Podcasts this Week (March 3, 2014)

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ESL Podcast 978 – Getting Access to Restricted Areas

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “to be screened” and “to be shown out.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “Press Passes.”
“A ‘press pass’ is a card, often worn on a string around the neck, that gives special ‘privileges’…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

English Cafe 440

Topics: Famous Americans – Typhoid Mary; The National Hot Rod Association; complex versus complicated versus intricate; “needle hit the groove” and “lampooned as a loner’s pastime”; to clean versus to cleanse

In the Learning Guide:  Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear).
In “What Insiders Know,” you will read about “Hot Wheels.”
“One of the biggest toy makers in the United States is Mattel…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

ESL Podcast 979 – Types of Humor

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “juvenile” and “discriminating.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.”
“Mark Twain (see English Café 34) was a famous American ‘novelist’ (writer of stories that are book-length) and ‘humorist’…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

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5 Responses to Podcasts this Week (March 3, 2014)

  1. emiliano says:

    PSIPS PSIPS … cat …. see … psis psis psis …. cat …. see.

    PSIPS …. As you PSIPS “Cat” look, I have name,

    Speak, you are speaking or am I dreaming?

    Of course I’m talking stupid man when I feel like it or respect as you have done now I lack.

    And I call you, you’re not a cat?

    I am Gatufo, I have a name, and if I’m a very special cat who speaks and writes.

    Okay, okay, do not get angry, did not think you were talking about and wanted to give you a gift.

    A gift?, I think you are now doing the ball, not I see nothing in your hands or smell anything strange besides yourself, interviewer?, are such, not you, you have a name?

    No, I have not, I’m just here with Cuca, Emiliano, and Isabel and now you, cat forgiveness Gatufo.

    do you know, man, “no name”?

    Whatever you tell me, as you speak, you tell me what’s going on in this family and in this house. I am interested in the perspective of a cat, sorry, your perspective Gatufo.

    Listen and listen again, going for long because I have not Spoken long ago and I am full of information.

    ahead, Don Gatufo, have you the word.

    Which will be the word? this man no one understands, however Emiliano do you understand him?

    Yes, Gatufo, I do.

    Thinking in the head, I can tell him? Yes, Gatufo, you can as I give
    you my permit to tell him what you want to tell Gatufo.
    Thanks dear Emiliano, you are my dear friend, not this stupid man.

    O.K. Gatufo go ahead.

    I mention the boss is now considering doing gymnastics, told me that these strange actions in which he sits in one thing that brought recently called stationary bike, is to run a bike without going outside. Move your legs without stopping and makes the idea that is outside playing sports. And I am amazed by the wisdom that has Emiliano makes it necessary to keep in shape without leaving home.

    As a Cat I do not understand any of this, are words that Emiliano loose to anyone who comes and wants, or not listen. Me I have memorized without really knowing what I am saying.
    It seems to me better than good, so no need to leave the house and go to the strange place called street and leave me alone.
    Moreover can be left alone with Cuca, be in mind that both Cuca like me need Him to here with us, and if HR can avoid going to the “street” anything in that way is great, or better than great. He can do which ever odd things he likes or be addicting as some of those who come are.

    I do not climb above Emiliano when he is on the biked, moves a lot, move his legs and perched there no one to relax, which is what I like.

    I look, I observe carefully, and I marvel that this so long. I will not rise well and for a good portion of mouse tuna, which I like a lot, even the expensive than ever give me, stingy they are.
    Chief, Emiliano, also spends hours in front of something called “computer” move hia fingers, make noise with them, and they come out a few doodles I do not even bother to read, real crap like this that later someone will post with the important developments that have been happening and I Gatufo´s telling.

    And I wonder, will anyone reading this that I have?, unimaginable to me that in the end I’m a cat. A cat clever, unique, talking and tells stories but I do not understand, no one tells me either, as it becomes aware of other beings out there.
    Why don´t you speak better, Gatufo?
    Stupid man after all, I´ll try.

    Okay, I still do not understand anything but each with their tastes and priorities, mine are to eat, sleep, and play.
    This man also has a round things together by a kind of post, not very big and colored called “weights” and up again and again over his head, it is very boring as it does the same thing several times and with what “weigh” clear call them weighing weights, say that nonsense.

    All who wants emiliano is to get stronger to help Cuca, to lift her easily and not laying the liver in his effort to lift her, as it does now. It costs a lot, and therefore wants to develop “muscle” in arms and legs.

    Breathe and makes strong puff puff helps when Cuca, poor thing, where will this head of mine with doing weights greater than is incorporated.
    Much I love him and respect him, but it’s an “old” is doing it ever did , gymnastics, we’ll see what his new habit that lasts.
    while still playing with me, playing much, I do not care what he does in his spare time.
    If he put me food, I put water, treats, play with me, I can ask for more? Emiliano loves me, I notice, though occasionally I scolds, He gets angry and yells at me, I do not understand why they only play with what is on the ground or what I may attain after getting on somewhere.
    I’m hours sleeping, hours washing, I have to eat, urinate and defecate, then if no one plays or grabs me or pet me, I’m bored and I have to play with what I find in the ground.

    Sorry Gatufo, I don´t understand anything of what you are saying.

    Stupid, I am a Cat, smart Cat, but with this tonge I can´t speak better. Right?
    O.K., don´t be furious dear Gatufo…

    May I continue?
    Yes, go ahead dear.

    If nothing is lying around, try stretch or climb on the table and get it what I find interesting, I miss the floor, playing, I risk the anger of the head and occasionally comes and scolds me, I do not understand the reason to scream or get angry with me, but as is in charge try out for legs and forget my.

    Regarding the other pack members also have many things to tell.

    Around the time that I have not talked to this guy, the interviewer, have been happening if changes are worthy of me to mention. A unique and smart cat does not have anything that is not important.

    I say something I do not understand a point, whether they say it on another occasion, in a different blog this, which is a blog?, it as well soon think.

    Well that´s all I have to say by the moment, stupid man without a name.
    It´s O.K. bye Gatufo.


  2. Dan says:

    Thank you for Podcast 977&978

    I enjoyed listening to those.

  3. Dan says:

    Hey Emiliano and Gatufo

    One of my cats makes me curse and blaspheme.
    That is a male, the boss, the bully, the fat one. The one the take you down if you are sitting in his place.

    Since there are other cats around, he gets crazy and wants to sign the territory spraying urine like crazy on everything. Even my car!

    In fact, this morning as I was opening the car’s door I smelled pee and cursed before getting into the car.

    Problem is, I do not want to swear, but, you see I am forced to. Sometimes I think Jeff is right.

    Hey Emiliano,

    Nice to know you keep healthy.

    Right now, I am into stretching, especially for my back, because i am having lower back pain.

    I have found a bunch of videos on You Tube by this yoga teacher. Her name is Jen Hilman.
    After a couple of week doing those I feel flexible like a cat already. I did not realize I was so stiff/woody.


  4. Parviz says:

    Hi Emiliano,
    I have never been a foot farther from the blog.
    I still enjoy reading yours and learning from you.

  5. emiliano says:

    That is very good Parviz, sure you are really very busy
    and emiliano has a long fast tongue to ask every one
    to write and be here.
    Sorry about that, I think it was my temper when I didn´t
    see my friends in the Blog.

    My best dear Parviz, Tania, Betty, Myo ko ko and every one
    of you dear friends, sorry for my requests.


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