh.

    I want to see their faces hehehe, that would be fun.


  4. emiliano says:

    These people are quiet or not?.

    Might be a little upset, enervating heat and tempers are something on the floor.

    Yes, on the floor, like Gatufo-cat who spends the day sleeping, night sleeping, and the rest of the time lying on the floor looking to play, to be scratched on the neck or waiting that you pass the brush to remove his hairs.
    That´s good for the cat,  that gives pleasure, in a word he wants to take notice, as all of us.

    Cuca is in her evil twin, because this Gatufa has two good Gemini personalities as it is. A good twin, quiet, polite, careful, tender, sweet and other ironic, critical, something lapilli, and some vitriolic when makes a comment about something, someone, or politics in general.
    A Cuca emi kick loves to walk her “evil twin” and lately on account of what you she hear on the radio, Cuca takes quite frequently.

    I want her to take the word here, as did emi, gatufo and finally Isabel. But it is difficult, as she says she is shy, she can not think of anything, and who does not like to have their stuff out.
    Also she said the her life doesn´t interest to any one as it is boring
    and without any subject to talk about.
    Let us see if she is right or not, I do think she is not right as her life and fight could be of great interest.
    She is not a vulgar person and have a smart mind as you may see son or later.
    See if I can convince her, and sure It woud like you too as she is the great unknown of Gatufo´s bunch.
    Cuca touched you, write something for those who read this serial in which nothing ever happens, see if you encourage them a little.

    Let´s go.

    Okay, I’m Cuca, I am part of the gatufos group, I do not think of anything to say you, sorry.

    My life is very scheduled in relation to my leisure activities and necessary to scroll through the days.

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    Yes, I may understan them, but emi doesn´t I know that and it gives me some hurt to see him suffering this role.

    Well that´s all for the moment, “it is clear to me that  activities help me not to think, help me to live every day having my mind on other sobject help me to find peace.”

    Greetings, cuca


    Thank you Cuca you are really very kind talking about you and your life now.

  5. Tania says:

    Hi! Our dear Cuca, you are our new blog friend . Welcome in the ESLPodcast land!
    Maybe this is one of the charms of our blog where we can find out many opinions on the same topic, many life experiences.
    I admire your courage and life love.
    Thank you for your trust and courage to share with us your private life.
    Stay with us and don’t lose the sense of humour!
    “Live today, now, this moment, and so try to be happy.”
    “This routine keeps me safe and kept safe the people I love in Gatufolandia.”



  6. Tania says:

    Hi! Dan’s answer is in accordance with our aspirations: hearing aliens from the other planets for the mankind progress.
    The same the Emiliano’s answer, the voices of our mentors on the Earth…
    But we have to think about our future, our planet.
    I am waiting for Mars-One, the journey to Mars Planet.
    I am waiting for hearing the first joy shouting: we did it, we have reached the Mars Planet!

  7. Tania says:

    Hi! Frankly? I’d like to hear the voice of our great Romanian poet .
    That’s impossible.

  8. Tania says:

    Hi! And of course, the voice of all from our ESLPodcast.

  9. emiliano says:

    Thank you Tania I will tell Cuca about your message, but please don´t be confuse
    about who write the pòst, or it is me the one confused by your words?, sure you
    know Cuca does not know English enough to write that way.

    My best dear and thank you again, it is sure the person who writes instead her
    kmows her feelings perfectly well.


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